Where’s Kapone?

Where's Kapone?

Some of you have read about the case of a Memphis area family whose 2 Pibbles got out the fence and were picked up by an ACO.  MAS records indicate both dogs, Jersey and Kapone, were checked in to the pound on Friday, June 24.  Brooke Shoup, the dogs’ owner, went to MAS on June 25 to redeem her dogs but workers could only find Jersey.  Naturally, Mrs. Shoup wanted to know:  Where’s Kapone?

“We found Jersey in the back row,” Shoup said. “I saw her and I was like, ‘My Jersey girl, mommy has come to get you.’ Then we kept looking for Kapone and he wasn’t anywhere.”

Shoup said Shelter Operations Manager Chelton Beamon told her his staff didn’t know where Kapone was.

“He said he would review the videos and try to find out where my dog was, and what happened, and he would be in contact with me,” she said.

And how promptly did Mr. Beamon get back with Mrs. Shoup – the same day?  The next day?  If you guessed NEVER, congratulations.  You have won the Meh Expectations prize.

But of course the city has the videos and they’ve watched them.  They just aren’t sharing with the Shoup family.  But Janet Hooks, Matt Pepper’s boss (Mr. Pepper is on vacation), has a statement all prepared in response to the question, “Where’s Kapone?”  It reads, in part:

An extensive review of all shelter records, including a security video log, leads us to believe that Kapone was never sheltered there. While the dispatch records indicate that, via radio, an ACO picked up two dogs in the vicinity of the Shoup’s residence and was in route to the shelter to impound them, the records verify that only one dog was actually processed.

So this would seem to provide a significant lead in the case:  The person who can answer the question “Where’s Kapone?” is the impounding ACO.  Right?  Because that ACO, whom neighbors witnessed putting Jersey and Kapone into the truck, is the only person who had access to Kapone from that moment until the time he was allegedly not brought into MAS.  But wait, Janet Hooks has got a red herring explanation for that, too:

Unfortunately, we have no way of positively identifying the other animal picked up that day.

POW – right in the kisser!  So let’s recap:  MAS, long suspected of illegally selling impounded Pitbulls, impounded Jersey and Some Other Pitbull together near the Shoup home on the 24th.  But they can only account for Jersey being brought into the pound.  The mysterious Some Other Pitbull, whom neighbors identify as Kapone, is MIA.  Oh and by the way, apparently Kapone ran away from home whilst all this was going on.  So by my count, we now not only need to find out “Where’s Kapone?” but also, “Where is this Some Other Pitbull?”  because it would seem both are missing.  Golly, what a mess.

Missing pets are hardly unusual for MAS whose 2010 records indicate a whopping 155 pets went missing last year.  The January 2011 report lists 40 pets missing in that month but in subsequent monthly stats, the missing category has gone missing.

The Shoup family, apparently not content with the non-response from MAS, has set up a tipline for anyone with information about Kapone and is offering a $1000 reward for his safe return.

Tipline for information regarding Kapone:  901-528-0699

What you can do to help the Shoup family:

  • Contact everyone on our MAS mailing list and ask them “Where’s Kapone?”.  Let them know people everywhere are watching and find their non-response to the Shoup family to be entirely unacceptable.  Keep your comments brief and respectful, as always.
  • Support the effort to spread awareness and help find Kapone by liking the FB page:  Where’s Kapone?
  • Twitter users can tweet Mayor Wharton and use the hashtag #WheresKapone.

Mrs. Shoup raised Kapone from puppyhood.  She was just a teenager at the time he came into her life.  She is now married with children and Kapone is 11 years old.  She considers Kapone to be her first child.  That kind of human-animal bond is the reason that we all have pets.  It is something to be cherished and respected.  How shameful that MAS doesn’t recognize this.  Let’s help the Shoup family and hopefully, bring Kapone home.

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  1. This is very disturbing. The more I hear about MAS and their dirty dealings, the more disgusted I am with them. I still find it hard to believe that the people of Memphis are so apathetic about MAS.

