Lucky 13!

An e-mail message from Maria Daines regarding the superfantasticawesome song she wrote and recorded for the pets at MAS:

Hi everyone, I’ve copied in all those that I know are working towards a no-kill MAS, here is what I discovered today, the song has started charting on one of the largest online music sites on the net,, see link below. If everyone plays it from this link for a couple of days it could hit number 1 and will then attract attention to the cause, also the video seems to be gaining viewers so let’s hope this will make MAS management think again about what they’re doing and start to do a whole lot better for MAS animals, bye for now, Maria xx


 Bad News Comin’ Outta Memphis is #13 today at  Play it here and hopefully move it up to #1 to help spread awareness about the plight of pets at MAS.


12 thoughts on “Lucky 13!

  1. Today’s 13 rating is up from yesterday’s hit at 24 in the rock genre, so we’re on our way. Keep crossposting and playing. I sent it to Wharton & Gang on Fri. Hope they enjoyed it :-)

  2. I wonder if the radio stations would play this song considering it is about MAS. I doubt that Wharton and Gang will actually open this message from you Morgana.

    Please forward thanks to Ms. Daines. It is a great song both in melody and content of lyrics.

    1. Arlene: I NEVER expect Wharton&Co. to open my emails, but believe it or not, I do get replies, terse though they be. I like being a mosquito on their cheek.

      I have tried contacting your local NPR station, to no avail so far. If anyone knows of any possible college stations that might play it, I would be happy to contact them, get me their info. Or, feel free to do it.

      As for Maria, she has been thanked and thanked…she prolly thinks I am a groupie by now, lol.

      1. Groupies in her business are most likely a good thing! It means that her music is loved.

  3. Great song! Let’s hope it gets the attention it needs and deserves. Thank you to Maria Daines for recording this. It is time for all of the shelters in this country to change their tune!

  4. Thank you for all you are doing to help the animals of Memphis Animal Shelter, we might be across the pond but we care and we want to see real change there and a reduction in the kill room, working wholeheartedly towards a no-kill Memphis. Thank you to Arlene for posting the link to the radio stations in Memphis, soon as I can I will put an email request together and ask our fans and friends to send the song to as many stations as possible, we will do our best to rock with you from UK, to make life better for the precious souls, our animal friends who need a voice and a future, after MAS. xx

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