Sweet, Sweet Jane – The Irresponsible Public Strikes Again

Hello love.


Thank you to Meows and BowWows for pulling this dog for us and to all the donors who have provided the funding to make this possible.  Jane has some old bite wounds, some recent ones, some ticks, her ears have been chewed by flies and she’s pretty dirty.  (How am I doing on selling her so far?)  She’s been vaccinated for rabies and microchipped.  She tested heartworm positive at MAS.  Ona reports Jane is a little nervous but she lives up to her name.  Photos of Jane’s battle scars can be seen here.

We will be taking care of Jane’s veterinary needs and looking for either a foster or an adopter for her as soon as she’s ready.  Please share her with your friends who like cool dogs because she is the coolest, daddy-o.  Anyone interested in fostering or adopting should contact Meows and BowWows or leave a comment here and I’ll hook you up.

15 thoughts on “Sweet, Sweet Jane – The Irresponsible Public Strikes Again

  1. Thanks to everyone who saved this poor little girl. She apparently hasn’t been treated with any vet care at MAS as I do believe I see tick or two on her. Very happy she’s out of that hell hole.

  2. Thank you all for saving sweet Jane. Around the ears looks like fly bites. Lots of ticks. The wounds on the front lower forelegs are similar to those of our Mikey (also a pibble), though he has them on the hindfeet as well, and appear to be where they bind their legs/feet when using for bait dogs. Her ears exhibit bite wounds. Her neck could have been heavy chain or abrasive collaring too tight. Boy she sure got so lucky! Now who’s going to take her?

  3. I just made a small donation to the chip-in. So thankful Jane is out that place safely! Looking forward to the day that she is adopted by a loving, forever family! Thanks to all who helped rescue Jane!

  4. A hearty thanks to Meows and BowWows for pulling her! Now she can heal body and soul. Now her real life can begin!

    As promised, I just donated $150 to Meows and BowWows. Thanks guys for giving Sweet Jane a chance!

    Every animal deserves a chance.

  5. Yay for saving this precious girl! Yay yay yay!

    (And I want to give a shout-out to my favorite ACO of all time–John, right? If he hadn’t spent so much time caring for this dog on the way to the kennel, the “irresponsible public” might never have known she existed. In my opinion, John saved a life that day.)

  6. Okay, Meows and BowWows, since I don’t do chip-ins, I will have a check in the mail this weekend. I promised $100 and that’s what I will be sending!
    Poor Jane, she looks like she’s had a rough go of life up to this point. Time for her to have the life such a beautiful little pup deserves. Please keep us posted!
    Thanks to everyone who helped – no matter how.
    Made my day!

  7. ROCK ON!!!!!! Yay sweet Jane.

    Now that she’s survived that ‘shelter’, the heartworms will be nothin!

  8. I don’t think those are bite wounds. They mostly look more like the kind of wounds a dog gets while trying to escape a wire pen, crate, etc. — single punctures, surface lacerations that are in-line with the dog’s major axis, and foot/leg shreds from trying to dig out under wire.

    Dogs can really shred themselves up trying to escape.

    Fight wounds tend to be grouped punctures and much larger lacerations, and to be more concentrated around the neck.

    Regardless. Jane went from a bad place to a bad place to a good place. Today is the first day of the rest of her life. (Also, hang in there baby and what me worry and keep on truckin’)

  9. What a happy, wonderful thing to read today. May Jane find that forever home who appreciates her key-stealing ways (I already do). :)

  10. I promised a ChipIn and I just did it! The best money I’ve spent in a long time! Great news!!!! So happy for her!!! She looks sooooo grateful :)

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