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Dog #228663, in cage #529 at MAS.

A couple of readers have sent in information about this little Pibbers.  He is estimated to be 8 months old and has until tomorrow at 5pm to make bail.  One of our readers met the dog and took these photos.  I asked for a blurb about the li’l feller:

I would say he is a good candidate for rehab and would make someone a great pet when he has had some medical care and training.  He obviously has been severely mistreated but it did not break his spirit in the least. The minute he laid eyes on us he started wagging his tail, his whole backside was wagging and wiggling, and he looked so happy. He loved being petted but was also quite interested in exploring the “outside” world out of his cage.  He needs love, training and good food but seems to have that “look at me, I am a sweet loving dog and I want to be loved” attitude – not fearful, not nervous, not aggressive – none of that showed in the time I was with him, although it was brief.  But you can tell the dogs who are cowering in their cages, who look at you with the “I’ve been through so much, I don’t like people anymore” look in their eyes, and he did none of that.  Just “let me out, love me, let me out!”.

This dog could use a friend, and would probably return the kindness in spades.

Memphis Animal Services
3456 Tchulahoma Road
Memphis, TN 38118
Phone: (901) 362-5310
TTY: (901) 576-6501

Closed Sundays and Mondays.

This shelter’s 2010 kill rate was 77%.

37 thoughts on “Shelter Pet of the Day

  1. Okay, folks, we’ve been raising money for this little guy. Anyone able to pull him and get him vetted? What a precious dogger he is. I can send a bit more if money is an issue. Anyone?
    Don’t let him die in there.

    1. We can rebuild him. We have the technology. (And by technology, I mean cash.) We can make him bigger, stronger, faster. All we need is a foster or adopter.

      I’m making a show called the 6 Million Dollar Dog. If you are too young, I guess you won’t get that.

  2. Oh my goodness, he’s adorable. I’m in Florida and already have 3 good size pups of my own but I’m always happy to advocate. I send email to the MAS list all of the time, never get a response (surprise).

    This boy looks like a sweetheart! I’m sure that he will find a foster or a new mom/dad

    1. I’m in SC but if I was in Memphis… I would take Jane from Ona and ask her to take this dog instead. While there, I would accidentally forget a couple of my bad dogs and change my phone number before Ona could call me.

      I probably should not type out every little thought that comes into my head.

  3. Looks like he should be called Lil’ Man! Hoping there are some folks working on this boy.

    Shirley, you know you’d miss your “bad dogs” . . . but I think that Jane would be very happy with you! I can tell you about renting a motor home . . .

  4. I can go pull him tomorrow and get him to vet – I assume he will have to stay to be neutered before I can get him out, but after that- and I could foster him short term but I do think he needs to end up w/a foster who has more free time than I do. If we can work toward that goal and raise money for his vetting, I can get the process started. Just let me know, Shirley, if we can figure something out.

    1. We have funds in the ChipIn Rose. We have used a little for Jane and plan to use more for her but I should think we could pay for this lil feller too. I mean, not actually 6 million dollars but we could certainly get his paws headed in the right direction. But I don’t know about a longer term foster/adopter… anyone?

      1. I’m going out to a movie but will check back here later/in the a.m. I so desperately want this little guy to get out of there. I saw they posted two more pibbles, also cruelty cases, that also need out asap. When will it end? So many beautiful dogs….

  5. Ramblinrose, what was the visit to the “shelter” like? Was it clean? Did you see abuse? What was the staff and volunteers like? Someone who has been there report!

