20 thoughts on “Do these puppies look medically hopeless or vicious to you?

  1. I would really like to know who that b***ch is because she is always handling the animals as if she couldn’t find her ass with both hands.

    As for you opening question, these look like seriously healthy pups, why were they killed? Matthew Pepper: STOP THE KILLING NOW! MAS: CLEAN UP YOUR ACT.

    1. This is just sooooooo sick…As far as Pepper goes he is the ass!!!! Nothing is ever going to be done….First the people of that city needs to step in, then get new employee’s who have a heart.

    1. Having a guess, I suppose it’s for the same “reason” MAS kills friendly, healthy/treatable puppies, dogs, kittens and cats every day – that is, no real reason.

    2. Because they can. That’s the bottom line. And *WE* need to figure out how to change that…
      Can you say CAPA anybody?

  2. Well, their situation is hopeless NOW thanks to MAS, but they looked fine before–just not leash-trained yet. What is the matter with these people? They use any excuse to kill dogs, anything at all. These pups looked like little shep mixes and were probably very smart. They would have learned leash manners and house manners fast if they had been given a chance at a foster home. Or just spent some time with volunteers learning how to walk on a leash. MAS, stop killing sweet healthy dogs and puppies who deserve a chance to live.

    1. I suggest that they were pulling and resisting because of the way they were being handled and probably talked to. Under different circumstances, they may very well have cooperated and enjoyed walking on a leash. But no one will ever find that out, thanks to MAS!

      What is being done to try and take action against this place? I know Matt Pepper, whoever he is, seems to be the key. But he is useless, in my opinion. And he CERTAINLY does not need to be in charge of ‘caring’ for animals…I use that term loosely and facetiously because what they are doing there is NOT caring!

  3. By Memphis Animal Services standards…they look both medically hopeless and vicious.

    By everyone else on the planet’s standards…the pups look fine, chipper and ready to be walked to the adoption area.

    1. So many things about this make me sad:

      It appears as if they were held for just one day, in an area where no adopters could see them.

      They look like rambunctious little brats – which would be perfectly normal for their age and especially considering they probably lacked even basic puppy training.

      Worst of all, I feel sick at the thought that the two littermates (my assumption) had to watch the poor other dog being killed or maybe one littermate had to watch the other being killed or whatever – it’s reprehensible.

  4. Since we can’t get answers out of the MAS people, I thought that we might try to let our friends in the media help us, so I sent a copy of the video and an email to Channel 5 news in Memphis. Maybe we can get someone to help.

    email is investigators@wmctv.com, if anyone is interested.

  5. Got this in an email:
    Channel 24 Eyewitness News will air two stories tonight at 5 pm and 6 pm.

    These stories will focus on recent policy changes at Memphis Animal Services and the horrendous impact these changes have had on the animals of our community.

    If anyone wants to watch.

  6. Speaking of the media, I just got this message about a news story about MAS airing tonight on Memphis Channel 24 (ABC)–

    —-begin crossposted message—-

    Date: Wed, 15 Jun 2011 10:27:51 -0700

    Jeni Diprizzio @ Channel 24 Eyewitness News will air two stories tonight.
    5 pm and 6 pm.

    These stories will focus on recent policy changes at Memphis Animal Services and the horrendous impact these changes have had on the animals of our community.

    Jackie Johns
    Cindy Sanders
    Community Action for Animals

    —-end crossposted message—-

    1. Thank goodness, hopefully some good will come of this. I am going to email and thank them for doing this.

  7. GO CHANNEL 24!

    I wonder if it will be up on their website later for the non-locals to view?

  8. My experience with the media is that they will likely try to present both sides to the story. Having said that, most reporters I’ve dealt with who even do this kind of story are animal people who become outraged. Make note of the folks involved in the stories that air and then we can do follow-ups to seek additional stories. The more this is in the public eye, the more pissed the public will become and the more they will speak out. If people knew about this, they would act. And we must remember that what it happening here is happening across the country. People either don’t know about it, don’t see it or don’t want to know about it. It is pervasive and is a culture of not just indifference but of malicious and cruel behavior.

  9. response to my email already – they will forward my comments to the reporter who is investigating the “shelter”

  10. WPTY-24 handles the MAS stories without any bias- which means- she tells it like it is- Jeni Diprizio has covered and uncovered many of the atrocities at MAS- I know she is going to do a fabulous job- trust me! I would imagine it will be on their website also. I can’t wait- I hope the idiots affiliated with MAS will have to put THEIR tails between their legs after the story airs! heehee

  11. Sometimes we forget there is more to a municipal animal service than the shelter. The animal officers are responsible for investigating cruelty. I watched the news segments and it appears that MAS Administrator Pepper has turned all evening animal calls over to the Memphis police. He claims it is because months ago a call was screwed up and an abused dog was not taken care of. He has stated several times, on record at Board meetings, that the police dispatcher messed the call up, not the MAS dispatcher. And that the police failed to charge, not his animal officers.

    So what is his latest policy? To turn all calls over to the police dispatcher. Yes the very ones he blames for the screw up months ago.

    And what do the police do when they receive a call about a kitten set on fire and burned alive? NOTHING. Just as they did months ago.

    Pepper knew they would screw this up, they screwed it up months ago.

    He said in the interview today that this policy change would “evolve” into something that is good for the citizens and the animals.

    Evolve? How many animals have to die, how many children have to witness a horror such as this, how many criminals have to go free until it “evolves”.

    Shame on Pepper for once again trying to take the easy way out. Tossing the problem to someone else.

    And shame on him for knowing it would fail and for doing it anyway.

  12. And yes, SHAME ON THE MEMPHIS POLICE DEPARTMENT for allowing these two uncaring officers to wear the MPD uniform.

    1. And HOORAY for the “irresponsible mom and her kids” who at least put out the fire. Irresponsible? My fat Aunt Harriet’s arse!

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