Brutus the Shark

Regarding the employees’ request to kill the webcams, MAS director Matt Pepper said:

I think our staff has also felt threatened at times.

We need context.  What sort of thing makes a staff member at MAS feel threatened?

Meet Brutus the Shark, aka The Tiny Pawed Terror: circus dog gang leader, streetfighter and infamous thug, brought into MAS on a chokepole:

Safety first.
Looking for a cage capable of holding The Beast.
Tiny Pawed Terror attempts to kill with cuteness but the seasoned workers skillfully avoid eye contact.
Threat being secured in upper tier cage. All stand down. Resume yellow alert.

15 thoughts on “Brutus the Shark

  1. If Pepper’s staff could only actually feel a fraction of what that tiny little dog feels being handled the way he is. Cheese and crackers! Do these men have no brains at all? Are they so afraid of their surroundings that they would treat this little bitty dog like he’s a giant creature? What the hell is wrong with them!!!!

    Pepper needs to get people in their that can actually use their brain.

  2. YesBiscuit. – LOL ! Love your humor and your writing. Wish MAS could appreciate your logic and learn from your examples.

  3. Again.

    Tell me again about how well-trained and compassionate the workers at MAS are, Mr. Mayor.

    Because all I see is incompetence and apathy. Not a good combination, sir. In fact, it’s the same combination that lead to the raid in 2009.

    Is this what you want for Memphis. Really?

  4. Lol! Yes ma’am, I do believe that dog was ready to attack at any given minute! Sheesh. Mr Pepper and some employees at MAS probably feel threatened by their own shadow.

    1. If someone can find the info on that pup, we’ll fly him up here just like with Ranger.

      1. Sadly Morgana, we get nothing but runaround from these people. Trying to get an ID # on a dog is like pulling teeth. But if anyone wants to try, please go for it.

      2. Yes I know, maybe Ona or someone she knows? I know she’s packed….

        Does everyone know about the harrassment of Chester Burns?

  5. If I were them I would have gotten a third person to help contain the beast. From what I’ve seen on the Web Cam it appears that the workers there are afraid of even the tinest dog or cat and appear not to even like animals in their care. I would have to say that unless there is a policy to only allow cages to be hosed down then workers are simply afraid to enter the cages and/or lazy.

    1. I bet you’re right that there are some who are genuinely afraid of the animals coming in. Given how the place is run, with such (cough) attentive leadership from the invisible Mr. Pepper etc., I could easily believe that the employees have perhaps been briefed on big dangers (e.g. mauling, rabies) without getting much training on how to recognize and respond to ordinary, healthy dog and cat behavior. (Getting scared is also healthy pet behavior, given where those animals are!)

      The hiring dept does not seem to think that “love of animals” matters, either… And some of the employees may come from no-pet homes in neighborhoods with plenty of ill-treated and threatening animals.

      I do not say this to excuse the MAS leadership, and I pray for big, safer changes to happen there ASAP! I just know I would never want to work as an ACO in Memphis or in any city.

  6. I can see why they would feel threatened…that’s a terrifying wild animal! Imagine having to deal with such ferocity on a daily basis. Translation: Those people are pathetic. I could think of other words to describe them, but that’s probably enough. :-X

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