I’m drunk, I’m naked and I’m doing dog surgery!

Stewart Gibbs.

Chicago, IL – Stewart Gibbs, a 44 year old owner of a Doberman Pinscher, was attempting a DIY cyst removal operation on his pet in his apartment this month when the landlord showed up regarding an unrelated matter:

When the landlord knocked on Gibbs’s apartment door and heard no response, he let himself in, where a naked Gibbs ran towards him, covered in blood.

The landlord called the cops, obviously:

When he opened the door to officers on Sunday evening, his hands were covered in blood and he ‘appeared highly intoxicated,’ according to police.

Officers said there was also blood on the walls and floor of the condo and the Doberman had a ‘large open wound on its right ear,’ according to the Chicago Tribune.

Mr. Gibbs asplained to the officers that he was a cardiologist, which thankfully, is a lie.  He is a head pencil pusher at a medical group.  Or was:

A man accused of operating on his pet Doberman while drunk has lost his job as a top administrator for a large network of doctors in DuPage County.

Last week, Mr. Gibbs’ former employer, Dupage Medical Group, sacked him and released a statement:

[…] “Mr. Gibbs is not a licensed physician and was not employed by DuPage Medical Group in a medical capacity.” The group declined further comment.

The dog, called Foley, was treated at an emergency clinic and is now in the custody of Chicago AC & C. Mr. Gibbs has been charged with one felony count of aggravated cruelty.

10 thoughts on “I’m drunk, I’m naked and I’m doing dog surgery!

  1. Oh my Lord in Heaven! There’s just not much more I can say about this. Thank God the landlord showed up when he did. But I sure hope this dog is adopted into a good home! Anytime I hear that an animal is in an Animal Control facility, I worry about what will happen to them, especially if it’s high-kill.

  2. Ok yea he was an idiot BC he cut on his dog….but why was he naked????
    Bad drunks give us cheeky and happy drunks a bad name!!

  3. I can’t imagine the terror that dog went through, and I hope he gets the meax sentence but I don’t think it will be enough.

  4. I’m not defending the man, but all the facts aren’t know. I have opened, drained, cleaned & treated cyst before, but not drunk & naked. Ok, I was naked but the cat & I were good friends.
    Doing any HARM to any dog/cat is nothing but wrong but someone coming in to your apartment unannounced along with over-zelious police can be problematic for getting the facts straight.

    As any of us has done, wearing short pants alone could be conscrewed as being naked by someone startled sneaking into an apartment. Why wear a suit & maybe he didn’t have an apron.

    Being tipsy by police is always written up ad stone cold drunk.

    Opening a cyst is always messy so of course they say “blood all over his hands.” No mention of blood on his body, naturally.

    Judgeing others as police like to do for an arrest and a good story isn’t right by anyone. I can’t believe an educated man would intentionally bring harm to his dog or half of what I read.

    1. I don’t know – the tenants below called the landlord to complain that their ceiling was leaking – sounds like ground for the landlord to let himself in to make sure there wasn’t a bathtub overflowing or something.

      There was blood “on the walls and floor” – we all know that an ear bleeds badly and one good headshake will send spray everywhere. But the police say he appeared “highly intoxicated” – that’s probably why he made the brilliant decision to attempt this himself rather than seeing a vet.

      Either way, dumbass needs a wake up call – hopefully, this was it.

  5. There is a lady on Facebook right now asking for help in getting her seven dogs and six cats back from the shelter. Her story as to what happened changes daily. But if you look her up online you see that she’s accused of trying to neuter two of her dogs with elastic bands. When asked about that she avoids the question. Still people seem to think giving her money is a good plan. Thinking the shelter stole her pets or her room mate dropped them off while she was away.

  6. I have to admit that I’d be interested in knowing what his blood/alcohal level was or if they even checked and just assumed “highly intoxicated”. On the other hand, I don’t care who you are, you shouldn’t be even a bit tipsy if you’re going to do something like that with your animal.

    Opening and draining a cyst isn’t THAT big of a deal, assuming you know what your doing, and ear cuts DO bleed massively and look like hell till they scab over, but not tipsy or drunk, or otherwise impaired people. I don’t care who you are. And if the guy was head of a department in a medical field then he made more than enough money to have a vet do the job properly.

  7. I say do the same thing to him, while he’s sober and YOU’RE not, and let it go at that. He’ll figure it out.

    I AM seriously concerned about the Dobie, though, being in an ACC…

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