On Moving Your Failed Model to a New Building

Goodbye little pancake. I'm sorry.

Nathan Winograd weighs in on the promise of a new set of bricks to end abuse at pet killing facilities:

In other words, if Current Staff + Old Building = Killing. Then Current Staff + New Building = Killing. The independent variable is not the building. Animals are dying in shelters because people in shelters are killing them.

That about says it.


16 thoughts on “On Moving Your Failed Model to a New Building

  1. So well said. Absolutely the truth. I wouldn’t be surprised if they had a mass killing just before moving into the new building.

    1. Wanda, I have thought the same thing. If they cant even bother to handle a puppy the right way (pic above) then they arent going to bother with bringing a bunch of animals over from one building to another. That just sounds like too much work, ya know? The new building will cause more dogs and cats to be adopted, ya know? Not the people ruining it. The building runs itself. Its a magical building.

  2. Absolute the truth is right!
    It’s not the brick and mortar killing animals – it’s attitudes and people!
    How sad it must be for those who work there and really care to see this going on day after day.

  3. Nathan: unfortunately the equation you posted is inevitable unless we get a wedge in before the move. Wanda: I agree with you, it wouldn’t be surprising at all. God help them please. We should just get scads of rescuers down there and get every single animal out so they move into an empty new building! (I can dream, can’t I?)

  4. You are right! The problem with the MAS is that no matter where they move – there they are!

    MAS, the staff, management, city appointed and elected leaders feel that can now do anything without being held accountable! Why? Because they have been doing it already for years! The problem with most criminals that are not held accountable is that their behavior escalates and becomes more and more outrageous and violent. MAS is no different than a common criminal!

    MAS has gone much too far to return to a civil service. It’s only hope now is to privatize. The taxpayers, voters and all outside our city has lost whatever faith we had in the MAS, management and leaders. We have lost all hope just as the animals and their families have. Hope is a terrible thing to lose or have yanked from you.

    I ask everyone in Memphis and surrounding areas, who is going to stop the MAS is they decide they want your pet, like Kapone?

  5. How do we create the message that successfully went out to 24 states to go save the survivors of the Joplin Mo. tornadoes – hundreds of animals were adopted at that special event. Without knowing what dogs/cats are in the shelter makes it harder to attract potential adopters, but there must be a lot of people somewhere who would drive to Memphis to adopt and save a life!?!

  6. You’re right, doesn’t matter what building or structure they are in, killing is killing, and MAS will continue to kill and LIE. Most disgusting is lack of response from Matt Pepper and Janet Hooks. Just sweeping it under the rug as always, and so smug about it. Makes me ashamed to live here.

  7. MAS what did you do to capone???? did you kill him and aren,t willing to own up to it????? if you did kill him then you at MAS are no better than the nazi,s of w.w.2.

  8. Yes, let’s have it MAS…DID you kill Kapone?????? Because right now, with nobody interested in $3000 in today’s economy, without an answer, this is the only conclusion people can come to. You hurt yourself MORE than we ever can by doing and saying nothing, and by not putting that ACO on no-pay suspension until the investigation is closed. Or do you WANT another raid?????

  9. Gee, maybe they’ll find Kapone back in a hidden closet somewhere…moving helps you sort thru your stuff, right?

  10. The ACO who picked up Kapone and his buddy has been arrested today. She was arrested at MAS, but Kapone is still missing. Police are investigating but still don’t know where Kapone is. I really don’t know where Memphis finds these people. Oh yeah, I forgot, the “second chance” program. She has a rap sheet a mile long. That’s where they find them. Need I say more?

  11. oh! so now the ACO has been arrested that picked up kapone? i wonder what she did with kapone??? fighting ring perhaps????? or dog fighting ring i should say!

  12. i see another police raid on MAS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! it has me wondering if MAS has gotten it,s self into dogfighting!!!!!!!!!!!! i,m hearing of several other shelters in the south that may have gotten into dogfighting chesterfield animal shelter has been implicated in dogfighting same with lyons animal shelter in lyons georgia!!!! chesterfield is in south carolina!!!!

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