Another Waggy Dog in the Super Sekrit Stray Area at MAS

While I’m waiting to hear back from MAS on the puddinheads (I think there are at least 2 dogs in that run), I found yet another dog in the stray area I like.  I see a tongue there – maybe this dog is wanting someone to kiss!

A friendly dog kept behind closed doors at MAS.

Added: I got a bunch more screengrabs of Mr. Kissyface. He looks a little unsure about coming into the shelter but still very sweet. Maybe he is hoping for his owner to find him or maybe he needs a new owner. If you would like to help him, please contact the shelter. And let us know if you need assistance of any kind. We have a team of annoying and persistent people willing to make nuisances of themselves in order to save pets from MAS.

Memphis Animal Services
3456 Tchulahoma Road
Memphis, TN 38118
Phone: (901) 362-5310
TTY: (901) 576-6501

13 thoughts on “Another Waggy Dog in the Super Sekrit Stray Area at MAS

  1. STOP!!! You’re killing me with all these dogs (and cats) who so need to get out of there. I hope that someone who can do something can help this pup. What a beautiful dog she is.

    Didn’t win the lottery of at the casino, so I guess the new house is on hold, as is the gigantic motor home and road trip. DANG!

  2. Funny thing yesterday morning first thing I get the e-mail about Nosey, the beautiful white dog….Mine is a baby Eskimo Spitz “Puppa” Anyway I then e-mail the one and only
    Mr. Pepper trying to find out about “Nosey” he said can you
    provide me more info? Well I e-mail him the photo yesterday and he never EVER got back too me…WoohOO

  3. There are black deeds done under the cover of that sekrit security area…we all know it, and we all need t o get active.

  4. So, here’s the thing. I’ve been out of the loop due to deaths and natural disasters and I won’t even try to catch up. If someone organizes an all-out assault of this place during broad daylight with a TV crew, just let me know. I’ll take a day off of work and meet you there. Maybe we can get a gang together from a variety of states and make a media event out of it.

    1. Welcome back Brie – I’ve missed you! I’m sorry you weren’t away for something like winning the lottery but glad to have you back just the same. I love this: “all-out assault of this place during broad daylight”.

  5. It appears like the worker is actually being nice to the dog. I don’t understand why they are kept under wraps. Are they trying NOT to get the dogs adopted? What’s the deal?

    1. Yes this looks like our favorite ACO – Mr. Morgret.

      As far as the reasoning behind the policy of allowing the public to see just a fraction of the dogs at MAS – you should ask Matt Pepper. It’s his idea.

    2. It is common in many “shelters” to have an area unseen by the public. At our local disposal facility, there are 20 kennels in the adoption area and 96 in the non-adoption area. The public is not allowed to see the back area and only the most marketable (in the opinion of some person) animals are placed in the viewing area. When people ask to “go to the back” they are refused entry. Yes, ladies and gentlemen, our tax dollars at work.

      1. Damn, my local shelter must be weird or something. ALL the animals (with the exception of the very ill or very dangerous) are available for viewing. Even the ones on bite hold are out and seen with the others.

        I don’t understand the point of selecting a few and leaving the rest unseen…unless there’s something to hide…like the fact that the animals “in the back” aren’t being cared for properly by the shelter.

    1. Gee, Brie- Was Pepper the director of your shelter?! Sounds like how he handles his business at MAS

  6. I can see why a shelter would want a quiet private area for dogs/cats recovering from injury or illness or near-term pregnant dogs/cats or new mamas with litters. And I can understand keeping vicious dogs in a separate area. But that’s not what MAS is doing. They’re just taking the easy way out by cherry picking a few dogs for the adoption area (not even filling it–what a disgrace!) and killing all the rest, sight unseen. Easy-peasy to schedule and carry out routine killing. MAS, STOP KILLING FOR CONVENIENCE. START CARING. START SAVING LIVES.

  7. What is that area that the dog was coming from? Is that a mini-hallway that leads you to the stay area that no one can ever see? I wouldnt think its the kill-room yet it doesnt look like the main adoption area so..what else could it be

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