    1. Honestly it wasnt terrible.  I saw several cats that looked pretty ill with upper respiratory symptoms :( but the dogs werent laying in their own feces or anything horrific.. they all had water, and even in the stray hold area where I went briefly, it wasnt bad. The volunteers I talked to were fantastic – I have talked to one of them before when I was pulling kittens, and they really truly do care.  I get as frustrated and angry as the rest of us with all these awful issues at the shelter but I do have the impression that the volunteers are doing the best they can with what they have to work with. The volunteer who took me to see this pibble got fussed at pretty hard by an ACO because she wasnt supposed to take me back there or take him out of his cage.. but how the heck will the dogs get adopted if you dont take people to look at them! I mean, really!!! I didnt see anything going on when I was there other than the volunteers trying desperately to get animals adopted. I think they know that there is only so much they can say before getting “asked not to come back” like with others, and if that happens they wont be able to do ANY good for the animals, so I suspect its a fine line they have to walk, ya know? I know it would break my heart if I volunteered up there and saw this day in and day out, and my frustration would probably cause my mouth to become unhinged and I would get “fired” LOL.

      1. Glad that you had a chance to talk with the volunteers, many of whom are trying their hardest to do right by the animals. It must be a difficult situation for those who really care.
        I’m sorry to hear about the sick cats, though. At my local humane society, they have fosters who will take the URI kitties as well as an isolation room where they are treated and then put back up for adoption. Those poor souls will likely not make it out alive.
        Any word on the pibble or the senior ladies?

  6. I know the seniors have been taken by the rescue – hooray!! I was just talking to my boyfriend last night about the sick cats – seems like if they are unable to isolate the sick ones, they should put out an urgent rescue plea. That stuff spreads so quickly – the kittens I pulled from there a few weeks ago had to have 3 rounds of antibiotics before they kicked it, it was hardcore!

    Havent heard anything on pibble boy. I’m struggling with whether to just go get him and deal with finding him a better home later, or what. ugh. Of course, thats how I have ended up with half the animals I currently have, LOL. I am not even sure if he has been HW tested yet, I should find that out.

  7. Thanks for letting us know about the senior ladies. Thank goodness they are out of there. It must have been incredibly scary for them – losing their person and also their home and then to end up in that place.
    It has taken a new boss lady and much pleading to get my local hs to simply not kill those URI cats. But now they are much better about treating them (most of the time). They still do kill for space – just not as much.
    Let us know about the pibble, please. Some days it’s just so hard to let them stay there, knowing what their fate will be. (I, too, have a houseful of failed fosters . . . and I have had many more who have gone on to new homes.)
    Thanks for all you have done (and continue to do) for the cats and dogs.

    1. I will. I saw a guy on facebook was asking about “our” pibble, so I messaged him and told him what a wonderful dog he is and how friendly and happy and that with some love and training he’d be fabulous. Fingers crossed, perhaps he will get him. I will keep watching and will call up there later and see whats going on.

      And I figure most of us here have a few failed fosters. LOL. I have had many go to new homes as well but some of them just dont go. I’m hoping my rescue kittens will get adopted before all too long, before I end up keeping them and becoming a crazy cat lady. LOL!

  8. All 3 pibbles were rescued!!!!!! Will write more later. I ended up bringing home another dog. Lol.

    1. I am so very happy to hear this! Thanks for the good news. I hope all three of them will have long and happy lives!
      Good guys – 3 (+2 for the senior catties)
      Bad guys – 0

  9. Ok, the pibbles are all safe – “our” pibble actually got adopted by a person, and the other two went to rescue. Hopefully pibble boy’s adopter will get him some good groceries! Many dogs were adopted today, thankfully, so maybe that will grant a reprieve for some on death row since some cages opened up.

