Reward for Kapone Increased


Kapone is an 11 year old Pitbull who witnesses observed being loaded onto a truck by a Memphis ACO on June 24.  He’s been “missing” ever since and the city has still not produced any statement regarding the ACO’s explanation for what happened to the pet.

A reader advises that a caring citizen has matched the $1000 reward for the safe return of Kapone to his family so the reward now stands at $2000.

Tipline for information regarding Kapone:  901-528-0699

23 thoughts on “Reward for Kapone Increased

  1. I saw this on facebook the other day…it is absolutely unconscionable that MAS would have any part in this! I don’t understand why the DA’s office wouldn’t get involved to investigate that place given all the questions surrounding their practices. Somebody needs to answer for what happened to Kapone! But then, there are lot of answers needed for what goes on down there and those aren’t forthcoming either.

  2. Please continue the writing campaign reminding everyone that we will not let this be swept under the rug and forgotton, especially on the mayor’s facebook page where the comments asking about Kapone are visible to all his followers

  3. I dont understand !!! The FIRST PERSON to be questioned by MAS should be the driver who logged the pick up of bopth dogs !! but only one was checked in . . . What is the drivers explanation ??? The only acceptable explanation would be that Kapone was returned to his family but we all know that did not happened. The lack of open and HONEST communication between MAS and the hearbroken family is yet another black eye for MAS and its staff ! !

    1. The only acceptable answer that he was returned to his family, yes that would be true but he wasn’t. Was he sold off the back of the vehicle for a bait dog?

      What I want to know is WHY hasn’t that ACO been suspended without pay until she up and confesses what happened to him. THEN she should be terminated, one way or the other.

      1. At the very least I think Herman Morris should send her a letter ordering her to cease and desist “losing” people’s pets.

        I wonder if the ACO who “lost” Kapone is responsible for “losing” any of the 155 pets listed by MAS as “missing” in 2010. I further wonder how many of those 155 pets were Pitbulls.

  4. How great would it be if they woke up in the morning and he was in the backyard waiting for them. They may not get answers that way but at least he would be home.

    Hopefully whoever has him has a heart and returns him to his family soon.

  5. Why not ask for all the records for the past year on all the “missing” pets at MAS?

    I hope this missing dog was on the news and why can’t they sue the city for misplacing their property?

  6. For whatever it’s worth I can no longer defend a place that “looses” so many animals…among other things.
    “Loosing” Kapone, a senior dog…….a family pet…is just so evil.
    Covering it up is even worse.

  7. i thought the dog was booked in at MAS- didn’t their records show that (or at least the one dog’s cage card). I’m not sure how Chameleon software works, but in PetPoint or AIMS the cage card doesn’t print until the animal is booked into the system. This would indicate (to me, at least) that the ACO DID drop the dog off at MAS but it was ‘lost’ after that.

    I can completely understand that occasionally animals go missing from a shelter- customers steal them, they escape their cage in the night, they get out of their ward and out an open door…
    of course, they shouldn’t go missing to the extent MAS loses them. And when we lose an animal in my shelter, we KNOW what happened (or at least suspect in the case of a stolen animal). Right now we have a loose cat in my shelter- he escaped his cage sometime Friday night. We know he’s missing and are actively looking for him (he was in my office last night- uniforms and papers were knocked to the floor). We’ve never NOT known that we lost an animal.

    My money is on that some staff person stole/sold/gave away this dog out the back door.

    A good media push might help to reunite this dog- someone SOMEWHERE saw him after he was impounded

    1. Anne,

      To clarify, MAS has a separate category for “escaped”. That total for 2010 was 5. The “missing” category lists 155, in addition to the 5 escapees.

      1. The “missing” category sounds really fishy to me, especially if there is already one for escaped with such a low number. They have to be dealing dogs out of there for fighting or killing even more than their records show that they do to not make themselves look TOTALLY evil or something. This really needs to be looked into in a major way….

  8. 1,000.00 bet….He was sent to the kill room…
    If this is in fact true, as a pet owner I would probably be arrested !!! But worth it….I just hope
    I’m wrong….Good Luck finding ur Puppa…My heart
    goes out 2-u

    1. i may be 100% wrong about this, but MAS has owned up to ‘oops killings’ before. Seems like if that’s what happened here we’d have the answer by now (plus didn’t one of the owners view the dead dogs to make sure?)

      1. Probably not allowed in that area to view dead dogs. And no MAS would not own up to this one.
        Look at the abuse everyday in that hell hole.
        One thing for sure, a dog like that just don’t
        VANISH from the earth..

  9. No, the owners did not view the dead dogs….Brooke was there with 3 children, and could not leave them (b/c she certainly was not going to take them with her to view) to view the dead dogs. Her husband went 2 hours later but the dead dogs had been removed from “dumpster”….Chelton Beamon said he viewed the dead dogs and confirmed Kapone was not in the pile.

    1. Ahhhh, Chelton Beamon, another pillar of the Community….well, then Kapone must NOT have been there, with such a stellar witness to attest to that. Put the sonofabitch on a witness stand!

      1. Amen to you…hope they didn’t give him to the assholes that fight the pit bulls there…

  10. Do I see Chelton Beamon’s name on the card under comments as “he will get the address of the owners”? Now why wouldn’t he know if he told Hogan that if indeed he did tell her that. This whole thing makes no sense whatsoever.

  11. My comment is really simple….get rid of all the second chance felons, hold Wharton to his promise from the “Worst to the First”…he didn’t mean a word of it or MAS would not have a 77% kill rate, lose 150 in 1 year, 40 in the first 3 months of 2011, not to mention the abuse, neglect and cruelties perpetuated, at will, to animals in their care….strange to me that Memphians can have GREAT zoo but is incapable of having even a decent shelter!

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