  2. The Shoup’s need an attorney NOW. Demand the video’s, records, etc. before MAS has time to “lose” them. Get affadavit’s from the neighbors that saw them loading up Kapone. The story did not mention if Kapone was microchipped so I am assuming he is not. If he were it would be much easier to identify him.

    The family should also demand to see all the bodies of dogs euthanized if they are still available and not cremated already. This may be too late now but they won’t know unless they ask. From watching the actions of this group for the last few weeks my guess is that Kapone was immediately euthanized due to his age and breed. Oops, sorry about that 3 day wait thing for strays.

    I wish them luck, I think they’re going to need a bucket full of it.

    1. I read that Mr. Beamon looked through the dead dog pile and didn’t find Kapone. I believe the dead pet dumpster is emptied pretty regularly at MAS due to the extremely high volume.

      1. I think they’ve said the dead dogs were picked up on that Saturday. Give me a break — city picking up dead dogs on a Saturday?? I seriously doubt it. I’m sure that’s against yet another union rule.

    2. I saw a commercial on TV yesterday for Morgan and Morgan attorneys. They both had their shelter pets by their side and their tag line was….for the people and for the pets. Maybe they would help.

  3. Shirley, in the comments section of one of the news articles you linked to, someone states that many employees of MAS are Second Chance participants; “where former criminals are given $40,000 annual salaries at the shelter.”

    Do you know if there’s any truth behind that? If so, it explains a lot of what we see on cam, and why so many animals go missing…

    1. This report from the city of Memphis states:

      “Approximate number of participants that have been placed in jobs since the creation of the Second Chance program: 1,100”

      MAS is one of several branches covered in this section of the city government (all are viewable in the report). So I take it that MAS is one of the places providing employment to workers in the Second Chance program but I don’t know what percentage of their staff may have come in through that program.

    2. Anne- There is truth behind “some of the employees are Second Chance participants” (at MAS) – and I do believe the ACO that picked up Kapone was part of that program. Someone, correct me if I am wrong….the things that make you go “hmmmmmmmmmmm”

    3. Thanks for digging that info up for me Shirley!

      So, according to the program notes, anyone with a single felony can participate in the program. and subsequently be employed by MAS. A felony is usually, but not always, a violent crime. Aggravated assault or battery, arson, murder, and rape are all felonies.

      Now, we all know that old axiom about being able to recognize a sociopath by how they treat animals. So in Memphis they decide it’s a good idea to stick them in a place where they get to torture and kill helpless animals, and they have the support of the Mayor and the rest of the city government while they do it?

      I’m not sure they’re setting these men and women up for success, and both the people and the animals suffer for it.

      1. That sure is assuming a lot!

        It’s not like I have a lot of faith in Memphis’ ability to effectively run a program like Second Chance. But that they offer an opportunity at employment to those released from prison is hardly sufficient reason to believe it’s that program responsible for MAS’ problems or even this particular case.

      2. I completely support the Second Chance program, but there are plenty of other places in the city to employ them than a high kill shelter that’s already littered with problems. Especially after all of the allegations from a few years ago with illegal dog fighting and other abuses happening at the shelter.

        The idea is to give them a chance to succeed, not lead them into temptation.

        I’m not saying this is the root of the problems at MAS, just another symptom of the disease.

  4. I think that it’s time to get an attorney involved. Obviously the people at MAS have done something to Kapone, but this family has a right to know what happened to him (or hopefully to get him home).
    This just gets worse and worse.

  5. Letter sent to the entire MAS group. Sorry, but I’ve probably gone beyond polite and respectful to . . . blunt. The more we find out, the worse it gets.

    1. Blunt is still respectful. I mean – I hope – otherwise I’m sunk, heh. I just want to remind people not to let their emotions go unchecked and type the first thing that comes into their heads (which in my case, is often times not so respectful). We’re the good guys and we can disagree with people without resorting to threats of violence or other dumb things. Those kinds of comments take away from our efforts and have no place in pet advocacy IMO.

  6. Ruger has just announced that
    they are coming out with a
    new pistol in honor of AC Wharton
    It will be named the Union Worker.


    It doesn’t work and you can’t fire it

    1. Tee hee hee… betcha MAS workers will be gun-ho to have those issued to them instead of choke poles and tasers. Kitty tongs are boring next to these other options.

