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    1. Jamie,

      That is exactly what I said to Billy when I showed him this cap. I used my mouse and was like “See how this dog bites her? Right here.”

      WHERE is the training for these workers?

  1. Love the blog.I didn’t see the before & after pics.However,this dog looks like he is saying “why are you using that pole on me,i don’t need that thing”BTW I share your blog on a fb page named.Voice For-Memphis Animal Shelter (MAS)Animals.Hope you don’t mind.I thought the more exposure to the insane direction & treatment of animals at MAS would help.Thank you for caring Shirley.You have been a true VOICE for the animals.

  2. omg…the way she’s hold the pole…. she needs a 10 foot pole… id want to bite her if she was twisting my head like this

  3. WTFWTFWTFWTFWTF???? She’s an idiot – is there some village somewhere who’s missing theirs? Read: deserves to get bitten!

    1. She is home Morgana. She’s at the suburb of Memphis known as MAS. There are lots like her there.

  4. She is holding the pole with one hand, she can’t be that scared. The dog also must not be fighting back or she would not still be holding the pole. My guess is she was trying to adjust where the collar was sitting on the dogs neck or what side of the dog the pole was on, something like that. It turned out more awkward than she intended (been there) and the camera got a picture.

    1. With all due respect Deanne – say what? Please do not apologise for their lack of skills. Though I do agree the dog is not being aggressive.

      1. With all do respect it’s a photo and is open to interpretation. Don’t demand you freedom of opinion and deny me mine. I never apologized you must have me confused with someone else.

        My thoughts are just that this is probably not the first dog she has moved on a pole yet this is the first photo of this behavior. So she probably doesnt walk around with the dog like this. Also why would the dog leave his head in that position? Most dogs would of wiggled and moved to a comfortable position, if he was in fact moved around in this possition. What i think happened was she turned around. That pole is longer than the aisle is wide. How do you suggest she turn around if she went down the wrong aisle? She can’t turn around while keeping the pole at waist height. She probably walked past the dog with the pole up in the air. The dog didn’t move his head and that’s why the pole is behind his head.

        Simple answer that looks odd on film.

      2. Deanna:I certainly was not denying you a goddam thing. You take this way too seriously. Look backward through the webcam grabs, you will see this particular worker doing all kinds of nasty things. Please don’t bother to flame me, I have not been mean or degrading to you and don’t need an answer.

  5. I don’t see that this dog’s body language shows any aggression or any danger to the employee. Why the choke pole? Why not a soft leash? That’s what a vet tech does when we take our dogs to get medical attention at the vet.

    He/She would probable let you pick her up. One should be able to speak “dog” and/or “cat” in order to work at the pound. So many of the employees seem to be afraid of the animals. The truth is, in my opinion, that the animals have more to fear from the employees. Just so sick of the place and this city.

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