Is there any hope for these three dogs?

These three skinny dogs were placed into the first three kennels on the right in the Rabies Observation area at MAS yesterday.  If they are being held for bites, my understanding of local law is that their only hope of getting out alive is owner redemption.  Memphis has some very stupid pet laws on the books.  Maybe the city attorney could take a gander at them sometime and see about bringing them in line with a modern, compassionate society.

20 thoughts on “Is there any hope for these three dogs?

  1. Those poor creatures – they don’t look like they’ve had much of a life to this point and to now end up in that hell hole – just too sad for words.

  2. This is heartbreaking. And of course the city attorney can’t take time with helping these poor souls, there are bloggers out there speaking freely! Priorities you know. And I guess it’s the same thing with the shelter workers, no time to list animals on line for adoption, they need the time to kill them. I”m thinking there is a problem of priorities there.

  3. At least they’re not being dragged with chokepoles.

    I suspect that they are not bite cases, but rather neglect/abuse investigation.

  4. They’re emaciated so they will likely go the way of Punkin, after being starved a little more for three days, that is!

  5. Take a moment and review some of the stories and pictures on this blog. I ask myself….why in the world would anyone…like Bass Pro, for instance, or anyone else with an IQ above a gnat, EVER want to come to this crime infested, backward city?

    We have had multiple city counsel members in trouble with “the law”…on multiple occasions. Our school system is a joke. Crime is out of control…..some within city and state government, some outside in the public sector We can’t seem to balance a checkbook as in the city budget and we can’t even manage to get something as simple as a “dog pound” to run correctly and humanely!

    When a blogger shines a light on the corruptions and nonsense going on at said “dog pound” our city attorney, Herman Morris tries to shut it down!!

    HERMAN! No one likes a bully. They always loose and you will be no exception.

    Herman and the mayor can’t seem to grasp the fact that they can try and try to silence us and there will just be more whistle blowers sprout up. Herman, you can’t spend all your time trying to put out fires. They are endless….believe me….and they aren’t just in this city. When it comes to animals….just for starters, to children and to all other vulnerable groups who need someone to speak for them….we aren’t going ANYWHERE! We are tired of our animals and our people in this city being caught in an ONGOING HOSTAGE SITUATION!

    For any companies who would be an asset to this city if they were to move here….I hope that they don’t read our newspapers and other publications before they make their decisions.

    The people in this city need JOBS….among some of the other things that I have mentioned. It would be so unfair to them and citizens in general if our City Administration blew our chances!!

    Stop acting like a bunch of morons! Pull your heads out of your as— and get some more oxygen to your brains!

    Better start an all out ssshhhhhh campaign and hope we aren’t on anyone’s radar.

    1. You are absolutely right about Memphis in general. The plight of MAS & Herman Morris being a bully caught my attention and I will be watching a lot closer in the future.

      Our ‘estemed’ ex-mayor & first black mayor Herington was the one to try to make Memphis into a “tourist” town with low paying jobs taking the place of higher wage factory, warehouse & building jobs. He succeded but now we are stuck with the low wage “tourist” positions.

      Everyone seemed to forget his extramarital affair back when he was supertendant of Board of Education, using $250,000 school funds to pay for her silence. He later paid the money back & all was forgotten. Later to become mayor & keep the job for so long only because of race. First thing he did was raise his salory from $65,000 to $150,000 by also giving city council a raise from $6000 to $20,000! And got away with it because of race! City council positions weren’t supposed to be full time jobs but “service” to the community.

      As late as 2002 the mayor of Las Vegas was still making $59,000. Herrington’s excuse for the raise was to make commencearable to other large metro mayor’s saleries. Think anyone will return to a more fair salory? No, greed is deep in the hearts of the Memphis elite.

      MAS will never change until a better person is elected mayor. That won’t happen because of the reason he was elected. Expect more of the same as they have no moral values to help those they feel so superior to. Memphis gets what Memphis deserves. It’s just so sad & wrong that the helpless animals who need so much that cost so little get moved to the back of the bus with little consideration.

      Know compassion; know peace.

      Where’s Kapone?

  6. See what I mean?
    This is the latest Breaking News.

    Doin’ a great job to improve life for animals and citizens in this city fellas. Way to attract “bidness” and companies to this hell hole.

    If you hadn’t allowed the city to go down the tubes, you might have citizens still living here who would have been able to pay taxes and keep our budget balanced and our city running.

    Why in the world would you not want to turn the “dog pound” over to people who want to run a private, non-profit, humane and true shelter? Wouldn’t that be one check book that you wouldn’t have to balance? I think our citizens could do a better job.

    “Over 100 Memphis employees to be laid off Friday”

    (WMC-TV) – Roughly 125 city employees will be laid off Friday, a spokesperson from Memphis Mayor A C Wharton’s office said Thursday.

    According to a letter from the city’s Human Resources director, Quintin Roberson, the affected employees will receive notice on Friday, but will be paid through the middle of July.

    Meanwhile, most other city employees will receive a reduction in pay of 4.6 percent. According to Wharton, this action is being taken in lieu of losing 12 of 13 paid holidays.

    The layoffs are part of the city’s overall plan to balance its budget. In addition to the filled positions that are being eliminated, 248 vacant positions from across city government will go away.


  7. Probably the dogs were hunger crazed….so sad that pet owners who do not take proper care of their animals get away scott free, but the animal will be murdered for not being on best behavior. Makes my blood boil.

      1. Depends how crowded they are. But, yes they will use them for court cases.

  8. I would imagine they get more cruelty and court cases than rabies cases. Not sure what the statistics are for rabies in domestic pets but I would think it’s fairly low especially compared to abuse statistics. Then again the irresponsible public probably let’s their unvaccinated dogs play with rabid raccoons daily.

      1. It is rabies observation. Any bite case must be held in observation for 10 days.

  9. The city attorney is too busy trying to enforce laws from other states. And besides, I don’t think they care much about changing laws that will actually protect the animals. They’re going to pick and choose which ones they help at MAS anyway and I don’t think it necessarily has anything to do with what laws are on their books.

  10. Hey, I saw Herman Morris on the news. He should skip a meal…of a few….and donate it to the animals.

    1. Oops disregard that, the colloring on my comp and my lack of sleep made me see that woman totally different the first time around LOL But like someone said, at least shes not using chokepoles.

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