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Share your pet related hysteria, drama, exaggeration and fish tales.  I have a few links to start things off:

KC Dog Blog calls for MAS to stop killing its pets and try giving them away at a no fee adoption event instead.  Memphis Bullies Blogger for Speaking Out Against Conditions at City Animal Shelter

ChipIn for a billboard aimed at reforming MAS is getting close to has met its goal.  Hurray!

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  1. Thanks for this. I’ve had it. The pound is out of control and someone needs to stop them…as in, us.

    I told you face to face way back at the candlelight vigil at the pound after it was found out that they starved Justice……that WE AREN’T GOING AWAY!! Don’t say the city wasn’t warned.

    Don’t be surprised when it continues to be blasted all over the news. Don’t be surprised at the protests which will just make all of you look more like thugs than you already do. Don’t be surprised when once again, you see those news helicopters flying overhead, letting the people of Memphis know that…like I said….WE AREN’T GOING AWAY!!

    Ya’ll are some dumbass people. You could save yourself so much trouble.

    It would be in the financial interest of all of you morons connected with this out of control hell hole of a pound, to just do the right thing….and you know damn well what those things are.

    How can you expect people to take any more?!

  3. It’s the same way it is when you tell a spouse over and over that if they don’t change you are filing for a divorce. Then they push you past the point of no return…you file…and they are just “so surprised!”

    We are way past the point of return. We have warned you. Better get your little tear gas canisters and hoses out. WE STILL AREN’T GOING TO GO AWAY!!


  4. OMG – chortle alert.

    From a comment posted on one of the Where’s Kapone articles in Memphis:

    “It may be hard to believe, but people in other cities don’t live in constant fear of being robbed, carjacked, murdered, or having their pets stolen. I used to travel to Memphis to shop on a regular basis and now I wouldn’t set foot near Memphis for any reason. And I’m from Detroit!”

    1. AFAIK, the folks putting up the billboard are nearly ready to go. I suppose it just depends on when the owner says it’s available. IDK how these things work – like whether it can go up immediately or maybe they have to wait until another customer’s time runs out or what. But I will certainly keep you posted on anything I hear.

      1. I really think, since the neighborhood and the Shoup family are so disturbed that with their permission, putting up that wonderful photo of Kapone and “WHERE’S KAPONE” with info about him being “lost” by MAS etc., could be the most hard-hitting billboard and most humiliating for the city officials!

  5. Okay just throuwing this out there-but in February Shirley did a post a about neglect at a no kill shelter and the response from the board was the glorious new shelter. Well-they opened it-kinda
    1.7 million 16 kennels -holds about 20 dogs. The good news is they are still going to use the old shelter too for the rest of the unlucky dogs. They said on the news they will finish it when “you write us a check”


    1. $1.7 mil for 16 runs? And they want more money? Please, whoever gave these people $1.7 million, call me! I promise you I can do way better with your money. And I have no experience!

  6. I have some really sad news about Ranger….

    his blue Kong Wubba is no more! He tore it to pieces in a fit of joy and wonder….

      1. They don’t make them any bigger~! Wish they did, but we will work on a new Wubba! However, demerit? I get a gold star for “gotcha”!!!

  7. My pet rats cancer is getting worse and I’m considering euthanasia as she is over three (pretty long lifespan for a rat) and her sister passed away a week ago. She is living in a tissue box on my bedside table and Is quite content even though I can tell she is in pain and alittle lonely as she no longer has rat companionship (just me the dog and the cat) my question is when do you know it’s time? And my vet gasses small animals as a form of euthansia and I don’t believe it’s humane. Has anyone had a small animals put down before? If so what was the form and was it as peaceful as possible? I would appreciate the advice.

    1. One of my cats caught a baby chipmunk and left it to die after mangling it pretty badly. I found it outside on the lawn in the hot sun so took it to the nearest vet to see if anything could be done for it. He didn’t think it could be helped but offered to euthanize it and explained that he used gas for small animals–not toxic gas like in a gas chamber but anesthetic gas just the same as for surgery. So that’s what we decided to do. I don’t think it was painful or inhumane and much better than dying slowly from being injured.

    2. I agree with Jeanne – it’s an anesthetic gas used to put animals under for surgery. Some vets will use it to sedate, then inject the euthanasia solution, some will just overdose on the gas.

      As for “when” the time has come, it’s a very individual thing. When there’s no more joy to be had, when the bad days outnumber the good, when the quality of life is gone.

      It’s a tough thing and I’m sorry you’re facing it. Best wishes to you.

    3. My vet always used gas to euthanize my rats, with a shot available if the overdose wasn’t sufficient, though it always was. He said that the shot without the gas – such as he used for my cats, with a tranquilizer shot first – wasn’t humane, because in so small an animal it was too difficult to find a vein for an IV shot. So heart or peritoneal sticks were used, and they were always painful.

      I knew it was time for my last rat Cato, who had cancer, when she became less responsive – even with the cancer for about a month she would still giggle when tickled, play, cuddle up under my chin, get exited and squeaky for cookie crumbs. But then bit by bit she wouldn’t, and one day when I held her she just gave me a look … I don’t how to describe it. But she was so, so tired, and it was time.

  8. In Marion County, OH the dog warden seized a 2 year male shepherd mix named Max on the grounds that “he looks like a pit” and is pursuing killing the dog on the same basis. The dog got out two times in two weeks BUT did not bite or act aggressive at all. On the contrary, he has been nothing but sweet and friendly. Tuesday June 28th a court appointed lawyer was assigned to the owner, and they were given a court date of three weeks away meanwhile the poor dog (who has done NOTHING wrong) stays at the shelter.

    Not only is this dog subjected to a stressful environment where even the best nature dogs could act differently (thus putting him in greater danger), but he is also taking up time, resources and kennel space from other dogs at the shelter, increasing the likelihood that the shelter will have to kill for “space” earlier. Plus, this dog has a loving family! The loving family wants him back! If he were any other foo foo obviously-not-pit dog he would be back at home and the owners would have a much smaller fee to pay. And the warden is being so stubborn! Please write the Marion county commissioners:

    Andy Appelfeller
    Ken Stiverson
    Dan Russell

    Or call: 740-223-4001

      1. Oh thank you thank you thank you Shirley!! :) These Marion County people are stubborn… I have a picture of the dog, I’ll email it to you along with a link to the owner’s facebook page. I guess he rescued this dog right off the street. Sure sounds like a devious dogfighting criminal to me lol.

      2. Anyone writing to help for any animal issue should also list their name, address, & phone number on their email. Some of these mean people believe the same person is writing many emails, as it can be done. Let them know there are MANY careing persons out here that do care & write.

        I write as many as I can to help as many as I can & I want them to know it’s me who will be a thorn in their side or source of praise, depending on whatever. I am not ashamed of what I say & will back it up with my name. I believe it will go a little further in trust with whom you are writing.

        Where’s Kapone?

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