MAS: A Tremendous Success! (per the city of Memphis)

The city issued a response to a video that someone put together showing various webcam shots.  The response starts out with this tidbit of hilarity:

[…]a clear example of the uphill battle we continue to face to market the tremendous success we have made at the shelter.

AHAHAHAHAHAHA!  Stop it now before milk comes out my nose!

Further silliness in all its glory follows.  You can read it here if you like.  The Mad Magazine Reader’s Digest version is this:

  • The cowering dogs are just like dogs at the grooming parlor.  (Although at most grooming parlors, the groomer doesn’t kill the dog.)
  • One ACO captured abusing pets at MAS on the webcam was wearing a different colored shirt so he’s not our problem.  (Who cares about the dog?)
  • All the dogs going to the kill room are really going to the adoption floor.  (MAS does kill 77% of its pets, but let’s not get hung up on facts.)
  • The irresponsible public!

For anyone wanting to see what actual success looks like, I am sharing a couple of shots here of Henry who got to meet Lou Ann for the first time this morning. Lou Ann is the person who would not give up in her efforts to find out about Henry while he was at MAS, despite the city’s attempts to thwart her. I love these pictures.


52 thoughts on “MAS: A Tremendous Success! (per the city of Memphis)

  1. Something is wrong here…LouAnn is a member of the public BUT she is helping animals…
    this must be a misprint.
    Everyone outside MAS is a thug and a gangbanger, only those who work and volunteer at MAS are decently trying to fight the uphill battle against the irresponsible public.

    I thought I knew what a gangbanger looked like….boy was I wrong.

  2. My goodness that picture is big! Henry was definitely a group effort! Thanks to Meows & BowWows rescue for taking him in under their wing!

    Lou Ann
    aka one of several thugs and gangbangers who helped!

      1. I LOVE BIG! Big smiles on both Henry and Lou Ann. So nice to see happiness like this for a change. We need more of this.

  3. Henry with Lou Ann–wonderful! MAS response–hilarious except I couldn’t help noticing their horrid vet condemned 4 dogs to death just for having mange. How about stripping off all identifying info and sending the report to the Onion?

    1. It’s not the vet’s fault. I can’t think of any plausible explanation for HOW it’s not the vet’s fault, I only know that somehow, some way, it’s the fault of the irresponsible public.

      Maybe someone should slip a bottle of Ivomec in the mail slot at MAS some night.

      1. Killing animals for mange has resulted in a public relations nightmare for the Ontario Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals…especially since the report disclosed that the animals didn’t have mange.

      2. Now, now, SM, it wasn’t mange, and it wasn’t ringworm, either! Get that non-information correct, please! The OSPCA don’t know WHAT it was now, that “inspired” them to do their cull. Notice, as well, their new name at the Newmarket death-row, I mean shelter. Animal is the third word, 4th, if you count the “and”. Provincial Education AND Animal Centre”. Make sure it’s all about people first, and all. They have cut their animal intake capacity in half. The OSPCA are educators of the great unwashed public. Animals are third or fourth on the agenda, apparently.

      3. heck – if it looks like it might be mange, or could turn into mange, or something else that someone might think is mange, well, heck, why not just kill the animal?

        snark off now

  4. I have always enjoyed the story The Emperor’s New Clothes. Trying to convince people that they are not seeing exactly what they are seeing is not going to work here. The Emperor is naked and MAS’s 77% kill rate is a failure.

    That’s a beautiful picture of Henry and Lou Ann. Bravo Lou Ann! If it were not for you, Henry wouldn’t be here today and that would be a tragedy.

    1. Thank you, Lou Ann, for sticking with this – making sure Henry Arthur got out of MAS. (and thank you Meows and Bow Wows and Kristen) I am still trying to figure out what his behavior issues are?! I have heard he is a true gentleman. He is such a smart dog, too! He learned to sit within 5 minutes….is that what Matthew refers to as bad behavior?!

  5. Wonderful, wonderful, wonderful for Henry and Lou Ann!

    MAS – I don’t believe your lies and I hope everyone with a brain will use it and know that you are not trying to save as many pets as possible.

  6. Best wishes to Lou Ann and Henry. Way to hang in there Lou Ann.

    So what DID LaSonya, PhD do on her summer vacation? You will be able to see that for yourselves as a copy of her emailed assessment flies into an inbox near you.

  7. Sending a B I G shout out to all who worked so diligently to help save Happy Henry. It is incredible that there has to be a rescue mission to SAVE pets from a shelter in the first place, still working to get my mind beyond that point … sinking in slowly. If I lived near (in Sedona, AZ) I’d be contributing my efforts to help shelter some of them. As it is I will be adding to the ChipIn for sure. And sending you all good Sedona Healing Vibes … and to the gentle little furry souls at MAS. Blessings of Love to all. Deidre

  8. That is a success, and the photos show the love. I now know that most (if not all) the animals will be killed at the current MAS before moving to the new building. This is to prevent the spread of any airborne disease like distemper, heartworms, cancer, etc., in order not to infect the new facility. I said it was going to be done, and now it is confirmed. I guess it’s better they are killed than to continue to suffer at the hands of abusers. May God rest their little souls. **Still no news on Kapone though. Will update if I hear anything.

