Potential Henry Adopters Need Platinum Card

Feed me, Seymour!

The adoption fee for Henry is going to be a hundredy billiony dollars in order to demonstrate financial capability to cover his expenses.  He weighs 99 pounds today and he’s underweight.  An entire box of drugs to kill heartworms is not enough to treat Henry.  He needs two boxes.  Everything that gets charged by weight (bath, neuter, board, etc.) is going to be off the charts for Henry.  We are soooo thankful that the vet gives Meows and BowWows a rescue discount but dang, I wouldn’t mind getting a few extra dollars in the ChipIn account so we don’t have to worry.  We will be keeping him until he is vetted and healthy and a good match is found – weeks at least, possibly longer.  If anyone has any leftover Clifford-size supplies, please feel free to donate.  Deer carcasses also welcome.  Eek, I thought retrievers were expensive…

I just had a thought:  I bet Henry was the cutest big-lug-o-pup in the whole wide woild.

10 thoughts on “Potential Henry Adopters Need Platinum Card

  1. I keep looking at Henry’s pictures. He reminds me a lot of a dog who was very near and dear to my heart. I wish I could take him, but alas, apartment living and being poor keep me from mastiff ownership at this time.

    Henry <3. The mastiffs do pull at my heartstrings so.

  2. Mastiffs do cost more all around lol, he’s a handsome looking boy dispite being underweight, and all doggy smiles too! Any updates on his temperment? Or no time to evaluate yet? I can spare $5 this week (after paying for m own mastiff puppy’s food), so I’ll toss that in the chipin!

  3. Okay – he’s not coming to live with me (although I bet I’d love having him). Little old lady, little old house, four old cats and I’m waiting to hear what those guys in DC are gonna do about my social security and medicare. But when I can, I’ll get something in the mail for Henry (and anyone else we can get outta jail).

    1. @db:
      lol, I fel the same way. And I am in the same boat, only with 35 dogs and 20 cats a parrot and what all…when my disability check comes in I will donate a few to Henry or whoever. BTW, folks, we are also running a chipin for Ranger’s snippy-snippy!

  4. Just a thought, if the folks at Meows & Bowwows haven’t much mastiff experience I’d suggest seeing if they can contact a breeder who might be able to make suggestions as to dispostion, handling and feed, and the like. If you want I can put you in touch with a Tibetan Mastiff breeder out of VA. Tibetans aren’t quite the same as the other mastiff breeds, but if she doesn’t know the answer to the question she’ll say so, and I’d not be surprised if she could put you in contact with a good bullmastiff breeder. I’d rather not post her info here (she doesn’t need the potential harassment of Memphis) but clicking on my name will get you to my blog, and you can contact me via my profile there.

  5. To donate to Henry, do I just click on the “ChipIn account” link in the story or is there a specific account set up for Henry? I would love to help with this beautiful boy! We own Rottweilers, and the big ones just steal my heart. :)

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