I’d like to help this dog, too (or two).

On June 22, I made an offer to help a dog in need at MAS.  I received no response but in looking over the screengrabs from that day, I see a number of dogs who look like they could use an advocate.  This is another of those dogs and I’d like to help him (or her) if someone will request the ID# and info on this dog.

This dog appears to be an owner surrender to MAS on June 22.
Filling out paperwork.
Curly tail action.
Such a majestic looking dog.
Sweet, worried face.

24 thoughts on “I’d like to help this dog, too (or two).

    1. I would suggest an e-mail to the shelter with a photo (or two) attached. If no response, you can follow up with a phone call. My understanding is that the “Friends” do not give out information on any dog who is not in the “lucky 30” adoption cages.

  1. That poor puppy looks just like my American Eskimo/Lab mix.

    I hate living so far away and feeling completely helpless. Please get him or her out if at all possible!

    1. Everyone can help Anne, no matter where you live. You can always donate money and/or help spread the word online (if we can get the info on the dog, that is). It takes a village…

      1. Thanks Shirley, I’m doing my best to spread the word. I share your posts, I’ve written my letters, and donated a tiny bit to the the chip in a few days ago. I will put in more after payday, but it’s still not enough… Nothing will be, until the suffering stops.

        All of the pictures tear at my heart, but this one especially because I have this dog’s twin currently laying on my feet licking a bone. She’s no more deserving of that place of comfort and safety than the dog pictured above, and she shouldn’t be considered lucky because she has it. They all deserve love and comfort; shame on MAS for giving them a needle instead.

  2. I don’t understand how owners can surrender their dog to a place like this. What in the world would bring someone to the point that they could sign away the life of a pet that loves and adores them? There are SO many no-kill rescues, so many resources that help people through a tough time so they can keep their pets, and so many ways they could find a good home. HOW and WHY can anyone choose this?

    I know that’s probably a rhetorical question because I can’t come up with a single good answer as hard as I’ve tried. It just makes me sick that people who would do that are allowed to have an animal in the first place!

    1. Debbie, u SO say what i’m gonna say…….thanx….i just DO NOT understand why ppl “dump” their pets in THIS PLACE…..do they REALLY think that these ppl r gonna find a new home for them?
      2 me, if u adopt a pet it is a lifetime commitment…..

      1. Believe it or not, some people DO NOT KNOW ABOUT RESCUES…I’ve met people who’ve lived in a town their entire lives and didn’t know it had a public shelter! Don’t judge until you know the whole story. Not saying you are, but there is alot of disinformation and NO information available to alot of regular animal loving people.

  3. what about the group you’ve partnered with on the chipin??? Maybe you can work out a system with them (assuming they do have foster homes available…)

    1. I think many of the local rescues have been abused by MAS. Rescuers go in to save one pet and while they are there, get told that if they don’t take these other 2, they’re going to be killed. So they leave with three pets. This happens time and again until all the fosters are maxed out and they have to cut back to avoid total burnout.

      I really don’t think it’s too much to ask that one MAS staff member or volunteer send me info on a dog so I could try and save a life. I’d really like to show them that it’s easy to send the info on one dog. I hope we could get a good result. And then maybe that would encourage them to do it again. Or maybe even two dogs. It could lead to something bigger. That’s my hope anyway.

  4. I did get a response back from Tracey Dunlap on the email I sent asking for info on this dog. Without the ID (even with the pictures I attached with the time/date stamp), the email said it would difficult to find the exact dog, but to give it a day or two and she (or he?) will try to get me the ID number. Hopefully, they can cross-reference the picture information with the paperwork.

  5. Looks like an owner surrender that was taken directly to the ER.
    Are there any photos taken after The MAS worker is by the sink right before the ER door?

    1. Cindy – These shots were sent to me (they are not ones that I saw happening myself). I didn’t receive any additional shots of the dog. I know it does look like the dog was surrendered and taken straight to the kill room BUT, I guess I just don’t want to believe it. I mean, none of us can diagnose over a webcam obviously but the dog certainly doesn’t look like he’s medically hopeless/suffering, nor does he appear to be vicious. Plus we have been told countless times that we are SO WRONG on all these shots that look like the dogs are being led to the kill room. And the main thing for me is that MAS had an offer on the table (from me) that morning to help ANY DOG IN NEED at the facility. I understand they don’t like me but I believe a truly professional shelter director is going to set aside personal feelings when an opportunity to save a life presents itself. You know what I’m saying?

      1. Ummm…yes, you are correct. I am SURE that a caring, professional high-kill shelter Administrator would contact you if that dog was in danger.

  6. Is there no way to get any kind of a surprise, unbiased inspection in EVERY area of that place or to get SOME kind of action on these pictures and the fact that they’re ignoring offers for help?

  7. I still think that we should pursue filing a complaint with the sheriff – there is definitely abuse going on.
    As far as taking this poor pup directly to the kill room (sorry, there’s no way this is a euthanasia room and I will not play that word game), if that’s what happened, it’s getting worse and worse.
    This is getting harder to watch.

  8. I know this is just one shelter out of THOUSANDS in the United States that are substandard and dangerous to the animals. Some people would say to become outraged at MAS and push to have something done is just making a very small drop in a massive bucket. But that’s how it has to be changed…one shelter for one animal at a time.

    I just don’t understand why a movement hasn’t been started in Memphis to rectify this or at least to prompt the beginning of change. Are there any groups there that are rallying around this cause? If the city won’t do something, the people HAVE to.

  9. Not to change the subject, but I believe the answer Shirley got from the AG is that there had to be a visit by the agency within 5 days?was it? Any news on that end?

  10. So what about this dog now? I keep feeling like they are always giving Shirley the run-around. They say they will give info soon, they never do, Shirley cant give it to a rescue without the info, the dog dies. This HAS to stop.

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