    1. That makes me want to vomit! How about putting that information out there for the “irresponsible public” to hear – maybe they’d be willing to step up and save some of those poor animals.

      Course, the air at the new building is gonna stay pure and healthy, until they bring in the first batch of animals, that is.

      This is getting harder and harder to stomach. The lies, the excuses, even giving the staff lies to “convince” people that what they see isn’t what they see. And a vet choosing killing over treatment for mange is unethical. Somebody ought to report her to the Tennessee veterinary licensing board. (Anyone in Tennessee up to that?)


      1. holy moly–that vet believes cancer is airborne?! She needs a whole lot more than a bottle of ivomec if that’s what she remembers from “vet school.” Can only hope for HUGE PUBLIC OUTCRY at massacre of all the innocent pets in the shelter just before the move. What are they thinking–even more barbaric than usual for MAS.

    2. Denise…you said the information about the animals being killed before they move to the new building….where did you see or hear that confirmation? Very sad but it wouldn’t surprise me.

  9. The happy pics are a welcome sight….that is all we are trying to achieve here…this is what it’s all about………..Thank you Lou Ann ….GGRRrrrr…..Woof…..

  10. Love the photos of Henry and LouAnn. Thanks to all who got that boy out and on his way to a new life. Bless you all and a pox on those who are doing nothing but neglecting, abusing and killing.

  11. No reputable vet wants to work at MAS. I have brought it up to the Mayor myself, and talked to his assistant last evening for over an hour. I asked him about Kapone as well. Don’t worry, I won’t let this drop. I’ll keep writing and emailing until my fingers fall off. MAS Advisory Board only meets on a quarterly basis now, and the public will be invited. I am waiting on the itinerary of meetings. At least Henry is safe and loved now. Hopefully, we will find Kapone.

    1. Just to be clear on the MAS Advisory Board —

      They ARE still meeting on a monthly basis. The meetings are CLOSED to the public except for when ‘they’ want to open a meeting to the public. Two CLOSED meetings have already occurred.

      The Sunshine law is very clear and also very broad in its definition of a ‘governing body’. The MAS Advisory Board DOES fall under that definition.

      In spite of what the city says (that the board is not a ‘governing body’ because they only recommend (which IS covered in the state law) and that the recommendations are to ‘individuals’ and not to other ‘governing bodies’), all you have to do is read the minutes of the meetings (even the most recent minutes posted, for a CLOSED meeting) to see that the board is not ‘recommending’ Pepper or Hooks what to eat for dinner. The board IS discussing MAS and any recommendations made are about MAS and not about Hooks or Pepper.

      I have written the TN Attorney General, and I will continue to send more documentation of the Sunshine Law violations to them.

    2. Denise, you are right. It seems that no reputable vet wants to work at MAS….as it is now. Hopefully, soon, it will be in better hands and will be something that Memphis can be proud of rather than ashamed of. From all the information coming out constantly about the place the corruption does seem to be deeply entrenched. Not forever, though.

    3. Denise,
      Before everyone runds off half-cocked, where did you receive the information about the animals being killed before the move.
      The vet does not think cancer is airborne.
      Please, who confirmed this?
      The MAS Advisory Board meets every month and those meetings are not open to the public.
      The quarterly meetings are open to the public.

      1. Yes, DENISE: WHO CONFIRMED THIS INFO about the animals being culled, er, killed, before they move to the new building? If that winds up being confirmed, I say we have a major action (Cindy S call me on this one) before the move, assuming we can find out the approx. date.

        As for Henry and Lou Ann: WHOOOOHOOOOOO!!!!

  12. That is obviously a vicious dog. LOL!!!!!!!!
    Lou Ann you are adorable and so is Henry! He looks so unbelievably happy~!~!

  13. You are a true hero, Lou Ann! Thanks for your dedication to Henry. And Denise, please don’t stop fighting the good fight. The world needs a whole lot more of you!

  14. Okay, those of you in Memphis – can you get the word out to the animal-friendly folks (the reporter Jeni, the attorney, others?) that they are going to do a mass killing? If the word gets out they may not be able to follow through with that plan.

  15. The photograph of Henry and Lou Ann is just fantastic, it’s made my day here and it shows what can be done when people work together to save lives.

    Bravo to you all, this is compassion in action and I am ever thankful you made it possible for a very lucky and loveable dog to have a future after MAS :)

    Hugs and more hugs to Henry xx

  16. Damm, I want me some of da drugs the Memphis city administration is on, ‘cuz I’d shure like everything to be sweetness and light.


