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  1. I just want to pimp my foster dog Kiba:

    He’s being fostered by me near Scranton PA.
    He’s leash reactive towards dogs he doesnt know, but over time has been integrated successfully with my three dogs.
    He hasn’t met a human he didn’t like! He’s a great boy.

    When he gets adopted, I’ll be available to pull and foster a MAS dog :)

  2. So my efforts to get some of the animals at the rescue I volunteer at have been noticed and I was asked if I wanted to join the marketing committee. I have been doing searches on the internet for hints and tips for getting animals adopted, asked some of my friends what would make them come in to adopt and now I am asking you! I know many of you volunteer/work at shelters/rescues and was wondering if you had any advice. Any promos that worked especially well? Anything that really bombed so we should stay away from?

    We have cats, dogs, horses, goats, rabbits right now. The rescue is a bit in the country so there are lots of people with barns and barn cats with resulting “free kitten” signs so cats seem to be especially slow to go.



    1. Bless your heart! Just one thought about the “barn cats” – I hope that your rescue is initiating free/low cost spay/neuter. The benefits to those folks with the barn cats and free kittens are innumerable (not to mention to the already born cats who need homes).
      We have found at my local hs that a personalized description and decent name that make each animal a distinct personality is helpful. Really good photos make a difference, too.
      I’ll be interested to see what others have to offer.

      1. That is the plan in the future but right now we don’t have the capability. My local SPCA does $20 spay/neuter for ferals so there is an option out there.


    2. re marketing

      I think one of the most invaluable things a rescue/shelter can do for the animals in their care is to get a good photo. And by good photo, I mean no chainlink kennels, no slip leads attached to the wall, no concrete, no muddy pasture. People need to see the animal as one that could be part of their family, their everyday lives. It may take some effort and/or some skillful editing/cropping of a less than great photo, but it makes a huge difference. A good photo and a write-up that captures something of the animal’s personality is key.

      Maximize your use of the internet. Use social networking sites, video, craigslist, bulletin boards, yahoo groups, etc. to let folks know about your animals. Too often, rescues wait for potential homes to come to the rescue via the internet, rather than the rescue going directly to them. Got barn kitties for placement? Contact your local CSA’s or FFA or forums related to homesteading or farming. Got a goat that needs a pal? Post him in the feed store or contact a local 4H group. Got a purebred corgi? Contact corgi breed groups/rescues across the country for cross-postings.

      Petfinder has some great resources for marketing animals. Be sure your rescue is connected with Petfinder or Pet Harbor.

      Don’t rely solely on the internet. Maximize your personal presence. Participate in community events, parades, fairs, etc. Set up a table once a month at your local feed store or farmer’s market. You don’t have to bring an animal with you, but if you have a suitably social/healthy animal that would love the interaction with the public then include them. Maybe your local media (community newspaper, TV, radio) would be interested in your work or one of your more unusual animals.

    3. Just my personal opinion: Instead of advertising a dog or cat, advertise for a person. Seek intelligence, respectful of all living things, patience, keen eye for atrubutes in dogs/cats, sense of humor, patience, ability to clean messes – many times if necessary, patience, open heart, patience, posess doggie/kitty bed & toys, patience, space/fenced yard, patience, knows a vet, patience, not selfish, patience, income for quality dog/cat food, likes to take walks, patience, looking for the most loyal friend ever, patience, loves the feel of fur, patience, proud, accepting applications immediately, you can’t be all you can be without your dog/cat, and did I mention patience? There’s YOUR doggie/kitty soul mate waiting on YOU!
      Sell them on themselves of being qualified & capable. Free problem solving advice & tips. Dumb looks-$1

  3. Below is copied from the Friends of Memphis Animal Services Facebook page. I know it is only a little thing, and it does not save all the animals coming in, which what we all want, but it is a step in the right direction.

