Update on Donated Funds

In the interest of transparency, I asked Meows and BowWows for a fundraising update to share with you all:
Expenses  Total:  $67.00 for Jane (bail money and vax).  She will need additional vet care in future (she’s heartworm positive and intact at present)
Total Income: $1636.00
Includes donations to Chip In:  $1386.00, check received in mail:  $100.00 and direct donation to Meows & BowWows Paypal:  $150.00
Balance:  $1569.00

Thank you!  Our primary need at this time is for foster homes.  If you are interested in fostering a Memphis pet in need, please contact Meows and BowWows.

7 thoughts on “Update on Donated Funds

  1. You mean that you keep track of actual numbers in an organized fashion and stuff? I know a shelter that could use those skills…

    1. haha – well I mean, we do have ten million dollars in the “missing” category, but I didn’t think you guys would be interested in hearing about that cos it’s just an accounting prob.

      1. I would foster every dog & cat available if my pack would allow it. I’ve personally rescued 8 dogs & 7 cats & would make room for more but the kids (dogs & cats) are starting to complain, even about other dogs & cats just passing by. There’s always room for more cats but, as most cats are very adaptable, it takes a special one to accept moving in with 8 dogs.

        A small donation of grattitude is sent to Meows & BowWows for helping Jane. Best wishes for her all involved in rescuing.

      2. Wow! 10s of millions coulda spayed/neutered all the pets from here to Mars. How irresponsible of you!

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