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  1. When they move to the new building everything will be perfect and in order, all animals will be cared for and treated humanely, all will be placed for adoption, the vet will actually treat the animals, each kennel will have it’s own designated kennel tech that will clean it immediately… after removing the animal, each animal will be fed high quality food and receive fresh water four times a day and milk and honey will flow through the aisles.

    I have arrived at the conclusion that our letters to the Mayor, the Council and Pepper have been misplaced….we should have sent the letters of complaint to the building…after all…it is the building’s fault.

    The new building will correct it all.

    I am going to send a thank you note to the new building. Hopefully it will marry another new building and have a baby building in a busy mall for off-site adoptions.

    I will begin knitting the new building a sweater for Christmas.

    The new building is a magical place that will deserve our thanks.

  2. Odd because the area around the construction site looked lush and green while they were building–Friends has some photos here:


    Didn’t take long to kill off those shrubs, did it? What MAS does best, sad to say. If the land hadn’t looked so green before I’d be wondering if they built the new shelter on top of a toxic waste dump. But guess it’s just bidness as usual–no care, no feeding, no watering.

  3. It is built next to a “creek” containing water moccasins. Hmmm…the horse stalls are next to that. No problem there.

    I wonder if they still have the separate building with cages for “after hours” drop offs.
    No problem there.

    Or the wall-mounted flat screen tv for the employee break room. The same employees that stand around leaning against counters while the volunteers mop the floors.
    No problem there.

  4. Ok they spend the money to buy and plant those but don’t maintain them? Neglect is the state of mind here.

  5. I don,t think the ground is sour I think it is what is called red spider. I worked in a nursery for five years and we sprayed for that.

  6. If you live in that town then get on the news and talk about what this tax supported shelter is doing. Blogging can only do so much. Tell how they keep blaming the public for the endless carnage that is happening under their watch. They allowed a critically sick dog to suffer in its cage without any vet care and then put it to death without contacting a single rescue group. This is the kind of thing that makes people really angry when they hear it. That is just one tragic account of one animal out of tens of thousands that have passed through those doors. Abusive and high kill shelters do not want publicity they fear it like a vampire fears the sunlight. So get out there and start telling people what is happening. You know you are these animal’s only hope. Blogging is good to rally your supporters but there has to be action also. Start a campaign to shed light on what is going on at this shelter otherwise it will continue.

    1. It does seem like a no brainer. It would be to their advantage to, at least, TRY to appear caring and compassionate. The more they fight against humane changes the deeper the hole they are digging for themselves.

      At this point, I think it’s just pride. I don’t think they want anyone telling them what to do. That’s what I think it comes down to…for starters.

  7. Yesbusicut i need you to contact me so i can tell u about how the memphis animal shelter lost one of my friends dog while it was in the facility and less than 24 hours.

    1. Tabitha I was just reading the Friends of Memphis Shelter page on Facebook. Are you the same one posting there? Was thinking you supported them?

      There is much information about the shelter if you read thru that page. Someone might get someone off there to help find animals from the pictures.

      1. I was looking at the friends FB page too… and was struck by the silence about the issues YB is highlighting. There’s one obscure “note” that suggests they know more than they are saying… but they sure make it sound like most everything is just fine…

  8. I don’t have any answers today…or most days. I think that those of us who want to improve life for our animals are just stumbling along trying to do the best we can….our Davids….facing the Goliaths.

    The only thing that I am sure about is that we are not going to stop, we aren’t going to go away. How in the world would any of us even be able to consider that, much less do that?

    You would think, by now, that they would know this. You would think that they would be intelligent enough to harness what we have to offer….even if it’s only to try to look good and get a few votes for themselves. That’s fine. We don’t care how we get there….but we ARE going to get there.

  9. Pissin’ in the wind, that’s what we’re doing until someone decides to act. Ya know, everytime a Punkin shows up on YB, everybody gets all hot under the collar, and yells for action, but somehow nobody wants to be the one to initiate…now why is that?

    I am at the stage here where we either put up or shut up. SInce I live a great distance away, and am poor, I am still willing to start something, but there have got to be people ready to take over when I leave. Otherwise, I am afraid that AC is right, this is a tempest in a teapot because Memphians ARE do-nothing fraidy cats…

    1. I don’t think we are fraidy cats. I think we are just getting to the point that we are realizing that all the talk and all the reasoning in the world is not going to help. We are just seen as “those crazy animal people” at it again. There will never be a change until we effect their money….and we can.

      Another option would be to work together with our officials to bring about positive change for the animals and thereby bring about positive change for other vulnerable groups. How many times are we going to have to say that. How many studies are we going to have to sight. How many babies and children have to die before they finally get that this stuff all begins with animal abuse. It’s all about power and don’t think for a minute that the abuse stops with animals. That’s where it STARTS.

      Whichever way this effort is going to go is completely in the hands of the city officials…the mayor’s office, city counsel, law enforcement, legislators etc. It is their call.

      We’ve tried for years. If they continue to refuse to help us in our efforts, I hope we do have a boycott. There are several issues that I would like to see included. The shelter needs to be improved, laws have to be strengthned, greater police involvement and more lengthy jail time…to name a few. This city has to realize that animal abuse is a heinous crime! It is a symptom of something even more evil.

      We have told them over and over that people who do these things to animals will do them to people. There is a direct link.

      I can only speak for myself but I’m truly tired of the circus.
      We aren’t going away. We mean what we say. We are not spiteful people but we are citizens, they are our public servants and the majority of the public want all of this nonsense to STOP RIGHT NOW.

      Where would we be in the Civil Rights movement if Dr. King and all who walked and fought along side of him had given up…if they had been a cowards. We all have to find our courage and move forth.

      I remember the signs….I AM A MAN.
      The animals and the children cannot do that. They aren’t able…but we are able to speak for them and we will.

      1. Not all of us in Memphis are just getting to the point where we understand that reasoning with the city won’t help. I have been there for years.
        I do become disappointed with the flash up that many here have when something horrible happens. The Board meetings would be full of people when something bad would happen at MAS. But the next meeting, maybe 3-4 people would attend. Then a few months later, something horrible and a crowd at the meeting, the next 3-4 people.
        Until the “darn yankees” got involved there was not a steady presence at the Board meetings.
        Darn those yankees, always right.
        It does not matter when people come to the fight…they just have to come to the fight and stay at the fight until it is over. Now, let’s get some money in the chip-in and put up a billboard about the horror that is MAS. http://reformtheshelter.chipin.com/a-billboard-to-help-wake-up-memphis

  10. Thank you! I feel the same way. I’ve written many, many letters, left many comments, sent what little money I could, and I’m very frustrated that it doesn’t seem to be making a difference. Someone has to step up and DO SOMETHING – we need ACTION!
    I live in Michigan and am not able to be there to do anything other than what I’m doing now. And it’s making me crazy!
    I support whatever needs to happen in the only ways I can. Please, someone, step up and start some action . . . something.
    This is no way takes away from all that Shirley has done, long-distance, either. She’s doing everything she can.
    Memphians – you need to step up and let us know what we can do to help you clean up your AC facility.

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