MAS Kittehs in da House

Meows and BowWows has been keeping me informed about cats previously featured on the blog. Good news always welcome!

Nuria, rescued from MAS, now adopted.

Nuria is the mama kitty to this litter.  Meows and BowWows still has Nuria’s 4 kittens, 2 of which are wobblers.


S kitten with new owner.

Charlotte’s kitten with the S shape on her back was adopted last week.


Foster Fail:  Miss Prissy has been adopted by her foster owner.

9 thoughts on “MAS Kittehs in da House

  1. Excellent news! Thank you so much Meows & BowWows!!!

    And yay for foster fail of Miss Prissy!

  2. Hurray! That’s amazing news and so good to hear, especially with all of the other stuff going on!

  3. I am fostering Nuria’s babies, including the two wobblers, or as I call them “my bobble heads”. All four are precious, but the two bobble heads have stolen my heart. They are such delightful little guys. The one that looks like Nuria is a determined and somewhat spoiled little beastie. Whenever I am loving one of the others, she growls at them and tries her best to throw them off my lap. Here are a couple of videos of them not long after they came to my house-

  4. You know…I used to buy the party line that shelters “have” to kill healthy pets. Blogs like this and other sources helped me understand it doesn’t have to be this way. It all seems to come down to the attitude of the people at the shelter- and often only ONE person at the shelter. A shelter can have dozens of great volunteers who want to try new things, but it won’t matter if the head honcho wants to stick with purple needles.

    And that’s just so very sad to me. I look at my local shelter, which is high kill and actively works against the better interests of the animals.

    How do we get these people OUT? How do they get IN there in the first place? It’s all a little disheartening, I’m afraid. I look at my own cat, who started life as a feral stray with infected eyes, and it burns me to know he wouldn’t have made it three seconds in a shelter. Five years later, and he’s the best, most bad ass little cat ever…thankfully the woman who found him brought him to a vet hospital instead of a ‘shelter’.

    Sorry, rant over…I just get heartbroken watching those little bobbleheads and realizing how close they came to death, and how many like them won’t make it. And I get so confused over why it’s so hard to STOP the killing. All it takes is ONE person to block the efforts of everyone else…gah, it’s just a crazy thing.

  5. Those babies are beautiful and such active, happy kittens. Surely someone will fall in love with them and give them terrific homes and lots of love. Thank you, No Kill Memphis, for taking such good care of them.
    Together, we will win this fight.

  6. Yay for “foster failures”! I am so very glad that Miss Prissy has a home. NKM, Zane and Zoey are so precious, and would surely not be living were it not for your willingness to foster them! It’s so nice to see some good news, and I am just amazed that the “irresponsible citizens” of Memphis would be so caring. This just makes the fight so much more important.

  7. Those bobble-heads don’t look as bad as some I have seen – they are all beautiful – you’ve done a wonderful job! Thank you from Ranger, or as I call him, my Space Ranger!

  8. Have you heard anything from the shelter that took the sad mama pit bull and her little pups from MAS? I’ve emailed them and have gotten no response. I see that she’s on their website… I just want to know how she’s doing!

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