The Tsunami of Pets from MS and AR to Memphis

Mayor Wharton says:

“We will stand up and take responsibility for our shortcomings, but when will this region?” asked Wharton.  “And I say region because we take in pets from Arkansas and other counties in Mississippi.”

I have a copy of the MAS stats from Jan 1 thru March 21, 2011.  They are broken down by geographic location so I wanted to go through all the categories and add up the total number of pets MAS took in from Arkansas and Mississippi during this time period.

So let’s see… [muttering under breath] carry the 5… times by 7… add 3…

K – got it.  Here are the numbers:

During the period from January 1 through March 21, 2011, MAS took in 1 owner surrendered dog from MS, 1 stray dog from MS and zero pets from AR.

Total Intake from MS and AR:  2

During this same period, 1 dog was adopted out to MS so that kind of washes half the MS intake to my mind.

Total Adopted out to MS and AR:  1

As usual, I’ll ask that somebody double check my math…

For a little perspective on these numbers, MAS killed 1373 dogs during this time period listed as “Memphis”.  But what the hell, let’s join with Mayor Wharton in condemning the pet owners of MS and AR:  Damn you people!  When are you going to stand up and take responsibility for that 1 dog?

29 thoughts on “The Tsunami of Pets from MS and AR to Memphis

  1. But how many of those had three legs, eh? Don’t have that statistic in your fancy figurings, do you? NO, I THOUGHT NOT.

      1. I swear to the flying spaghetti monster, now is the moment for some wealthy pet lover in Memphis to open up a shelter: The Dirty Cat and 3 Legged Dog Society. If not that, at least a Memphis bartender should make a drink by that name.

  2. I am horrified! How can the mayor explain this away? Bet he thought no one would check it out. Me thinks that mayor better think before he engages his mouth. He is looking more and more like a stuttering fool trying to blame everyone else for the barbaric goings on at MAS.

    1. In fairness, I don’t (yet) have the more recent stats so who knows, maybe all the pets started washing over the border after March 21. But yeah, his blame game is not too convincing at this point.

  3. Ooops! Caught in another lie. Imagine that! Now let’s what he and Mr. Pepper can blame the treatment of animals on. I’m SURE they have a long list of scapegoats…um, I mean patsies….oh, shoot, what’s the word…excuses, yeah, that’s it. Because there CERTAINLY isn’t any reason for it!

  4. Somebody make sure those stats go public! Maybe the illustrious leader will realize he needs to think before speaking. Of course, that would imply some sense of integrity and intelligence…and both seem to be in short supply.

  5. LOLOLOL….I Love It….You can’t change Stupid……So they all need to be fired including the Mayor that just smeared egg on his own face. …….and cameras need to be installed…….make them accountable. How dare Ms….1 Dog?

  6. I dont know what he is talking about. I live in north MS right across the state line (and work in Memphis), and we have, let me see, three or four municipal shelters here in the towns that border TN, and a couple of humane societies.. so its not as if people here dont have a place to take strays. And I know that West Memphis, AR (the town right across the MS river from Memphis) has an animal shelter and they have a good group of volunteers who try to get the animals adopted out. He has lost his mind.

  7. The important thing is to get the truth in front of the people of Memphis. How do we do that? WE know what’s going on, but THEY need to!

  8. Stray??? Did they watch it walk over from MS and impound it apron arrival? Goodness and how exactly is an apparent stray from a different state the irresponsible publics fault? Not like you can control where a stray dog wanders.

  9. I swiped this out of a comment on the Commercial Appeal editorial…is this being organized?

    ts not a “sit-in”, but there will be a peaceful rally in front of Mayor Wharton’s campaign headquarters, 1416 Union Avenue, Memphis, TN at 3 PM on Sat. July 23. The rally is to protest the Mayor’s BROKEN promise of transparency and to continue to demand accountability and action regarding the problems at MAS.

  10. No no no–poor MAS staffers under siege as usual for their, um, lack of accounting skills. Don’t be so mean. They can’t help it if they reported it backwards AGAIN–that was supposed to be 1373 dogs pouring in from MS and AR and 1 dog killed. And I don’t think Demetria Hogan was even working that day. Besides a lot of those dogs weren’t even socialized, being from MS and AL and all.

  11. Love how they managed to get one (1) dog into foster care during those three months. Hopefully that’s not just a rounding error.

      1. Their “foster” program is a fail because it’s actually a “Here. you pay for this sick pet’s expenses and nurse him back to health then bring him back later when we may or may not kill him” program. Not many takers for such a program apparently.

  12. Scarey thing is that this dolt ‘mayor’ just put in his intention of running for re-election! I hope the people of Memphis will think about this mess when it comes time to vote!

  13. Does he not realize his records are availible to the public?? Or was he just so stupid as to not bother to check those records before making his statement??

    Any chance of getting ahold of the person who handled the article with his statement and getting them to do a follow up with those figures?

    1. I don’t know about the reporter who did this piece but in general, I’m thinking that journos who don’t do fact-checking are not likely to be receptive to hearing from others who’ve done it for them.

      1. That is why Jeni Diprizio is so trusted here. She checks the facts first and THEN does the story.

  14. If the whole subject matter wasn’t so horrific/macabre, I’d be laughing myself silly after reading your blog post! As it is, I’m now prone to saying things like “Eleventy!!!!!!!” to myself, followed by weird bouts of hysterical laughter that dissolve quickly into tears.


  15. WHERE the HELL is Kapone is RIGHT! And why aren’t the MPD folks forcing truth serum into Demetria Hogan’s wicked little mouth to find out? Honestly, makes my blood boil.

    Let the arsehole Mayor keep at it…all he does is give more ammo to the folks who need it to effect change!

  16. So the “irresponsible public” extends from Memphis now to Mississippi and Arkansas too? Jeez, pretty soon its going to be “if those darn gangbanger Californians would stop dropping their pitbulls off here..!”

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