  7. This article is in today’s Commercial Appeal and it says Kapone was mentioned on Jersey’s kennel card,
    so apparently he was brought into the shelter and didn’t go “missing” from the ACO’s truck. The family is trying to get access to the video footage from the shelter.


    The shelter gets a pitbull and he’s either missing or presumed dead within hours. Meanwhile the dog’s family, members of the “irresponsible public,” are grieving, desperately trying to find him and offering a $1,000 reward for this pitbull they clearly love. The kind of dog no one even wants to adopt in Memphis, right, Matthew Pepper?

    1. Yes this is the discrepancy Jeanne – the records show both dogs were checked in but, per MAS, the video surveillance shows only 1 dog was checked in.

      1. If it was me, I would have invited the Shoup family to review the tapes simultaneously with the city in order to avoid any appearance of coverup. Everyone would see the tapes at the same time and whatever was on them would be made public. The way the city chose to handle it shows very poor judgment IMO. They have invited speculation about the true contents of the tapes and whether they may have altered them over the past week.

      2. EXACTLY – but if there is a cover up, then they can’t allow that to happen. Maybe they need a better PR person?

  8. Where’s Kapone? But honestly….where’s Pepper? AC Wharton’s trusted MAS director can’t even send a statement via email while he is on vacation??? Maybe the ACO sold Pepper also?

      1. Someone above in a comment mentions about Matthew Pepper being on vacation. If you could count all the days off Matthew Pepper has had off in vacay since he came on board in spring of 2010 (and he’s off almost always during a crisis), you would say how can this stand? Add that to this manager who is never there solving problems, implementing new programs & visionary srategy when on duty—-you would be amazed. Couple that with his truly not-to-believed unjustified salary–the readers would be furtther outraged how this is allowing to take place in a city plagued with budgetary problems and a shelter that literally has everything broken about it. The staff, compassionate care for animals, community life-saving programs, answering calls in timely manner, lack of accountability of staff, volunteer program, relationships with rescue groups, management, missing animals, the method of taking multiple animals in kill room while having to watch each other die with no sedative, the stray area off limits, etc. The list goes on and on. There is nothing that is not broken or bordering on extreme cruelty transpiring at MAS. Nothing.

  9. I really pray that the Shoup family finds Kapone and peace with this nightmare. They are experiencing a situation every animal lover and pet owner fears. My heart breaks for them.

  10. Keep it up! Don’t say we haven’t warned you. A boycott of this city is next.

    Time for the city and the pound to have to offer more than sympathy to the latest family that they have violated. MAS stole this dog. WHERE IS KAPONE?

  11. This is someone’s pet that they have raised since he was 8 weeks old! It could happen to anyone’s pet.
    Kapone is 11 years old….a senior animal! WHERE IS HE??

  12. I hate to say this but I almost hope that he was killed instead of *going out the back-door* to God knows what horrors. I feels so bad for this family. I hope that someone steps forward to help them or they find closure soon. I would be beside myself and they are better people than I because I’d tear that shelter apart brick by brick looking for my old dog. This is so awful.

  13. MAS has gone way past being within the law, credible, honorable. Lawsuit and City Boycott…….it’s time.

  14. Although I think MAS plays the role in their own negligence for this dog being missing, but the owners didn’t have a collar, chip, or fence to prevent this from happening either. It’s sad all around.

    1. The articles I read indicated the dogs had collars w/tags but it was unsafe to keep them on the dogs due to the wrestling. I have read a number of sad stories over the years from heartbroken owners who have watched their cherished dogs die before their eyes when a playmate’s tooth got stuck in a collar while wrestling. Dogs can suffocate very quickly in these circumstances. 100% of owners who have had dogs choke to death like this will beg you in no uncertain terms to please leave collars off your dogs, even when supervised. The family has a fence but there was a hole in it and the dogs slipped through. That happens sometimes.

