Memphis Pet Advocates Protest at Mayor’s Campaign Headquarters

Protest photo submitted by reader Lou Ann.

At a rally in support of Mayor Wharton’s re-election campaign yesterday, dozens of pet advocates demonstrated in silent protest for shelter reform.  There is a video report here where Mayor Wharton says he hasn’t made a final decision on the removal of the webcams yet and that, if MAS is privatized, the city will find new jobs for the current staff.  Both of these tidbits are new information to me.

Matt Pepper described the protesters as follows:

“I think that they are struggling with a problem of perception versus reality,” he said.

Individuals who struggle with perception vs. reality are at best, too stupid to seek out and/or comprehend basic facts (such as a 77% kill rate) and at worst, severely mentally ill.  If you attended the protest yesterday, or if you have protested from afar via letters, phone calls or other means, please let us know whether you are crazy or just dumb.

15 thoughts on “Memphis Pet Advocates Protest at Mayor’s Campaign Headquarters

  1. Guess a lot of people there are struggling with perception vs reality. Gosh, it must be something in the Memphis water.

    Good heavens – if there was a gold medal for “perception vs reality” I have a few candidates from Memphis.

      1. I must be one of the dumbies, too, even if I don’t live in Memphis . . . thanks for clearing that up.

  2. I tell you what is reality, Pepper bringing the same CRAP from Caddo Parish, to Memphis and expect US to buy it

  3. Pepper thinks no one is smarter than he is, that no one can add or subtract or put together that there must be something DEAD wrong, when you have 195 missing animals in a little over a year, where Nashville only has 5

  4. I am in the photo holding the “195 plus Kapone – Missing from MAS” sign.
    I guess that makes me an outright moron. It is amazing I was able to understand the complexities of the modern car and drive to the protest.
    Mayor Wharton – your city is composed of nothing but gang-bangers, thugs and idiots.
    What does that make you?

    1. Could you tell me what group you are with protesting? I live in Memphis and have been searching for some kind of animal rights group or something to be apart of! Thanks so much

  5. Being the Mayor said the Rotary Club would be looking into privatizing, or not, the shelter, maybe a petition or campaign of some sort to the Rotary Club would be in order???

  6. Matt Pepper described the protesters as follows:
    “I think that they are struggling with a problem of perception versus reality,” he said.

    AKA: “you didn’t really see what you think you saw”

    They wear that one out at MAS.

  7. Wow. What ignorance and arrogance. Must be nice to live in his world where everyone else is stupid and incompetent at everything and you do everything correctly 100% of the time.

    Thanks to everyone who went to the protest! I knew he would brush it off, but at least they know that we/you are not going away.

  8. I want to know what planet Wharton & Pepper are living on to think they’re such big fish….

  9. Well, this dirtykittehgangbanger PERCEIVES that Matt and AC are certainly operating in an alternate reality since they cannot see the atrocities they are responsible for perpetrating. As the officials in charge, these two are ultimately responsible for the horrors in the place.

  10. I suggest everyone contact They help to protect animals. Sounds like you need some legal weight behind you, larger than what you have!

  11. I am neither crazy or dumb. I am however, Mr Pepper, extremely PISSED OFF!

    You are “top dog” at MAS, instead of trying to deflect the blame, why not step up to the plate, admit to the short comings and what you plan to do about issues that have plagued the shelter.

    Why dont you tell us how you plan to make things better for the animals?

    Why do you feel as a public employee that you are exempt from having to explain this mess at MAS??

    No back bone? Cat got your tongue??? My best guess youve been neutered and you dont have any b@lls

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