    “We have some FABULOUS NEWS to help the feral cats in Memphis. Friends of the Memphis Animal Shelter has received a grant from FedEx to start a trap/neuter/release program to help reduce the feral cat population in Memphis. We will be “in business” as soon as traps arrive!! We have the colonies we are starting with lined up, and we will let everyone know as soon as the traps are here, and the kitties are getting fixed!! We look forward to being able to help reduce the numbers of these cats that end up at the Memphis Shelter. A huge thank-you to FedEx for believing in this program. In time this should help reduce the cat/kitten intake at the shelter. We look forward to the day when the cardboard boxes, storage containers, garbage cans, pillow cases and crates of cats and kittens are a rarity rather than an everyday occurrence being surrendered to the shelter. We are proud to join the other people in Memphis working to reduce the feral cats.”


    1. What amount is the grant – anyone know?

      Will feral cats surrendered to MAS still be automatically killed, even with this grant money in place?

      1. I will do some digging and see if I can find an amount, and what will happen to surrendered cats.

  4. Are you sure they haven’t already arrived? It looks like the traps are in the enclosed room across from Rabies Observation 2. They have been there for a couple weeks now. The sooner they are set out the sooner MAS stops killing cats.

    1. According to FoMAS, the traps have not yet arrived. They answered a post on their FB page about 10 mins ago, and confirmed.

    2. I thought those might be traps too. Wonder what they are that’s been sitting there so long? Apparently something MAS has no immediate need for…

      1. Oh, you KNOW they have a need for but NOT using- kinda like chameleon software and the camera Ms Sanders is trying to give to Pepper…..There’s never a rush when it comes to saving the fur babies (MAS has proven that over and over again)

      2. Still looks like the traps they are waiting for just sitting there. Wonder if they are waiting to get into new building. So if they are, then how many more cats are they going to kill between now and then?

  5. I would also like to “pimp my puppies”. They were rescues on April 30th when they were just DAYS old. Annie is the mom, she was emaciated. There were 7, the paperwork said 3 boys and 4 girls, but I guess MAS doesnt know the difference between a bellybutton and a penis….so actually there are 6girls and 1 boy. 2 have been adopted. They are current on all their shots (2 rounds) have been dewormed, deflead, de everything. We plan on getting them spayed at Midsouth Spay and Neuter with the help of my 65 year old dad and the grant MIDSOUTH recieved. If anyone is interested, knows some who would be interested or knows someone who knows someone, etc. Yes I am picky who gets one of these pups, but I’m also desperate.
    Here is a lovely pic of 3 of them. http://www.facebook.com/home.php#!/photo.php?fbid=1452395607306&set=t.644870474&type=1&theater

  6. I realize it may be bad form to mention another blog here, but I wanted to share one that’s completely different from YB, i.e., not a competitor in any way, yet one that I think might be appealing to at least some YB readers. It’s a small delight that I discovered recently and am now addicted to:


    The writer does have a following so some folks here may already know of her. She lives in a rural setting in British Columbia, with chickens and a pack of wacky dogs, mainly border collies. She’s a shelter volunteer and agility fiend. Most importantly, she’s a wonderful pet photographer, and her blog entries are loosely in photo-diary format, with funny captions that tell a sorta story. Be sure to hover your mouse over each photo to see the “extra” caption. This woman is charming and hilarious, and so are her dogs. The “mad teeth” photos are especially great (you’ll understand after you see them). I try to go to her blog the very last thing, especially after reading a lot of horrible stuff. She never fails to make me feel better.

    On Facebook, her page is:


    I hope you enjoy it!

  7. I wanted to share Janey with everybody. She is a 3 year old pipple taken in by Noahs Arks Rescue. Noahs Arks has a warning on their site warning that this info is graphic and not for children (their link below). Janey has been sexually abused. Her abuser is being prosecuted for starving her, not providing vet care, ect but NOT for beastiality. Why? because In Florida sex with animals is legal. This is so sad and the worst part is the law doesnt protect her. How messed up is that.


    1. Bless those folks for what they are doing for abused dogs. It’s hard to look at Janey’s picture and read her story, but she is safe now and I hope that some good will come of it.

    2. Just give me ten minutes with grandpaw and my steak knife…snippy snippy eunuchy. What a fuckhead.

      1. Oh Morgana you and me both. I’d make that SOB wish he’d never seen a dog! SICK SICK SICK! That poor sweet baby. :(

      2. Thing is he is legally allowed to use her as a sexual object. It’s allowed and that should change. Till it does he can just get a new dog and as long as he takes care of it better there is nothing anyone can do to stop him.

