Is MAS Failing by Design?

MAS took in more than 15,000 pets in 2010.  They house several hundred pets at a time.  Today, they have 29 listings on Petfinder.  I don’t know if these are current listings.

There are 30 dogs listed on PetHarbor but not one of them has a photo and they all appear to be out of date with intake dates going back to March and April.  There are 6 cats listed but only one with a photo and they too appear to be out of date.

MAS already uses Chameleon software which allows them to photograph each pet and upload the photo and pet info to PetHarbor immediately upon intake.  But they don’t do it.

They are closed 2 days a week, one of which is Sunday – a day many adopters have off work.

Offsite adoption events?  I haven’t heard of any.

Adopters who are able to make it to the pound during their open hours are only allowed to meet a couple dozen dogs – the rest are kept behind closed doors.  In 2010, MAS killed 77% of the pets in its care.

If we see a pet on the webcams we’d like to help, we are told to file a FOIA request.  When we file the FOIA request, they write back and tell us we have to pay for the records.

Volunteers offer to help get pets out of MAS and into homes but they are told their services are not wanted.

It seems as if the protocols in place are designed to keep pets from being adopted.  If they are not intended for that purpose then hello, fail.

The city likes to say that the new MAS building will fix everything.  I’m assuming the current policies will remain in place when MAS moves to the new building so I can’t see how moving will fix any of these problems.

Can’t you do any better than this MAS?

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  1. You have said it all (and brilliantly) – I think we all need to send this to all of the city officials and anyone else we can think of. Let’s not let up – continue to get the word out ….surely EVERYONE in the city governemnt isn’t THAT ignorant- or are they?! (I know the answer, never mind)

  2. Truly a case of the pen being mightier than the sword. It’s just hard to understand, unless they intend things to be this way, what is going through their minds. It’s as if they have a little kingdom and they are not going to allow anyone else any power in their little kingdom. Unfortunately, too many dogs and cats pay with their lives.
    I agree that sending this along to people might be a good idea, but I’m guessing that my emails are not even being read anymore.

    1. I was wondering about if my emails are read too. Not one responce from the many sent. I want my money back! (taxes)

  3. Clearly getting animals out alive is not a priority. Or even a major consideration for MAS.

    They are a disposal facility. A slaughterhouse for companion animals.

      1. Yep, this was my answer too. They just dont give a s***. “Catch and kill” to the nth degree.

        Isnt there anyone willing to buy this shelter in Memphis to privatize it and let that John guy be the manager there? Okay okay I know me being a dreamer…*sigh*

  4. I checked the current Petfinder listings for a cute little rat terrier/beagle mix that is in the lobby. I visited with her on Friday and again Tuesday. She isn’t listed. She is adorable and sweet as can be. I don’t get it.

  5. Action speaks louder than words folks. So far, Wharton $ Co. feel safe and sound because all we do is TALK. Time to take action. That’s all I have to say.

      1. I hope that the location of the billboard will take into account that the new location of the shelter will not be where it presently is located. It should be near the new facility.

  6. Top 10 Possible (just kidding) Explainations of Why MAS Kills 77 % of Pets In Their Care
    1. Just don’t like Pitt Bulls
    2. Too much barking
    3 Don’t like furballs
    4. “I thought it was your turn to buy the dog food”
    5. No one knows how to operate a camera
    6. Can’t type fast enought to input information on line before pets are killed off
    7. Don’t like the smell of poo
    8. too much meowing
    9. just like to hose down empty cages
    10. allerigic to pet dander, aaaaaachoooooooooo
    Don’t take a bird MAS I am just joking with ya…

  7. There are many shelters closed Sundays….and hide adoptable dogs.. I went to the Greenville SC shelter after seeing dogs on FB I wanted to meet… I got there and was told the 20 dogs out front were the only ones available… until I pushed then I was allowed to be escorted to see the other 100-150 dogs in the kennels in the back.

