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A reader sent in this FB posting:

“Cat space is at sort of a premium”? While the webcam only shows some of the cages in the cat room at MAS, I see many which appear to be empty in this grab from yesterday:

10 empty cat cages yesterday at MAS.

If MAS really wants to find a home in the next 2 days for this pair of elderly cats who need to stay together, can’t they like GIVE THEM AWAY? What the hell is with the $50 fee? I mean, since the alternative is KILLING, I do not understand why they wouldn’t offer these cats for free.  If they feel the need to charge for the chips, I say forget the chips.  Christ on a pony, these pets are F I F T E E N years old and you’re going to kill them if someone doesn’t adopt them together in the next 2 days. Did Common Sense run screaming for the exit at MAS immediately after Compassion hit the road?

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  1. I KNOW. I was thinking that myself. I considered taking these in myself but since I just had to have shots and grooming done on my 3 I dont have an extra $50 lying around at this time. I could take care of them just fine, I just dont have it RIGHT NOW, ya know? I *think* a rescue is going to take them but that is contingent on her finding a place for five kittens she took in, so who knows if that’ll happen. Microchips? Who is going to let 15 yr old cats roam around outside anyway? I certainly wouldnt.

    I am LMAO at “christ on a pony”. I’m gonna use that one. LOL.

      1. Hi, Maybe they could buy another cat cage? temporary as I’m sure some of the cats they just received will find homes faster if they are younger. I live in Nova Scotia Canada so can’t take the two sisters. But would be able to pay the fee if someone can adopt them down there. I feel for the person that had to give them up also, no doubt the human will fall sick of a broken heart. Shame.
        Joan Massey

    1. Ditto that for the Christ on a Pony…one I’ve never heard, but will be sharing alot!

  2. Hi
    If someone can come and rescue these two cats I will send the $50 via MC or Visa or cheque to MAS or the rescue place or person.
    Joan Massey
    If someone can make the arrangements.

    1. Thank you Joan,

      I believe MAS does now accept credit cards so perhaps they could take your payment by phone, if someone is able to offer a home to these two.

      1. Hi, Maybe they could buy another cat cage? temporary as I’m sure some of the cats they just received will find homes faster if they are younger. I live in Nova Scotia Canada so can’t take the two sisters. But would be able to pay the fee if someone can adopt them down there. I feel for the person that had to give them up also, no doubt the human will fall sick of a broken heart. Shame.
        Joan Massey

        I certainly can call in my card information to MAS, if they know of someone willing to take them in or another rescue could.

  3. Somebody told me the empty cages you can see are puppy cages. The cats are in the front of the room, and little puppies go in the back. They said they also have cat cages in part of the lobby and they are full too the lady told me. They don’t put cats in the empty cages you can see evidently because there are puppies across from them. Somebody could ask about reducing the fee. I have seen on the Facebook thing where sometimes they do reduce the fees.

    1. When they hung the cat in the tongs, we were told he had been in Feline 1 and had gotten into the other room (Feline 2) where they keep dogs. Now they’re saying they keep dogs in Feline 1 as well? Is there any room where they actually keep FELINES? ugh, suffice to say, they keep dogs and cats together in both Feline rooms and I have plenty of webcam shots documenting this. It’s wrong IMO but empty cages at a place that kills 77% of its pets should be filled with SOME PETS – canine, feline, can’t make up your mind? Whatever, just put some pets in the cages!

      1. Hopefully, the new facility will have taken overflow into account. Maybe they could bring in a moveable screen to address this current situation.

        One of the shelters here have seperate room which then is seperated into smaller units, NOT cages specifically for mommy cats and their kittens. Same for dogs. They have a huge viewing room which has cages around the perimeter, complete with cat beds, toys and volunteer/and paid care givers. The room has a huge glass window bigger than a patio door for public to view and then if you want to go in OK. This place Bide A While is non-profit. They put out a calendar etc. I have been there to take over bedding.

        Guess what there was around 15 cats just sitting, playing, purring, cuddling in the same room that day. Imagine, they can get in and out of their cages. The cages are left open.

        From the pictures I’ve seen, MAS employees don’t seem to be comfortable around the dogs or cats. Maybe MAS should fly a few of them up here to see how I shelter is really supposed to be run. I wonder if any of the MAS employees even own pets.

  4. Please SOMEONE take these seniors. If money is a problem, there’s been enough donated to cover the fee (idiots!). Don’t let these cats be killed.

  5. If the Purrever Ranch does not pick them up, I will. They provide sanctuary for elderly cats, and they have stated that if they can get someone to take these kittens they took in off their hands, then they can take the seniors. If that does not work out, I’ll take these kitties home, hopefully my dogs will not traumatize them too much. My dogs are terrified of my cats anyway LOL so they wont bother them.

