Open Letter to MAS

This morning, I sent the following e-mail to Matt Pepper, Janet Hooks, Mayor Wharton and the MAS Board:

I would like to try and help any friendly dog at MAS from the “stray” area.  An owner surrender, an unclaimed stray or any other dog who is not visible to the adopting public would be fine.  Please allow me to advocate for one friendly dog of your choosing who currently has no advocate.  I’d be happy to try and help a heartworm positive dog, an elderly dog, a Pitbull or ANY dog in the stray area.  I would just like the opportunity to help a dog in need at MAS.  Please send as much of the following info as possible so I can share with readers:

photo of the pet





neuter/vax/heartworm status

how long we have to help the dog

any other information that you would like


I will post the information on the blog so the pet can be networked via crossposters and rescuers.


Thank you,



14 thoughts on “Open Letter to MAS

  1. the squeaky wheel gets the dog..keep trying .. they cannot stonewall forever.. they are REALLY hoping you will go away.

  2. Any rescue group can go in the stray area and pick you a dog. Why not send Meows and Bow Wows down and find a dog?

    1. Elizabeth, Thank you for your suggestion. I am reminded of Jody, a volunteer at MAS who posted a comment on this blog when I made a similar request recently. She offered to find me a dog from the stray area when she went to MAS the next day to walk the dogs. When she got there, she was asked to leave. I was not present obviously so can not say if the two events are related but it certainly appeared suspicious to me. Jody had helped rescue other dogs from the stray area for blog readers and she was a wonderful advocate for the pets at MAS. As such, I hesitate to ask any rescue group to go to the shelter and get info on a stray for me. If that rescue group ends up being banned, they won’t be able to help any more pets in need at MAS.

      I also truly hope that someone at MAS – a staff member or volunteer – will take an interest in trying to help get a dog out of the stray area alive. I really believe that many more lives could be saved if they posted ALL the dogs online. I’m asking them to start with one.

    1. The Savior Fdtn. looks really cool…and he sounds like someone who would not be intimidated by anyone there who wanted to keep people out of the off-limits zones….hmmmm

  3. Mario is a wonderful man. Again, the problem is that anyone who tries to help is banned.
    If only the banned, threatened, ignored MAS volunteers would get together and compare notes.

    1. Let’s change that from a negative to a positive! Instead of “if only”, let’s say, find that woman whose kid put out the flames on that poor wee kitteh, and enlist her and her friends, and get it moving. That woman was obviously distressed by what happened….

      1. Her distress was the result of the police doing nothing. As the case is not set, best for everyone to leave the mother alone for a bit. Witness tampering is often charged.
        But once the case is over and the creep hopefully convicted….

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