Third Time’s a Charm

I hope.

Since I haven’t yet received any info on my offer to help any dog in need at MAS, nor have readers received any info on this dog, or this one, I’m posting yet another dog who was apparently surrendered to MAS on June 22 (the day I made my most recent offer to help).  He looks like a normal, healthy, adoptable puppy.  If someone will please contact the shelter to request his ID # and information, I will try to help him.  And the offer stands for the previous two as well, should we receive the requested info on them.

This pup appears to be investigating things while the surrendering party completes the paperwork.

Think I'll sit down while I worry about that big yellow sign.

Hey - unbelievably adorable puppy available tor paying attention to down here!

This leash thing is annoying.

wag, wag

What's going on over here?

Pick me up.

Now I can check out the counter!

Pup being carried.

9 thoughts on “Third Time’s a Charm

  1. damn
    it’s just so hard to wrap my head around the notion that these people won’t respond to legitimate requests to help an animal because of… spite???

    Seems you need an additional strategy. I understand the locals are abused and burned out, but it seems you need someone on the ground, to “adopt” the animals you select. Is there a rescue friendly boarding kennel that would give a good rate to house an animal for awhile until a foster/home can be found (now that you’ve raised a good chunk). Do the Meows&bowwow folks have any ideas?

  2. OWNER SURRENDERS ARE THE WORST!!!! Breaks my heart. But as far as hearing from anyone at MAS re: helping a dog….forget it. They don’t care about helping anything.They are going to continue to ignore you (us).

    I’m surprised they are not yet charging you with harassment for your “harassing” letters requesting information on dogs to help them.

    I believe MAS has the same mentality as a young child “If I close my eyes then I can’t see you…if I can’t see you, you can’t see me”.

  3. Maybe HSUS could prove that it actually does something for animals in shelters by getting involved? Or ASPCA. Or Best Friends. Or ANYONE that has a big stick.

  4. Would faxing requesting the information and phoning help? I dont mind, I will do anything to help these animals. I dont understand why they wont communicate, you think they would be happy for the help.

    1. Thank you for the offer Annette. I would say faxing couldn’t hurt. If they ignore, we’re no worse off than we are now. And just maybe it will take them by surprise and we’d get a result!

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