Memphis Bits and Bobs

Take heart Memphis taxpayers – you’re not the only ones getting the shaft.

The new MAS building will have the capacity to house dozens of additional dogs and yet Matt Pepper says, “We’re going to be overcrowded the moment we walk in.”

Editorial:  Blame the irresponsible public blah.

A sign regarding protected wetlands inside the fence at the new MAS building. I'm happy for the wetlands - can we do pets next?

15 thoughts on “Memphis Bits and Bobs

  1. That is one of the most blatantly biased editorials I have read. Another apologist who is more than ready to blame everyone else, but unwilling to look at the facts. We all watch those things happening on webcam and yet, it’s the irresponsible public’s fault? If the folks in charge would put as much effort into helping the animals and making the necessary changes, they wouldn’t have abuse going on and they wouldn’t have such a high kill rate. Unbelievable!

  2. So glad the wetlands are protected; too bad the poor animals aren’t. (and I totally agree with db regarding the ridiculously-biased editorial)

  3. Please add your comments to the “editorial”! It’s a bit of a pain to join, but not that bad.

  4. holy cow- i am ALL OVER the comments on that editorial- i think i replied to 3 of them to correct misinformation and ignorance.
    *waiting impatiently for my comments to be ‘approved’*

  5. Shouldn’t the name in the address say Appalling rather than Appaling? It would seem more appropriate to MAS.

  6. Shouldn’t the name in the address say Appalling rather than Appling? It would seem more appropriate to MAS.

    1. I feel so sad for this family. Raising a dog from 8 weeks through age 11 creates a deep bond. Something MAS obviously does not understand. I am further appalled at the notion that they asked her if she wanted to go through the dead pet dumpster while she had her three kids with her. Who would think like that? It’s not as if she’s going to leave her 3 kids in their temporary care while she embarks on this grisly task, seeing as they “lost” the last family member of hers they were supposed to be caring for. Just rotten from top to bottom.

      1. It is horrifying. I live in Memphis and I have a dog from MAS that was pulled by a rescue. I would have a stroke if anything happened to him and he ended up back there. Nobody wanted him at MAS but thank god a wonderful member of a rescue group saw him and got him the hell out of there. Dogs and cats are NOT just dogs and cats…..they are family. My heart aches for this family.

      2. and how convenient that when her husband went back, 2 hrs later, to view the dead pet dumpster- they had been removed….hurry, get rid of the evidence! I still don’t understand how you “lose” an animal at MAS…..

    2. “Even though the animal control officer who came to pick them up was told where the dogs lived, Shoup understands that the law required that the pair be taken to the shelter.”

      well, there’s one easily solved problem right there. Do what Calgary does: if the ACO knows where the animal lives, RETURN IT.

  7. I am so heart-sick for this poor family. Kapone looked every bit the noble Pibble that he most certainly is (was). I suspect her suspicions are correct, and I surely PRAY that is so, the SHIT SHOULD HIT THE FAN and the shelter be sued out the kazoo. That family should OWN the new shelter if they fucked up and killed their family member. TIME FOR ACTION ONCE AGAIN I AM SAYING IT.

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