    I was there nearly 2 hours with my kids.. while I was there, someone brought in a mama pittie who looked to be very sweet and her puppies, probably 6 of them – SO FLIPPING CUTE they were, omg. I dont know why these people dumped them, it makes me SICK. My daughter was horrified that someone could do that. Another guy brought in a yellow lab looking dog who you could see every bone in its body, and said that he wanted to “donate” this dog to the pound. Umm. Donate? Really? UGH. Then a lady came by to pick up a pittie she had adopted – guess it had just been spayed. Glenn, who is one of the best employees there, he is always fostering dogs and is SO so nice – told her she would need to take the dog to the vet in a week to get its stitches out. THe lady said “A vet? I need a VET?” (and yes, she was dead serious) Glenn was like, uhhh yeah you do. HE talked to her a while and hopefully convinced her that she HAD to get a vet. Good LORD people, get a clue!! After she left, I said are you gonna call and check on her to make sure she does it? He said yeah I guess I better. He was not amused by her, LOL.. he is a true animal lover. This is the type of people we are dealing with here in Memphis, though, if it gives you an idea of why so many dogs end up at the shelter. I would begin to hate people in general if I worked there, I swear.

    My girls and i got several dogs out and played with them, and ended up bringing one home – a small, very scared little black and tan girl – she was cowering in the corner and shaking and would not even approach the door to her kennel. We got her out and after just a few minutes she was a different dog – she was so scared in the shelter with the noise and the dogs and all. She is supposedly a min-pin crossed with a Yorkie, although I dont really see it – she looks more to me like a corgi crossed with some kind of shepherd. She has huge fringed ears and stubby legs. I knew she would be unlikely to be adopted since she was so afraid and most people cant see past that, you know? She is home now, and very outgoing and friendly, although one of my cats has already beat the hell out of her LOL. I dont know if we’ll keep her or put her up for adoption thru the rescue I volunteer with, but I couldnt leave her there.

    1. Thank you for pulling the stubby dog Rose!

      There appear to be many empty cages in both Feline 1 and Feline 2 this morning. In fact, of the cages visible on the Feline 2 cam, I see one pet.

  10. ramblinrose: you are our hero! thank you for this report, for saving the little girl and for giving us assurance that there are some good people working at MAS

    1. Glad to know there are good people there to look after the animals. It’s sad that they are in the minority and could lose their jobs (even the volunteers) if they care too much.

  11. Okay, guys, any chance we can get working on the yellow lab? Honestly, it’s hard to understand some people . . .
    Thanks for taking the little one, ramblinrose, and for letting us know what was going on today. I’m worried about the mama pit and her pups, though.
    So many dogs and cats . . .

    1. I know, DB – hopefully the pitties will get adopted out since they are adorable little ones and a lot of the puppies that have been there have been adopted- there were many open puppy cages today (which is fantastic, I know three that i saw just yesterday were adopted today), so fingers crossed.
      Princess, the new addition, is quite enjoying having the run of the house and a new stuffed toy to chew.. she still has a lot of puppy in her and I’m gonna have to work on her not to chew on PEOPLE, lol.

    2. If the dog wasn’t killed immediately upon surrender, we’d need an ID number and/or cage # to try and help the dog. Since MAS does not upload pix/info upon intake, I don’t know how we could get the info. Any ideas?

  12. Okay, I’m as worried about no webcams in the new place as much as anything. Much as I hate seeing what’s going on, at least it gives us evidence of the wrongdoing.
    Were the webcams installed after the first raid – are they court ordered? If so, then they should be installed in the new place.
    Anybody local know anymore about that?

  13. I also wondered about the webcams. Mentioned it a couple threads back.

    Anyway, thank you Rose! You are a hero. Pretty much anyone trying to help getting these furbabies out of this hellhole is!

    A vet?! I have to take my dog to a vet?! Imagine that!

  14. I am fairly new here and reading thru all the posts. Is there anyone or any group that tries to get the animals out of the shelter? Are the pages that post the pets? It is incredible to me a shelter that large does nothing to get the animals out of there.

    Please let me know if there is someone somewhere trying to help the animals as I would crosspost to do what I can to animals there. I am only 5 hours away so not that far. I can contact some of the rescues here if i can show them a few animals.


    Amber Zeuss
    St. Louis, MO

    1. amber — local to memphis the ‘house of mews’ and ‘meows and bowwows animal rescue’ both have fb pages and rescue from mas, they post their rescues for adoption

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