24 thoughts on “MAS Policy: Scruffing should be used ONLY when necessary

  1. Did anyone besides me notice the sign lying flat on top of the cat cages in photos 2 – 7? Adopt a Shelter Pet.

  2. I don’t think they’re doing so good . . .
    We have to do something besides talk about it!
    How can we stop the mistreatment and the killing?

    1. My belief is that the current leadership is committed to continuing the misinformation campaign regarding the pound. This is where local advocates need to use their votes, and encourage their friends, family and fellow pet lovers to do the same, to vote out the failed leadership. In addition, locals can approach their city, county and/or state representatives about getting CAPA introduced. This would be a big step in the right direction as far as forcing MAS to help try to save pets instead of giving them full discretion on rampant, needless killing.

    1. Someone posted on the blog about an offer of a billboard. I know there was at least a phone call follow-up but AFAIK, a ChipIn still needs to be set up to collect the $1200 fee.

      1. Please let’s do what we can. This is making me absolutely crazy to know this is going on and to not be able to do more to stop it.
        C’mon, local citizens of the Memphis area, we are here to do what we can, but you are on the front lines and have to tell us how to help you.

      2. Any idea what this billboard would say? I think Shirley’s “Memphis, please stop the killing.” or something else short like “It’s a shelter, not a slaughterhouse” or…

        I don’t want to donate to a billboard without knowing what’s going on it, is all.

      3. I like

        It’s a shelter…
        NOT a slaughterhouse.

        Mayor, REFORM Memphis Animal Shelter NOW!

  3. The thing that gets me with the scruffing is they aren’t even doing it RIGHT…adult cats are not kittens! They aren’t meant to have all that weight hanging unsupported. You can scruff a cat to help control it, but you need to support the rest of the body with a hand under the rump.

  4. By using the word “grab” in the manual, I think the wrong message is sent. I feel proper wording should be “grasp “, or “grip”, or “place your hand “. Obviously , all MAS knows how to “grab” an animal. And the notes reguarding catch poles. Have ANY employees read this thing? And no one enforces it.

  5. Talk i cheap…sorry to be so sour, but this beats all. I believe they are doing it to throw in our faces how perfectly unable we are to respond outside of outraged letters to this one and that one. Give ’em enough rope…and keep catching those web cam photos.

  6. It boils my blood to know these idiots are the ones responsible for any animal’s care. I also see something in the photos I think has something to do with it.

    Has any of these ‘people’ ever cared for their own cat/dog? I’ll be willing to bet they haven’t even known anyone with a pet. They are given the job because of ‘cousin’ passed it on to them.

    Selfish people have no compassion for anything but themselves. If they have no compassion & can’t demonstrate, it they have no business in the business.

    What is CAPA and how do I vote out those in a civil service job?

  7. I am a former ACO and I would have been fired for handeling any animal in such disreguard. Shame on Memphis for allowing this pracice to continue. Get some training please! Atleast some home training would help. Shame on you Pepper!

  8. Unfortunately, many of the voters are those who drop their unwanted pets off there and are also the ones who voted in our current “leaders”.

    Remember when Willie Herenton accused Rep. Steve Cohen of “trying to act black.” He told voters in this majority-black city that they “need to come off that Cohen plantation and get on the Herenton freedom train.”

    Many, many people fled Memphis to get away from Willie and his crazed notions of how things should be (his way or the highway).
    This mentality still prevails, as you can see, and many of the voters who could help remove the idiots from office are now in the suburbs, like me, and can’t vote in city elections.

    I keep reading comments such as “do something”. Obviously something we are doing is starting to annoy the powers that be. Look at that Viewpoint front page story on shelter critics. At the advisory board meeting, Bobby White commented several times on all the emails Wharton was receiving.

    For all of the readers of this great blog, please help us do something and write to the city leaders here and ask them to Do Something!

  9. For those of us who don’t use the chip-ins, is there another way we can send a check?
    Several people are quite good with words – so let’s do some brainstorming about what it should say.

  10. They are doing this about as well as they do anything…horribly! There is absolutely NO care, NO concern, NO compassion, NO feeling of anything but contempt or indifference in their handling of these animals.

    As I read these posts, there are a lot of questions asked, a lot of suggestions given, and lot of ideas thrown out there. But in reality, is anything being done? Is there a course of action or someone to contact?

  11. Are donations for the billboard tax deductible? Someone in Atlanta might pay it all if so.

    1. No, sorry. We are not 501c. We are a rag tag group of citizens.
      That would have been a wonderful thing. Perhaps, as we are not tax deductable, the person could donate a little, instead of the whole shebang.

    2. Is there any way we could get someone who is to sponsor it? It would be lovely if someone could help out with the cost. No Kill Memphis perhaps? Otherwise, our little ragtag group will continue to do what we can.

  12. What people in or travel to Memphis can do, http://www.nokillmemphis.org/

    “Understanding the Epidemic of Cruelty” http://www.nathanwinograd.com/?p=5864

    About CAPA, http://www.nokilladvocacycenter.org/capa.html

    http://www.rescue50.org/ Rescue Five-O is a three-part nationwide campaign to rescue animals from death in the shelters and pounds of all 50 states by reforming our nation’s broken animal shelter system: 1. Campaign for new leadership in local shelters, 2. Political advocacy at the local level, and 3. Legislative changes at the state and local level

    Some history, http://www.examiner.com/animal-welfare-in-atlanta/building-no-kill-communities-lights-the-way-for-change-georgia

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