    2. The neighbors knew the dogs and even helped the ACO lift Kapone into the truck. Seems to me the logical thing would have been for the shelter to contact the owners as soon as they got the dogs off the truck and checked in. They KNEW who owned these dogs but apparently made no effort to get them back to the family. The owners were prepared to take responsibility and pay the fines for having 2 loose dogs. Shelter could have followed up with them to get the fence fixed, too, if they gave a meh. If they were interested in doing the work of sheltering and not lying, stealing, and killing.
      Allegedly, of course.

      1. I am sorry, but as a good neighbor, I have many a time taken a dog to its owner…I live in Bartlett which is basically a low kill shelter..but I would rather return a dog to its owner…did it just a couple of weeks ago…called the neighbor and left the dog with another neighbor since I was going to the vet with my own dog…at the time, I called I did not realize the dog belonged to someone I knew…have done this for 40 years…just wondering why these neighbors were not “good neighbors” too…I would want someone to do this for me….I have had dogs and cats get out and half the neighborhood was looking for them..

  15. I have never heard of such a thing ut if it happens and those were the reasons, a chip would have been the next responsible step. What happened to Kapone is a scary thought because I believe MAS to be the guilty party here and responsibile for his disappearance and I shutter at the thought of this precious once loved fella being forced to do things at this point couldn’t even be trained to do. I just hope he is found safe and sound. It ake no chances with my pets though…none.

    1. How would a chip help Kapone if, hypothetically, he was stolen? I can’t think of any possible way it could help him in that case. My personal opinion is that this is a strong possibility here.

    2. A microchip wouldn’t help a bit if the MAS staff didn’t bother to scan for it. Heck, the neighbors knew the dogs by name, why couldn’t they just take the dogs HOME instead of impounding them? You can still write a ticket…but nobody will have to move dogs around. My assumption is that they killed the older dog as *punishment* for those irresponsible public persons… and when she came pronto to save them BOTH and only found the one, then, well, golly gee, dunno what happened to the other dog, I don’t think we had that one….
      Sure. Right. FOIA file to get the euth log for last month asap. Betcha you’ll find an aged pitty on the list. Dang them anyway. Grrrrrrr.

  16. I am just pointing out the irresponsibility on the part of the dog owners. At this point it’s just speculation that he was stolen, even though I believe he was but even if a chip wouldn’t matter at this point, if found at some point, in the hands of a vet or rescue or other shelter, a chip could help in reuniting the dog with the owners.

    1. IMO and based on the info publicly available, the owners were not irresponsible in any way, shape or form. They are victims in this case, regardless of what may have happened to Kapone.

  17. I really, really hope that this dog is found safe. I just don’t have a good feeling about this whole thing. It sounds too much like the dog was sold out the back door.

    Someone needs to have a “come to Jesus” talk with that ACO and anyone else who had any interaction with this dog. That someone would normally be Matthew Pepper, but oh! What a surprise, he’s no where to be found when it’s all hitting the fan…again.

    The family needs an aggressive lawyer who will get to the truth of the matter.

    More reason why there should be an FOI request made of all records from the shelter every day, every week, every month. The bookkeeping will reveal much, I suspect.

  18. It has been my pleasure to meet the Shoups. They could not be a more loving couple and based on the daughter I met, they are raising a wonderful family.

    This is tearing them to pieces. Brooke, one of the most poised young women I have known, is just beside herself. Darrel is keeping it together but admitted that he is having to try very hard to.

    I am so sorry I met them under these circumstances but am glad I have met them.

    I hope for the return of Kapone.
    I wait for the arrest of the animal control officer.

    1. I don’t understand why the city has not released at least a summary of what the impounding ACO gave as the explanation for what happened to Kapone. Obviously this is the crux of the matter – why are they not making it public?

      1. It would also be interesting to see a break down of missing animals and which ACO brought them in. If certain ACO’s are “losing” the majority of animals, then I think we have serious questions for them.

        The whole thing is just stomach-turning.

    2. Ditto…and the arrest cannot come soon enough. Better bring multiple sets of handcuffs….enough to go around.

  19. Thank you for posting the truth about this situation at MAS. I am a Memphian and I want change. I demand it and I’m going to do something about it. Readers, please know that not all Memphians are behind MAS–many of us are shocked and horrified and at loss that the government continues to ignore our calls for reform.

