Snapshots from MAS

Not nice.
Dog does not want to die.
He lies down.
Doesn't do any good - still will be killed.
Pibble to kill room.
Another Pibs to die.
Yet another Mr. Pibs type to be killed.
Goodbye Mr. Pibs.
Looks like a sweet, older dog coming into MAS.
The ACO tries forcing the dog into the kennel from outside.
Then he tries hauling the dog in from inside the kennel.
Still trying to force dog into kennel.
This dog looks similar to Kapone but he is a different dog, whose name we don't know, now dead.
Incoming waif.
Little waif is scared.
Just keep dragging the poor little dog along.
Couldn't this tiny guy be carried and shown a little compassion?
I guess not.
A worker getting dogs for the kill room.
Three at a time to watch each other die.

Memphis, please – stop the killing.

17 thoughts on “Snapshots from MAS

  1. Just another day at MAS – business is usual. These webcam shots are so gut-wrenching – makes me physically ill…how this doesn’t affect those employees is beyond my comprehension- oh wait, you would have to be compassionate in order for any of this to bother you (them) ….

  2. I have no words for the emotions I’m feeling.

    RIP puppies (and kittens, too) – you deserved so much better than this. You will never again have to know the cruelty of humans.

    To those responsible: I believe one day we all have to account for our actions. I trust that your punishment will be in accordance with your actions.

  3. Sick, sick, sick. I hope these poor babies have found a little peace at last. I am beyond revolted by the shots of that MAS employee, dragging them, one after another, to their deaths…

  4. It amazes me that with the “Kapone” episode which is making national news right now that they are still indiscriminately killing animals like this. You’d think that there would be some serious damage control going on but no.

  5. I’ll say it again: MAS MUST be cleaned out from the top down and get people in there who really, truly care about the animals. That place is a cesspool! These pictures are absolute heart-wrenching. The only saving grace is that those sweet souls are finally at peace, but it is such a waste of precious life! I pray this incident with Kapone will finally cause something to be done.

  6. CALL TO ACTION which speaks louder than words…I will keep repeating this: Ac & Co. feel cozy and safe because they see us all yapping away and not DOING anything. So what do they care? We need to take ACTION and it doesn’t matter if its one or one thousand. A LITTLE LESS TALK, A WHOLE LOT MORE ACTION!!! With due respect…

  7. Sure I’ll take out a loan a leave off work and fly down to Memphis and do what? Picket the shelter, the mayors office? All by myself. Yeah then I’ll get arrested, hopefully shipped back to Canada. Then when I want to take my future kids to Disneyland I wont be allowed across. Writing them? Okay they’ll throw it out. They don’t give a tiny rats ass about what a girl from BC thinks. I am not a voter in their area so am not their problem.

    Until the people of Memphis let their electoral staff know they’re serious there is very little I can do from here. I think my efforts are best saved for once the people of Memphis take a stand. If the people stand up us outsiders can throw our two cents in to increase volume, create a wave of support. They have to be the front lines and we can back them up. I don’t think the people in charge will pay attention any other way, their city needs to lead the way.

    1. I wish I didn’t agree with this comment, but I do.

      I think this blog is hyper-effective at stirring up emotions within the online dog community. But it’s absolutely failed to reach the people of Memphis when you have to post these sensational photos day after day.

      Let’s discuss a course of action to convince the average Memphis man this is wrong, instead of just riling up online communities with a flood of photos of animals being escorted through corridors “TO THEIR DEATH”.

      Billboards? TV ads? What’s your plan to show this disgusting reality to the average Memphis voter/pta mom? I’ll be behind you in that, but I can’t return to this blog day after day to see snapshots of pitbulls being pulled through hallways…

      1. Diana,

        A letter writing campaign has gotten the attention of city officials although they have failed to do more than complain about it. A billboard is in the works. I don’t know the cost of running an ad on local TV – could you let us know that? Also, what other suggestions do you have for reaching Joe Average in Memphis?

      2. I think a lot of us are willing to do more, but not being there makes it hard to know what to do.
        I agree with Shirley – please let us know what your ideas are.
        We want to help make a difference.

      3. I think the blog does have a purpose. I only started reading a month ago and I will continue to keep up to date waiting for something to happen where I can help. The blog is educating people to this issue and most of the readers will do their best to help. It maynot reach the people of Menphis but it grows their backup team. I personally just don’t like people ranting about not helping and needing to do more action. For most that’s not feasible. Plus Memphis belongs to the people who live there. No one likes or listens to outsiders telling them they are wrong. Criticism usually builds resentment and resistance. Not just from leadership but from the public. We want to educate not fight with the public.

      4. 1. design and print up stickers and leave them everywhere, stuck or unstuck.
        2. make a zine and try to give them away at a high school because NOBODY cares about animals and making a difference as much as teenagers. you can get a local teen you know to distribute.
        leave that stuff at petco too.
        3. contact local artists and a hip young gallery. have an opening and a charity.
        4. newspaper ads. tv ads. billboard ads.
        5. if you’re not rich enough for those things then just go out at night and wheatpaste instead. (And yeah, go ahead and admonish me for recommending vandalism.)
        6. shirts,
        7. buttons,
        8. flyers that you leave on cars at the shelter every day.
        9. make a 15-minute youtube documentary. everyone today has a nice camera and video editing software.
        10. find expos/fairs. rent a booth. distribute suggestions 1, 2, 6, 7, 8, 9.
        11. find sponsors to help you pay for this, and local artists/graphic designers who will work at a discount to create things that are eye catching.
        12. at the very least make a REAL website. the white wordpress blog is important but it just smacks of lazy to me. It should be attached to a real dot com website.

        Or just keep posting pictures of pit bulls being put down online, and let your readership get mad at people and accuse them of ranting when they say this isn’t enough to make outside people care.

      5. Diana,

        Thanks for your suggestions although significant funding would be needed to implement most of the non-vandalism ones. I don’t know how much funding the locals may have at their disposal but if I wanted to guess, I’d guess they spend most of their spare pennies on rescue.

        Also: This is my blog. I’ll post whatever I like. *That’s why I got the blog.*

  8. As a Memphian and advocate for reform of MAS, the impact this blog is having is amazing. Nothing has galvanized the animal advocates here, as this blog has.
    Nothing has made the City send a representative to an Advisory Board meeting to ask for the emails to stop. This was the first time the City ever responded to anything. This blog did that.

    Raise money? Done that.
    Volunteer? Done that.
    Speak with the Mayor and Hooks? Done that.
    Been through a raid less than 2 yrs ago? Done that.

    Nothing but this blog has consistently brought the issues forward.

    Hey if the City wants to reform the animal services they should do it.

    The excuse that they aren’t doing it because they are being criticized is bunk.

    The gem cannot be polished without friction; nor man perfected without trials. Chinese proverb

  9. Good Lord. This is so sad, especially the little waif one. The 7th picture down also got to me. Look at all the dogs looking out their kennel doors like they are saying goodbye to the dog on his way out. Just tragic.

    Anyway, as far as what to do in Memphis goes, I say pass out flyers with general info about whats going on and addresses to this blog and other place that have a lot of info about it if they want more info. They should be passed out in places that people with dogs are moe likely to be because people with dogs are more likely to care about issues with other dogs; dog parks, vet offices, etc. I also agree about passing them out to teenagers. They will be less exhausted in passing them out for a longer period of time than adults will be. I honestly would help in doing this but since I dont live anywhere near Memphis, I dont know how much good it will do in the long-run.

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