    There is also a VERY sad looking 8 mo pibble puppy that has only until tomorrow :( I am exceedlngly tempted to get him out, although lord knows the last thing I need is another dog LOL – I may go down at lunch and see what his temperament is like. He was part of a cruelty case so I dont know how badly they may have damaged his personality. On a happier note, they have lowered adoption fees to $40 for all animals so perhaps more will get adopted.

  6. If you still need money to get these seniors out I am willing to donate too. I am full up so I can’t take any more myself but am happy to help these two get a home if the money is a problem.


  7. Well, come on Shirley. Don’t you know that if you don’t charge an adoption fee then only horrible people who can’t afford pets anyway or want to use them to feed to snakes or pit bulls will want them? The only way you can “ensure a good home”, like the Craigslist people like to say, is to charge a fee.

    I couldn’t imagine being unable to care for my pets and them ending up in a kill shelter. So sad for those kitties and the previous owner. Too bad a family member or friend didn’t stand up to take them in.

  8. I was just informed that the web cams will not be installed at the new shelter. Anyone know about this? I have been on vacation and may have missed it if it was mentioned here in the past few weeks.

    1. Doesn’t surprise me. They can hide the abuse, but they cannot hide their kill rates.

    2. Since the original idea behind the webcams was to reassure the public that MAS was no longer abusing pets, I can’t imagine what the justification is for removing them.

      I have sent the below e-mail to the Mayor twice, with no response:
      ——– Original Message ——–
      Subject: idea for MAS webcams
      Date: Mon, June 27, 2011 7:10 am

      Good Morning Mayor Wharton,

      I am resending this message since I haven’t received any reply from you regarding the initial message sent on June 15.

      Since MAS says that webcam viewers are sometimes getting the wrong impression of things they see due to the 15 second refresh rate, I wondered if you would consider upgrading to a live stream? I would be willing to help raise money to cover the cost of the upgrade if you let me know what the difference is. If upgrading to a live feed would benefit the city by clearing up questions seen on the current 15 second grabs and it doesn’t cost the city any money, I can’t think of any reason not to do it. Is this something you would consider?

      Thank you,
      Shirley Thistlethwaite

      There are enough homes for every shelter pet in America.

  9. I’m waiting to see what happens with the senior kitty rescue, they havent been taken out of the shelter yet but i will be up there tomorrow if they do not get rescued. I just cant stand it!!

    I looked at the pibble pup – he is in bad shape. he needs to go to rescue I think. He’s going to need some vet care, and someone who has time to spend working on leash training and whatnot. He’s obviously never been taken care of in any way. He’s emaciated, has sores all over him, and has kennel cough, god knows what else. But amazingly enough he is the sweetest, friendliest dog I have ever seen. The tail never stops wagging. He has these big soulful eyes and is energetic for one in such bad condition. I dont know if any rescues out there could take him in but I could certainly pull him if we could find a place for him to go. Of course, he has to be out tomorrow :( Shirley, I took a couple of pics if anyone reads this and wants to see them, I’m assuming you can see my email addy so shoot me a line if you want them.

    1. that’s the kind of resilient personality you want to see in a “pit bull”. I hope you can find someone to take him.

  10. Looks like the kittehs are all worked out.. House of Mews is gonna take the kittens that are at Purrever currently, and Purrever Ranch is getting the senior cats. I will double check tomorrow to make sure they actually got OUT.

  11. What a blessing that would be for these senior girls. Thank you to everyone who is working on making this happen.
    Those darn “irresponsible public” folks are doing it again.
    Let us know, please, when they are out.

    1. Last I looked, Fatal-Plus was $63 for 250 ml. I don’t know how many pets that would kill, though.

  12. The senior kittizens have left the building and gone to rescue, thankfully. They will be at Purrever Ranch which is a sanctuary for elderly cats. They had five kittens they had taken in and needed a place for them to go so they could have room for the two old girls, and House of Mews took the kittens so it all worked out. Love it when people work together to make good things happen.

  13. Ive also felt the way that you do about lower adoption costs = more adoptions but someone who runs a rescue, goes out and takes strays off the street and adopts out many animals has said that she feels that if you have it too low than people who cant afford basic food/medical care/etc will take in the animals and then they really arent better off anyway. If they cant afford the money to adopt the dog in the first place, then why would they be able to afford all the medical expenses? Makes sense to me. But that she was referring more to dogs than cats though so IDK. I do know that Craigslist is not a good idea for trying to sell your dog though. If you were willing to not care about an animal enough to fight it, even as a bait dog, then why would you want to pay $100 at a shelter for one when you see all of these “free to a good home!” type of postings on CL? And there, you know that the dog will be docile, a family pet. Why do you think so many bait dogs are just stolen from people’s homes? And God only knows about backyard breeders and if the dogs are even healthy. So yeah I would kind of agree with the adoption part but really agree with the Craigslist stuff.

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