  20. How do they keep getting away with this stuff??? Not only at MAS but at shelters around the Country, and especially in the South. Those in charge are allowed to break laws with no consequence. For just how much longer long are we going to tolerate this?

    1. They get away with it because people stop short of putting them up against the wall……..as in $$$$$$$. My guess is that, in Memphis, the time may be growing short that such crimes will be tolerated.

      It’s the city’s call.

    2. I agree that abuse goes on in shelters across the country but not especially in the South. Some of the worst are in NYC, CA, MI (Detroit), etc. Not just a southern problem and not one that’s “somewhere else.” No matter where you live, chances are there’s a shelter not far away that needs the attention of the community, whether it’s for volunteer help or shelter reform.

      1. Jeanne, the animals & the shelters get alot more attention up North than they do here. Should something bad happen to an animal, for the most part, the media is all over it. Not so here in the South. Shirley has given MAS a boatload of attention and has pissed off the Mayor something fierce (great job girl!!), but where has everyone else been? Where is the State of Tennessee in this? Where is the media on this?
        Look at what happened in Chesterfield, SC. It has been HOW MANY MONTHS? and nothing has been done. The so-called investigation has gone nowhere. I live in SC, but not in Chesterfield. I contacted every media outlet I could think of in my area and got the same canned response from all of them…this incident occured in Chesterfield, and is being covered in that County. Does that mean it is no one else’s business???? Fox Charlotte did a good job, but still, the story stayed local and nothing happened.
        These two situations have something in common…..LAW officers sworn to serve and protect, and to uphold the LAW are running both shelters, and animals are being hurt and killed. I have no idea what the answer is, but until one is found, this is not going to stop.

  21. ALOT of dog owners, with multiple dogs, take the collars off when the dogs are playing (for the sheer safety of the dogs), especially if the dogs are in a secure area, and a damaged fence can happen to anyone. A chip might have helped, but considering the rest of the situation here I highly doubt it.

    I agree, the Shoups need a lawyer and quick, before the video records, and paper records disappear (“Oh, well, we ALWAYS record over video thats more than a week old, and paper records are destroyed monthly!”), and then someone needs to get in touch with the Sheriff who did the animal abuse investigation last time and ask them to look into those missing animals. 40 animals in one month is a LOT no matter how many you funnel in and out of your doors.


    1. I agree. While online discussions help bring problems to light, what then? Speculating does nothing to help. The word has gotten around to most animal activists, but if we don’t act, then why should the general public? Action speaks louder than words and something needs to be done. Whether it’s a lawsuit, billboards, or an ad in the paper, something needs to jar the public into awareness and into action. It is time to stop contemplating and start making the changes. I ask you, how many stories do we need to hear before finally getting sick of it enough to stop it? How much effort do we pour into all the small battles when we are losing the war in the meantime? If not now, when? If not us, who?

  23. Memphis AS is sickening but this is the worst. How the $%^&*() do you lose an animal?

    Simple answer is – you don’t.
    And someone knows where Kapone is.

  24. Can the Mayor, Councillors and Matthew Pepper be charged with theft? The Shoup family’s property was taken and cannot be produced.

  25. Look, the fact is that the Shoups left their dogs in a yard with a broken fence with no tags on. It’s easy to blame MAS but you gotta give some blame to the negligent pet owners themselves. You want pit bulls? Better not let them get out, and put a freakin tag on them in case they do.

    1. at this point Jay, that’s not even the issue. It’s completely irrelevant whether/not the dog had tags/broken fence/whatever.

      Kapone was taken by ACO, according to witnesses and their own records

      Then the dog disappeared.

      Unless you are claiming the owners somehow stole the dog and are now feigning their distress, the issue is MAS’ negligence/whatever in “losing” Kapone.

      Why would you even WANT to defend MAS???

    2. I am offended that you single out the breed, too. This could have happened to any dogs in any family. The fact that they HAPPEN to be pit bulls just makes for a better story – and, unfortunately, feeds into the prejudice some folks seem to have just because they look a certain way.

      1. Thank you db: it not only feeds into idiotic beliefs about pibbles, but also indicates a certain prejudice about people who are owned by pibbles.

