8 thoughts on “How Cool is This?

  1. Great voice and great music added to an important message – I hope this gets heard and watched around the world AND in Memphis.

  2. Awesome.. i sent it to my breed list and asked that they forward.. let’s get this viral.. and WHERE IS KAPONE?

  3. Oh my goodness – we need to get this on everyone’s playlist! What a magnificent tribute to those animals who have paid with their lives – and the people who care about them.

  4. She did an amazing job on the song and video. I am humbled. “Lord, they need your help tonight…” That’s what got me the most. Thank you Maria.

  5. Sharing! Great song & video! I’m also many miles away & want to see all animals at MAS & every shelter given the chance to find a home. I agree that when we kill pets for space, we fail.

    (Feral cats should not be brought to the shelter because they need to be TNR’d).

    With so much support in the community, Memphis fails to work with those who want to make positive changes happen. It appears to me that those in power are more interested in their own egos & maintaining the satus quo than doing what is right & facilitating needed changes. The result is that they punish innocent animals.

    Change CAN happen overnight like it has in other places. The goal of all shelters should be as a temporary haven until orphaned or lost animals can find a new home.

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