    1. Yep, me too. Wow man, what crazy colors they’re seein’! Talk about perception! Groovy….

  17. I commented that MAYBE all the animals will be killed. Of course cancer isn’t airborne. They don’t want to send ANY sick dogs or ones with distemper, mange, that sort of thing to the new building. Maybe my wording wasn’t conveyed correctly.
    I was told that the MAS Advisory Board does not meet monthly anymore, and that quarterly meetings will be held. This per my conversation with the Mayor’s assistant.

  18. No sick, unhealthy, animals will be moved; especially those with any airborne diseases, such as distemper. Others with mange, heartworms I am not sure. BUt, per the Mayor’s assistant, they don’t want to contaminate the new building with any airborne sickness or contagious disease. That’s all I know.

  19. I discussed this with the Mayor’s assistant. Only animals that are sick, have contagious diseases or distemper. Not ALL I guess. Course now, they are discussing privatization, ad nauseum. I also asked about the threats and that police reports be provided detailing those threats against Mr. Pepper or any employee. No response yet on that.

  20. I am doing the best I can. Because I am unemployed I can spend more time on this matter. Now the Mayor has stated he is not sure if webcams will be installed or not; he hasn’t made his final decision. Well, duh, time is of the essense. I’ll keep on top of this and post as I get updates. Best I can do. Love to all the animals.

  21. Yes, they MAY still meet monthly in private. The last two were cancelled. I was told that they will meet quarterly and the public will be invited. Of course the explanation was that “change is occurring.” I will advise as I get updates; all I can do. I’m just a citizen of this city who is an animal lover and advocate. Just trying to help out.

  22. From what I learned, only the very sick, untreatable, distemper and perhaps mange pets/animals/cats/dogs will be killed, to prevent any spread of contamination in the new shelter. Doesn’t mean ALL will be killed, but, nonetheless, I’m sure most will be due to: unadoptable, vicious, etc., ad nauseum. I will update as I learn more.

    1. I heard from someone who I would just rather not name that there will be scads less animals moving to the new shelter. Scads less. The portion of your post, Denise, where you state “ad nauseum” is where you are right on the money.

      They might, for all I should know, start with lesser numbers for a goodly while over at the new MAS.

      When Wharton made a claim in the media about how (paraphrase) things will be different at the new MAS and how we will not even recognize it, I think he was referring to the final (sad as all get out) “put down” of a very fair amount of the animals of the current MAS. Now, that is just how I, uh, perceive the reality of the situation. And, unlike Mr. Pepper I do no have to incorrectly invoke one of the Enneads of Plotinus to do it.

  23. No no, the vet doesn’t think cancer is airborne. I was trying to convey what I was told in simple terms. Animals that are untreatable, have distemper, mange or may be vicious or unadoptable will probably be put down. This is to prevent any contamination of the new building. I didn’t punctuate correctly, so sorry. At any rate, probably more than half will be put down. Sad but true.

    1. So will MAS be taking in strays on day one of operations at the new facility? If so, then they are risking “contamination” right out the gate.

  24. I have no hope for those animals. Considering such a small number of them even make it up for adoption, there will probably be a lot of dead cats and dogs (ya know, this will give them another excuse for killing).
    GEEZ – why don’t they start treating the ones who need it?
    Just hard to get my brain around their thinking.

  25. Unfortunately, you are right too sir. Also, did you see Wharton offering the ACO who lost Kapone and let the other dog die from heat, a plea agreement? How unbelievable is that? She is to be in court today, and declined Wharton’s request. And, he wants us to re-elect him as Mayor??????? I think NOT. Of all the nerve; Kapone has still not been found but another dog died in her care from HEAT because she knew the police were waiting for her at the shelter. That poor dog suffered needlessly and horribly. What a travesty of justice …..

  26. This I don’t know. Don’t know if rules will change and don’t know what hours they will be open. I guess they’ll be picky about what strays they do take: if it looks “bad” or smells “bad” they’ll probably be put down right away. This is just a total mess. I’ll see what I can find out.

  27. I will fly down there and meet any mob who wants to rush the shelter and grab as many of those animals who are now doomed before the move. Of course, it (killing the allegedly suffering and unadoptables) really isn’t any different from their SOP. These are verifiable psychopaths we’re dealing with here. You can’t win against crazy, unless you upset their balance…

  28. Come on down. Don’t have an exact move date yet, but, surely we can get these animals moved or adopted. Will let you know when I get updates.

  29. I had a conversation with the Mayor’s assistant this past Friday and brought this up. He did confirm that yes, some animals will be put down before the move to prevent contamination of the new shelter. I presume this means animals with rabies, distemper, mange or any other untreatable disease, as well as animals deemed violent. That is what I was told, and the Mayor stated on Saturday that there would be less animals at the new shelter after the move. So, we can presume that yes, animals will be killed. It saddens me deeply, so all we can do is ask people to come down and adopt as many or foster as many as they can. No violence, no threats. As always, be respectable.

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