    3. Just like locks only keep honest people out. Tags only help honest people return a dog to their owner. Collars get “lost” easily.

      As for insulting Pit Bulls check your facts. They have a long history of loving and serving humans. Their problems come from not all humans being worthy of their love and devotion.

  26. Emily, if the dogs were wearing collars with Rabies tags attached, they would be identifiable as belonging to someone and the owner could be traced thru the tag.

    1. again, wearing/not wearing of tags is not the issue here. The neighbors, and the ACO, knew which house the dogs escaped from. If Memphis had a progressive policy, like Calgary’s for example, the ACO would have just returned the dogs to the home where they belonged. And Kapone wouldn’t have gone “missing”

    2. Or, they could have gotten their teeth hung up in their collars and one could have been strangled, the other tramautized and mutilated. I’ve had that happen before. The dogs are playing *grab my buddy by the neck and throw him down*. Teeth gets hung up in the collar some how and instead of being able to let go, the collar snags over the back of the canines. Dog panics, twists or flips which makes the collar tighter for both.
      Fortunately, I was home and got to them in time. My break away collar did not break-away.
      Until you’ve had it happen to you, you will probably not understand the concern.
      Heck, I’ve even had a dog get the collar ring stuck on one of the hooks that holds their crates together. I had to take the entire crate apart to get it loose becuz their weight on the pan made it impossible otherwise but fortunately, that dog didn’t panic. Just looked sad and whined a lot. Help me, I’m so very stuck!
      To blame them for their dogs getting loose is pretty much the same thing as saying that the people in Joplin Mo are to blame for the tornado two months ago. If they had lived somewhere else this would not have happened to them.

  27. Playing THE BLAME GAME here is not going to get us anywhere on MAS. Fact is: A neighbor witnessed both dogs being loaded into the MAS vehicle. BOTH their names were on the kennel card, together, at MAS, showing that they came IN together when in fact, somewhere between the Shoup’s neighborhood and MAS, poor Kapone had something happen to him. SO, we have to ID the ACO(s) who went on the call, even if it means an FOIA, and then we can hopefully find out where Kapone wound up. That is what we should be focusing on here. It seems obvious enough that MAS did something lowdown and dirty – so let’s get on it, shall we????

    1. Knowing that MAS is lowdown & dirty, would you go out and leave your dogs outside? Especially knowing there’s a hole in your fence that they could easily escape thru?

      1. Ginger,

        I would not be bullied by anyone – and that includes being bullied into not living my normal life just because the city is corrupt.

      2. Thanks Shirley. No, I won’t be bullied either. I never leave my animals outside alone. But that is me. One thing I learned as a vet tech: alot of people love their animals, they just don’t care for them in the same manner. I would not begrudge that the Shroups LOVE their dogs. Are you implying that the Shroups are more culpable than MAS, who LOST (yea right) a dog from the time it was picked up till the time they arrived back at the ‘shelter’? You MUST be a FMAS, or else you wouldn’t be so ready to blame the “irresponsible public”. Shame on you. The Shroups are grieving just as you would be. Stop throwing blame. You know, the problem is that not enough people are willing to walk in another’s shoes, but they sure as hell know how to blame others. No compassion or empathy at all. I am sorry for that, for your sake.

  28. Sometimes dogs lose their collars or tags. Sometimes they get out of the fence and go missing. Sometimes they get lost. That’s why we have shelters–to get them off the street and into a safe place until they can go home or get adopted into a new home.
    The whole concept of killing for population control and for managing “stray” dogs needs to go the way of all the other social ills we’ve managed to get rid of–like slavery and child labor and tarring and feathering or lynching unpopular people, and surgeons not washing their hands before they deliver your baby.

    1. I was pretty much going to say the same exact thing here that you did, Jeanne.

      My dog accidentally got lost a few months ago because there is this hole in our cement wall for rain run-off and I never thought shed be able to fit through it. One night we let her out while we were eating dinner and we came back and she was gone. She had seen a rabbit in our backyard run out that way and she wanted to go after it and literally squeezed as much as she could through it. Luckily we found my dog like 10 minutes after we were done, right up the street, but considering I too have had her since she was 8 weeks old and she is now 10, you better believe that if the animal control officer “lost” my dog, Id be all over them like a monkey on a cupcake.

