Beloved Family Pet Lost=Nothing Wrong?

A local news team tracked down Demetria Hogan, the ACO who witnesses observed loading Jersey and Kapone into her truck on June 24, and asked her about “the incident”:

She says her home had recently been searched by police, and she insisted she did nothing wrong.

Well.  That makes things clear as mud.

As for Janet Hooks, the city division head who came up with the Some Other Pitbull Who Also Disappeared statement:

Director Hooks told last week she expected to wrap up her internal investigation by July 5th.  On Wednesday, July 6th, Hooks was unavailable for comment.

The police are reportedly investigating as well.  Dare I hope their investigation yields something beyond Bob & Weave, which is the usual Memphis fare?  In the meantime:

[Shelter Director Matt] Pepper says according to the rules of the union representing Hogan, she can continue working until a hearing is held. Pepper says with Memphis Police now investigating, it’s unknown when that hearing would take place.

Everything surrounding MAS is apparently unknowable.  Mysteries And Such.

There is a $3000 reward being offered for the safe return of Kapone to his family.

Tipline for information regarding Kapone: 901-528-0699

16 thoughts on “Beloved Family Pet Lost=Nothing Wrong?

  1. Where is Hogan’s statement that she put the dog in the shelter kennel and never removed him?
    “Done nothing wrong” is very subjective.
    Hooks is missing as well? Anyone check the video of the back door of the “shelter”?
    That place is a scientific marvel, a matter-eating black hole on Earth.

  2. Ugh. I keep hoping to come here and see a “KAPONE IS HOME” post. sigh.
    I hope that somehow MAS is held accountable for this. I’m glad ABC is covering it at least, I need to email them again and thank them for their continued coverage of the atrocities at MAS.

  3. Wish I had a pitchfork company in Memphis. I could sell a whole lot of them to deal with all of the bullshit that’s piled high and deep. I’m beyond angry, disgusted or surprised.
    I hope that Kapone’s family will take legal action because it sounds as if they are the only ones who want the truth.

  4. The city government is corrupt from the top down. Water searches it’s own level and the level in this government is as low as it can get.

  5. This is horribly embarrassing. Volunteers can get fired for talking to the public about the shelter. ACOs cannot get fired for losing/selling/killing a dog between pickup and return to the owner. I feel terrible about this. I am among the biggest union supporters on the face of the earth. I realize that they were created to protect workers from bad employment practices. This, however, goes beyond that. Something went horribly awry here. I will ask if she can be put on “administrative leave” at least, not that I will get an answer. No accountability.

  6. i am at least slightly glad to hear that action is taking place in this case. All i know about it is what i read here, so i just assumed it was being swept under the rug. I hope the police are investigating, and glad to see it in the media.

    every day i come on here expecting to see “Kapone found Dead” even though i hope he’s returned alive and well to his family

  7. I just sent an email to the abc reporter to thank him for continuing to investigate this situation with Kapone, as well as what’s happening at MAS. Please consider writing. If they know that people are interested, they just might keep doing it.

    1. I emailed him thanking him for ABC24s continued dedication to this issue. hopefully they will keep it up!

  8. I agree with db. Write the news source to thank them and ask them to keep following up, to let them know there’s interest in the story.

  9. The “union” that represents the ACO?? What is this all about? What union do ACO’s fall under or is the Memphis shelter under the police department? If the ACO’s are unionized, then that explains a whole heck of a lot!

  10. I have emailed Eli Ross too. Here is hoping something good will come from this dreadful situation. Its about time the doors opened up at MAS, the goings on in that place are probably far worse than we realize.

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