        Changing this law should be easy. Who in their right mind would fight to keep their right to molest animals?!

      3. @ Trouble: You may have a point, but without his schwong, which I am offering to remove free of charge, what would be the point of getting another dog? Come here, Granpaw baby have I got something great for you? Wanna have some sexy baby? SNIP!!!

  8. A few links to share:

    Nathan Winograd has a ChipIn for surgery to restore a broken pigeon:


    A K-9 in NC was accidentally killed in the line of duty when he found a kilo of cocaine dropped in a cornfield by fleeing suspects. He punctured the bag when carrying it back to his partner and ingested enough cocaine to kill him. The officer was extremely bonded w/the dog and a memorial service was held:



    1. Hehe…looks like Tiny is a keeper, cyborgsuzy! It just doesn’t get any cuter…looks like a BC mix??? Maybe that amputation is the best way to go if it is not a fixable deformity…he’ll still do GREAT as a Tricycle.

  9. I picked up my two new foster pups tonight. Chocolate lab mixes (mixed with what, I’m not sure, but they have white on their chests and toes).. about 12 weeks old, someone dumped them on the side of a road in the country, a schoolteacher picked them up and has had them the past 3 weeks and now we’ve got them. Apparently she’s brought home too many strays and her husband said she couldnt keep these two LOL. They are super thin, but SO smart – she has already trained them to sit, shake and down! amazing! They are adorable and cute and, well, destrucitive puppies chewing everything in sight, LOL, but I’m in love already! :) Hopefully they will find forever homes quickly before i get too attached!!!!!

  10. Max, the Marion county OH dog was released today BUT he has sores and urine burns from laying on bare concrete, and lost so much weight his ribs can be easily seen. His owner stated on facebook that he seems quiet and calm (too calm). Just tonight Max had diarrhea and started vomiting so the owners (who had to pay a kennel fee to the warden!) are taking Max to an emergency vet. Nitro Foundation has set up a chipin to pay for the fees and vet care at http://maxlambert.chipin.com/max-lambert

  11. Just wondering how much coverage MAS/Wharton/Pepper are currently getting by the Memphis media. Has the initial surge died down? If so, how do we keep these stories in front of the citizens?

    1. There must be coverage somewhere. LaSonya Hall sent out her “explainations” point by point trying to explain away a video that was seen recently. I haven’t been able to find it other than on youtube but you can read what she said on No-Kill Memphis on Facebook today.

      She is some spindoctor!!!!!!

  12. Update on the PAWS rescue in Pueblo CO, the topic of a Yesbiscuit post several months ago (http://yesbiscuit.wordpress.com/2011/02/16/allegations-of-neglect-at-co-shelter/)
    The grand opening of their new $1.7 million facility is today, July 23. You can’t really call it a shelter since it only has 16 kennels in it and 2/3 thirds of the dog population is still in the old run-down shelter. I guess $1.7 million doesn’t go as far as it used to.
    A silent protest is happening today at the celebration. Good Luck Tonya and Char.

  13. Would anyone know how to get a piece of a midsouth grant to spay a doggie at Midsouth Spay & Neuter for a disabled unwealthy person?

    How do I connect to view the MAS camera shots?

    How do I get notified well before a crowd is needed at a Memphis function for the animals support?

  14. We’ve got a chipin going to help with Ranger’s vet bills. Aside from his neuter, he need xrays and bloodwork (he drinks like a fish! want to check his organ function fully). Go to http://www.welcomehomesanctuaryinc.weebly.com. Hopefully the ChipIn widget loaded properly, but we do have a PayPal connection on the home page.

    As for Nathan’s pigeon, I just need to say this: As a 20 year veteran wildlife rehabber, not all of us are prejudiced! Please do not think that. And if the Commander cannot take flight again, we ADORE pigeons here (Really!) and we would be proud to give him a permanent home. rehabbers are an idiosynchratic lot – some of them forget that, with few exceptions, they too, are non-native and intrusive life forms. :-)

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