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Every pet owner should read this article but especially those who think they might be targeted by a corrupt administration sending ACOs to your home on trumped up complaints (Thank you Laura for sending this.)

Foodies will enjoy Katie’s description of her lunch and learn with a rep from the Hill’s corporation

A Mississippi couple named their Pitbull “Cocaine”.  Yeah.  Fast forward to the end where the husband ends up being accidentally shot to death by the wife.  (Thank you Susan for the link.) has an update on the situation in Memphis called Mayor Wharton’s Memphis Blues

Editorial in the Commercial Appeal says the image problem at MAS is not yet fixed  (Thanks Clarice.)

A SC preacher failed to provide adequate care to keep his litter of Labs alive.  When confronted by police, he tried to lie his way out.  He’s been charged with animal cruelty.  (via No Kill South Carolina)

Sheriff’s deputies in Cleveland Co, NC believed cruelty charges were warranted against the owners of puppies found crammed into crates in an outdoor building without air conditioning last month.  Animal control officers disagreed and ultimately the charges were dropped.

A gassing pound in Franklin Co, AL uses a recycling container for a “drop box”.  The county commission chair describes the facility as “adequate”.  (Thanks Arlene for alerting me to this story.)

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  1. I believe the story on the Pit named Cocaine is that it is a pup, somehow got to the neighbor’s house where the neighbors PARENTS were visiting from Texas, and the Texan wife decided she had to shoot at the dog for pulling at the shirttail of one of the kids. Shot her husband in chest, dog got bullet in leg and stomach, hopefully will be fine (saw a TV clip of dog looking unhappy while owner held towel around bleeding leg).

  2. off topic.. any idea if there is a podcast of Shirley on the radio yesterday?

  3. missed you yesterday but Nathan is burning them up on this channel today.. they also play the “Shelter Song”” GREAT..I have a new station to listen to.

  4. To me the CA editorial is significant. It’s very understated, but it’s a clear warning to Wharton, and they will not be pleased if he ignores them. Also, it means they are likely to keep covering the shelter, and their coverage will influence coverage by other Memphis news outlets.

    Apologies if this is a repetition — I couldn’t remember if it’s been noted here at the blog — but according to one of the comments to the editorial, a protest is planned for this Saturday:

    “Its not a “sit-in”, but there will be a peaceful rally in front of Mayor Wharton’s campaign headquarters, 1416 Union Avenue, Memphis, TN at 3 PM on Sat. July 23. The rally is to protest the Mayor’s BROKEN promise of transparency and to continue to demand accountability and action regarding the problems at MAS.”

  5. I just saw this on Commercial Appeal, deleted some extraneous information…

    “Memphis police have arrested a 43-year-old man on animal-cruelty charges after finding several pit bulls suffering from injuries consistent with dog-fighting, officials said today.
    Of the seven dogs, four had severe lacerations about the face and body and appeared to be near death. Those four appeared to have been used for fighting, according to the police affidavit.
    Two of the dogs were euthanized today, and the prospects for the other five look grim, both because of health issues as well as socialization problems, Memphis Animal Services administrator Matt Pepper said. None of the dogs had any food, water or shelter, and all were chained to trees.
    Police later found the remains of two dead dogs at the scene. Additional charges may be forthcoming after a necropsy is performed on those dogs.”

    Have the police checked those dogs for Kapone, or are dog fighting busts a routine thing in Memphis?

    1. Good point. They should be checking every incoming dog against Kapone and all the other dogs who’ve gone “missing” on their watch. Although probably Kapone is the only one they have a photo of (provided by a caring owner).

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