Reward for Kapone Increased AGAIN


I just received word that the No Kill Advocacy Center will add another $1000 to the reward for the safe return of Kapone to his family.  This brings the total reward offered to $3000.  Please spread the word.

Tipline for information regarding Kapone:  901-528-0699

24 thoughts on “Reward for Kapone Increased AGAIN

  1. Look at that vicious, uncontrollable pit bull!
    That breaks my heart. I hope they find this dog. I sadly doubt they will, and it makes me sick. Poor baby – look how sweet he is. *cries*

  2. Thank you, Nathan!!! I have hope that Kapone will be returned to the Shoup family very soon!!! We need to keep the hope alive!!! Thanks for letting us know about the this $3000 reward!

  3. Nathan: You are an Angel – thanks for the help with getting that mean vicious pibble back to his grieving family.

  4. The last nail in the coffin for me. I could never again defend the Memphis pound….as it is now.

    1. Is there no one in Memphis that will request information using the Freedom of Information Act? Please. This family needs to get to the bottom of exactly what happened and where their beloved Kapone is. There have been far too many dogs gone missing, reportedly 155 of them. Taxpayers deserve to know how their money is being spent at this shelter. It isn’t caring for the animals, and most especially not the Pitties. Your own dog could be the next one to end up at MAS. Doesn’t that scare you? It should.

      1. The owners should have done it already, they’re close enough for the dog to have been taken there, then they’re close enough to request the info. I restate what I said in a previous thread, they need a lawyer ASAP before all the data on this disappears into the ether. The info may not find them their dog, but it should find them who’s responsible!

      2. I have been forwarded copies of the records for Kapone and Jersey. I think they raise more questions than they provide answers. I will post them.

      3. Oh, and someone needs to have a talk with the Sheriff who did the cruelty investigation a couple years ago, 40 animals going missing from the shelter in one month is alot of animals even for a high volume shelter. I would think that would be worth the investigation.

      4. Do those records include the video record that the Shoup’s weren’t allowed to watch?

      5. No, I don’t know anything about the security camera videos other than what was reported by local media previously.

  5. I had not seen this article but it is pretty shocking. I am hopeful Kapone will be found soon. The higher the award and the more attention this gets, the odds have to go up presumably. What I didn’t understand from the original articles on this was about the allegations of the dogs being sold-is there a market for 11 year old dogs or is the suggestion that they are being sold for dog fighting? Sorry for the ignorant question, it is just such an awful situation. Crossing our fingers for a safe return of Kapone.

    1. I can’t find anything that says (someone correct me if I’m wrong), but I’m wondering if Kapone wasn’t neutered, if thats the case then he would potentially be a good stud dog (long lived, big, healthy) to a breeder who wasn’t ethical.

      1. Nice famliy pets like him are also sold as bait dogs quite frequently.

  6. I hope Kapone is found alive, and/or I hope the reward money will prompt somebody to come forward and tell the truth about what has happened to this dog.
    But honestly, looking at this photo makes me cringe. Today over on the kc dogblog there is a story of an 11 month old child being attacked and killed by the family dog. I hope people looking at this photo realize how dangerous it can be to let a baby have his face right up at the mouth of any dog. It only takes an instant for there to be a tragedy.

    1. Mary,

      I can’t say I’ve kept a tally but I read KC DogBlog and going on memory, I would say 100% of the tots killed by dogs are in unsupervised situations. This photo clearly shows a closely supervised interaction. I would hate to get to a point where we don’t let dogs and kids interact out of fear. That’s not a world for me.

      1. I am in agreement with you – not a world for me either. I do not see any danger in this picture.

  7. Hey guys. I am in Memphis and any time someone wants me to request info under the Freedom of Information Act please just ask me. I just need to know where to send the email and what info is needed and I’ll be happy to do that. Shirley…if you want my email let me know and I will be happy to help you guys out as needed. Thanks!

  8. It’s strange how so many dogs are missing from MAS considering every cage/enclosure for the dogs in the past 11 years have had pad locks on them. It also makes it difficult to interact with the dogs there when they’ve made it impossible to touch them.

    Before 11 years ago, the cages had no pad locks & I would climb right in with them & comfort them as much as I could. I had always wondered why the pad locks were added. I didn’t know dogs were disappearing.

    How long had Ms Hogan been working there? Missing dogs could only be possible by employees actions.

    I knew cats were disappearing as I didn’t think they cared enough to bother keeping up with them. Many had no cage cards, some wrong cards, over-flowing litter boxes, no water, poo in the food, wet & filthy newspapers, lack of food for long periods, I think I know where some cats went and were well cared for. Their lives were saved before the killing began.

  9. If I were to believe anything that Mayor Wharton, Matthew Pepper or Janet Hooks said….I would feel very foolish.

    If I were to think that they truly cared about the animals in the Memphis “shelter” I would feel that I was being very naive.

    If I were to believe that the employees at the Memphis “shelter” had nothing to do with missing animals…I would question my ability to think clearly.

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