  29. In the photo of Kapone, do I see something that looks like the clasp on a collar? I believe it is. So, the Shoups may have the dogs’ collars on their pets some or most of the time.

  30. Morgana, how DARE you accuse me of not having compassion or empathy for this dog or its owners!! I happen to be a responsible dog owner and a rescuer! I guarantee you that my dogs and the dogs that I foster are treated better than some kids in this Country are treated. My dogs are inside dogs, which is where Ihappen to believe that every dog should live. My dogs are supervised when outside, and are NEVER allowed to roam. Dogs get out, and go missing; mine have gotten out, and I have gone after them. They lose their collars and tags. Things happen. If what happened to my Kapone had happened to my dogs, I would be raising holy hell with everyone who would listen, but I would also be putting some of the blame on mYSELF.

    1. I have been working closely with the Shoups since Kapone was stolen. The Shoups are beside themselves with guit over their dogs getting out. Brooke said to every tv station and newspapers during a press conference that it was her fault the dogs got out. The guilt she will fell is something I hope none of us ever have to experience. What is she supposed to do, flog herself with a cat o’ nines?

      The issue here is that they were picked up by a MAS animal control officer, loaded into a MAS animal control truck, and were supposed to be driven to the MAS shelter.

      The Shoups understand and recognize and admit their fault in this….

      How about we place blame where blame is due…with MAS.

      The Shoups feel remorse but as we all know, things happen with pets. The Shoups will never make this mistake again.

      MAS had 155 animals go missing from the shelter last year. MAS did not change the policies or procedures to stop this problem.


      And if we want to get technical. Kapone was not the property of MAS, not for 72 business hours. So this is a stolen property case and that trumps running at large any day.

      1. Has anybody talked to the person who picked up the dog for the pound? That is the person who should know where the dog is or where it went. I see posts with all these pictures did they look at all the cameras to watch where the dog was? With as many cameras as the building has looks like someone would see something. Looks like the cages and doors are on the cameras so what happened to the dog once it got to the shelter would show. Guess maybe it could had not even got to the shelter. That is what the truck driver should know. That does not seem that hard to talk to them if they have said who it is.

    2. Ginger: too bad you took it so personally, as it WASN’T ABOUT YOU. Thank you Cindy for saying it succinctly. My grief on behalf of the Shoups is deeply felt.

  31. The corruption is continuing and being taken to a new level as each day passes. It is time to act with boldness and make it known that this criminality being perpetuated by city employees will have consequences. Memphis advocates need all the friends we can gather together at this time. The City of Memphis (Mayor Wharton, Janet Hooks, Matthew Pepper, Bobby White, etc) is banking on the new shelter opening in next 2 months to sweep the horror under the rug. We cannot allow that to happen.

  32. There is no dual blame here! MAS lost the dog, killed the dog, sold the dog or someone took the dog, gave the dog away….MAS accepted responsibility of the dog when they picked it up! I don’t understand why there is a question about this! It is but one more disgrace that consistantly happens at the “hell hole” known as MAS. MAS was responsible to “care for” and hold the dog for 3 days….the blame is totally theirs! The heartbreak is totally the family’s because all MAS is doing is rushing to cover their butts! I truly hope the family gets Kapone back and just as importantly, I hope that this is the impetus that stirs the citizens of Memphis to DEMAND change!

  33. I just hope this dog finds his way home and that they did not put him down especially because he was a pit bull. If they gave him away let’s hope the people who took him will bring him home, and then I hope they get rid of every worker in that place and replace them with people who care about these dogs and cats!!! any any other little creature that finds its way into this horrible place.

