Rogue Pudding

Although I’ve received no response from Matt Pepper regarding my request for info on these dogs, I have gotten a lot of screengrabs and since time is of the essence, I’m going to post what I think I might know based upon the webcams:

There appear to be 2 similar looking dogs in the run – a white dog and a cream colored dog.  They both look like small-medium sized Heinz 57ers.  I would guess about 30 pounds.  At first I was thinking male, then I was thinking female.  I just don’t know on the gender.  Their cage cards were removed shortly after I sent my inquiry and they have not been replaced – no idea what the significance of that may be.  At any rate, I’d like to help these dogs if possible since they currently have no one advocating for their right to live.

I have pictures of the white dog in the original post (the first photo there is the cream dog, the rest are the white one).  Here are a couple from this morning of the cream colored dog:

My forlorn friend.

Please share them with your non-breed specific rescues and anyone else you think might be able to help get them noticed.  No one outside the shelter knows they are there.  Let’s try to change that.

Added:  Webcam watchers captured some better images this morning – thank you!


Memphis Animal Services
3456 Tchulahoma Road
Memphis, TN 38118
Phone: (901) 362-5310
TTY: (901) 576-6501

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    1. If there is any MAS policy that dictates a designated hold time after becoming “property”, I am unaware of it and it certainly has not been evident to me based upon what I’ve seen on the webcams. So my guess would be zero. Hopefully someone with first-hand knowledge will answer.

      1. Both City and State law designate a 72 hour (business hour) hold until the animals are considered property. There is no designation either through MAS policy or city or state law that an animal must be held after that.

        72 business hours and they can kill the animals immediately.

  1. They might be terrier mixes but they also might be Carolina dogs–indigenous pups found in the Southeast. Very wonderful! I had one for 11 years and can vouch for their wonderfulness.

    Images of Carolina dogs here:

    If that’s what they are, they are in demand and shouldn’t be hard to place.

    1. OMG – you guys are so smart. That sounds like another good possibility. I wonder if there are any Carolina dog rescues in TN?

      Just curious Jeanne – did you get yours as a puppy or an adult?

      1. She was a starving little skeleton about 7-8 mos. old and had never been on a leash or inside a house. But she learned so fast it was amazing. Such a sweet, gentle, beautiful smart girl. And could outrun anyone, lawl. She died a few years ago from hemangiosarcoma at age 11. I miss her a lot. I don’t know of any specific Carolina dog rescues except Jane Gunnell in Aiken, SC, but they get adopted fast from Petfinder. There are only a few breeders around since this is an indigenous doggie–bred by nature, not us until very recently. More info here–

  2. I also emailed it to a GA based Akita rescue, just in case they want to send someone to look at these guys since age and size are unknown.

    Hopefully someone can find Carolina Dog, Husky or German Shepherd regional rescues?!?!

    1. Y’all are just a bunch of brainstorming fools. I give you almost nothing to go on and you come back with all these good ideas. I love it.

  3. My first thought was white Siberian or white GSD pup. At the distance, it is hard to tell. I did post to my page as I know reps from both rescues read it.

  4. This is a message I got from shiba rescue: “Someone that used to work with us contacted the shelter since he is now in their area. He said that they are not Shibas (a shelter worker has one and said they were more husky/shepherd mixes) and they are up for adoption soon, just not available to the public yet.”

    1. Thanks Jen. I hope that is accurate info as that would mean the dogs would have MAS to advocate for them. Seems strange that, if it’s true they are being moved to the adoption cages, Matt Pepper would not have simply told me that days ago so I could move on to trying to help another dog who has no advocate. I mean, unless that’s his plan.

      1. Lol I think he just writes back if he feels like it. Plus he may be seeing Shirleys email address pop up and just delete it right away anyway, knowing

  5. I find it hard to believe anything they say anymore. Can someone go over there and check it out?

      1. Does that mean they are close to their stray hold expiring? and if so, what does THAT mean??? Death or adoption floor?

  6. As stated, it probably won’t do any good. But I have written Mr. Pepper with some of my concerns and asked for a reply. If I get one, I’ll let you know.

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