    1. Bob,
      We are gathering forces in SC.A meeting of No Kill advocates this Saturday,7/9 @ 1PM between G’vlle and S’burg.. FBGroup- SC No Kill Aliance for details.

  8. Ove the last 100 years of animal CONTROL weak-minded people will and have always relied on new buildings to solve the problems. It has never worked. It will never work.

    Dyed-in-the-wool industry people do not know how to market animals nor do they know what it takes to market them attractively. Until someone or some group is willing to step away from today’s failed model and move to what will work, the Adoption Center model.

    This is the solution. Shirley, I hope all your readers are encouraged by this = If you enjoy the video please leave a favorable comment to let us know.

    We cannot “rescue” our way out of this disgraceful national genocide of our family companions. Until a viable form of nonsurgical mass sterilization is implemented (you go, Dr. Michelson and your S/N campaign!) , and until we shut down commercial and backyard breeders, our family companions will continue to face homelessness. But we can solve the sheltering side of the equation with the Adoption Center model working with the No-Kill Equation. It’s time for a Shelter Revolution!

    1. I can’t agree with you, Shelter Revolution. We can and we are rescuing our way out of shelter killing. It is happening in more and more shelters all over the country and even in other countries.

      Mass sterilization, chemical sterilization or other efforts to terminate the reproduction of companion animals will eventually result in the extinction of companion animals.

      If spaying and neutering were all it took to prevent shelter killing, why are so many spayed and neutered pets being killed in shelters?

      The studies were done, the numbers are in. There are many more people looking for pets than there are pets in shelters. All the animals need is the opportunity to be matched up with the homes that want them and that takes committed and caring shelter management. We are not seeing that in Memphis. We are seeing an active effort to prevent adoptions in Memphis and elsewhere and it doesn’t matter how many dogs or cats get spayed or neutered, people who are determined to kill pets will do so until it becomes illegal to do so.

      I did a little bit of research into that chemical that is being proposed as a method of sterilizing cats and dogs. It is not harmless; in fact it is associated with a greatly increased risk of cancer. I’ll stick with tried and true surgery, thank you very much.

  9. How Memphis politics works.

    There is to be a new building for the MAS.

    This building was constructed via vis the “good old boy” network. Meaning; tax breaks, tax incentives, hiring construction companies who are affiliated with those in public service over in Memphis, and so on.

    Everyone gets a cut of the job of constructing the building old school Memphis TN style.

    The end.

    There will never be anything more down for the MAS and that breaks my heart apart to type out.

    They have the building coming up soon. They have a kill rate which is tantamount with that of the Holocaust. And that is all they will ever have. They will always have the same inept and uneduated staff and AC Wharton will also never give a darn about the animals of the MAS.

    AC Wharton is a man who let Memphis flood. He went on t.v. in front of the national media and claimed that his downtown was still open for business and all of that. This was all during the flooding. He refused to speak of those who live near the creeks and streams and such which flooded oput like the dickens. An example of an area I am speaking of would be Frayser. He made sure to not speak of Frayser or any place else, because he had a public forum to use where he could speak of downtown Memphis and Beale Street and all of that. It was free p.r. to him.

    The MAS is no different to AC Wharton than the flood was. That is that.

    Please keep in mind that I do not type any of this out of pleasure. I am just being realistic and honest.

  10. Great youtube video! Unfortunately, I’m afraid that is WAY beyond the comprehension of our city government in Memphis. They’d rather stick their heads somewhere else.

  11. A follow-the-money thought…is there an entity in TN that runs for-profit shelters on contract (shudder) that might want MAS to stay a hellhole and try to step in, get the operation privatized?

  12. Here’s a link to the national group who is finally shining the negative light on MAS! ps://

    You can complete the form and a letter to the governor and mayor about the facility.

  13. Perhaps members of the public in the Memphis community should consider not letting their animals roam, and not dumping them in this place.
    There you go; problem solved.

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