    1. I agree with you libover30. They need to clean house at MAS and all personnel that had a hand in Kapone’s case need to be investigated. Start with the guy who picked him up to the intake guy. It was a 24 hour period to investigate! Ask the neighbors to identify the MAC Driver who they help place Kapone in the truck. The neighbors prove MAC Driver took the dog. If the MAC Driver driving the truck did not arrive at MAC building with Kapopne, who did he give Kapone to? The MAC Driver knows where Kapone is? The MAC driver should have to take a lie detector test. MAC Driver needs to be held accountable for the dogs he picked up. MAC needs to be shut down till MAC can resolve what ever issues MAC has that prevents MAC from NOT KEEPING UP WITH THE DOGS THEY PICK UP! That is inexcusable! My heart aches for The Soups to loose their 11 y.o. family member. This is just so prventable & inexcusable for Kapone to be missing! Why isn’t The MAC being investigated by HSUS or ASPCA? Come on Mephis, STAND UP & And DEMAND AN INVESTIGATION of MAS!.

  34. To All Memphis Taxpayers, Mayor Wharton, Memphis Police Department, Shelby County Sheriff Department, City Council, Local Area Mayors, Representative, Senators, Governor, Elected and Appointed Leaders:

    There is no sidestepping or excuses anyone can give that is acceptable! Creative avoidance will not work here – go find & return this family’s pet NOW and return Kapone alive & well! The employee that did this does not need to be reprimanded or more training, they need to be terminated with cause, arrested and prosecuted – NOW!

    Leaders, please show the world you have compassion for the families that pay your salaries and show us that you are hearing what the majority of Memphis Metro is saying to you! Memphis Animal Service/Shelter is more than an embarrassment it is a huge liability and a killing machine that is not only making all of Memphis Metro look horrible but also the adjacent cities and Tennessee as well. The MAS is everyone’s problem and it needs to reorganized or privatized long ago!

    If you are not a part of the solution, then aren’t you a part of the problem?

  35. This situation is a nightmare. MAS sounds like hell every time I hear about it, and I thought our high-kill animal control shelter in a rural county in AL was bad. I see our county shelter’s numbers on a regular basis, and while their care of the animals is nothing to brag about, the most “unaccounted for” animals they’ve ever had in a WHOLE YEAR was something like 5. Yes, single digit 5.

    What I really wanted to address was the collar issue, though. My family runs a rescue and is always caring for over 40 dogs. NO DOG wears a collar here unless that dog is in a situation of constant supervision. It is far too dangerous for the dog, especially the big strong ones who like to play rowdy with each other, or the “escape artists” who find a way out of any confinement. Some of y’all need to quit picking on this family for not having collars on their dogs. That would have made NO difference in this situation, and may have saved the dogs’ lives many times.

    1. Their records show 155 but who knows how many get picked up and never recorded. That almost happened to Kapone if he wasn’t mentioned on Jersey’s file. Also who brought in the missing dogs may not help. They may have gone missing after arriving at the shelter. It could be one (or more) persons who takes dogs from the shelter and never reports the ones on his truck that he likes. If dogs are going missing/ being stolen from the shelter Kapone is the best timeline to follow since most likely his ACO is involved or knows who is.

      Also are ACOs given routes or areas to respond to? If so someone in Kapone’s area should make a call and see who responds.

  36. Well over a week has gone by and NOTHING from MAS or Wharton????? WTF? WHERE IS KAPONE!?!?!?!???

  37. MAS is a rotten bunch to the core, and I’m sure the City is standing right behind them covering their backs. I fear the worst for Kapone. This is outrageous beyond words that these people can continue to hold their jobs.

  38. I live in a rural county in NC and we have a high kill shelter there, so I know what you’re dealing with. I foster dogs for an independent rescue that pulls dogs from that shelter, and the bottom line is the employees are there to get their check, and have no desire to promote adoptions. The thing I’m worried the most about is that Kapone could have been sold to someone as a “bait dog”. Someone is making a little side money there. Not sure about TN statutes but in NC the shelter’s records are “Public Records”. The county has to make them available to you in a reasonable amt of time. (24-72hrs). We had a pitt picked up in NC and the shelter euthanized it in 71 hrs vs. 72 hrs. The local tv station in Raleigh was all over it, owner went to redeem her dog and oops we killed him an hour too early. I can’t believe TV and newspaper aren’t all over this. They love to find corruption and wrong doings in Govt facilities. I hope this story has happy ending, the employees there should have to answer to these issues immediately or be terminated.

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