52 thoughts on “I Perceive a Puppy in a Bucket

  1. And rubbing in Adam’s Flea Spray? That’s archaic! It stings like mad, too. Lets see, two grown women spray treating puppies for fleas. Why not just give them a bath? Puppy number 2 on the right appears to have already been treated. Who is keeping him from jumping off that table? And what is up with the garbage on the floor? Is that a food bin on the floor right next to the flea treatment? Their kennel manager has obviously never managed a kennel effectively or safely.

  2. Where do they get these people? Do they have experience working with animals? How about experience using flea treatments and the like? Does it take a rocket scientist to know that you don’t use poisons around food and water? Good grief.

    1. Good grief . . . exactly!
      I hope those poor little pups live long enough to get outta there!

      1. The stupidity of these people has not ceased to amaze me…really. Can we douse these workers with Adams? That stuff is truly TOXIC…I will be surprised if these pups make it. BUT..Team Ranger to group, Team Ranger to group…let’s get them the hellouttatherewhilethey’restillalive! Call all team Ranger members…..

  3. I dont even see any love to these puppies, they are treated like crap, no cuddles how can you not even cuddle them.. People truly make me sick how they handle animals, get some training on this and stop acting like you LOVE animals, this obviously is NOT the job for them… And spraying those pups like that putting one in a Bucket awwwwwww this just makes me mad!!!

  4. *Oh c’mon now, you all were just PERCEIVING that there was a puppy in a bucket. That wasn’t reality. CLEARLY those photos have been doctored by those crazy animal activists.*

    This is the very reason they don’t want cameras in there.

    I guess I don’t understand why they couldn’t give these puppies baths in the huge sink I’ve seen on the camera. I didn’t see any care taken to ensure it didn’t get in their eyes. And spraying that around the food and water sitting RIGHT next to them??? I mean WTF! How stupid can you be?

  5. How stupid are these people dont they know that you can kill a puppy with this shit. Give them a flea bath with Dawn it works, use it full strenght let them sit for 10 min. rinse. SAFER.

    1. Do you people not realize that sinks are made for washing dishes? Good heavens, they aren’t made for puppies – that’s what buckets are for!

      (I’ve gotta take a break – I’m not being nice today.)

  6. Seriously?? “no cuddling”? How often do you “cuddle” a wet dog? The flea spray never moves until AFTER the food and water is moved. “Blowing” in the puppy’s face? Maybe she was blowing kisses? Or making happy sounds to calm the puppy?

    Ok.. I totally get what yall are trying to do with this forum, and I agree with most of what is said. There does seem to be several instances where things are not done in the best way possible and definitely agree some things and people need to be changed. But, not EVERYTHING at MAS is horrible.

    It is really starting to seem like y’all are only about making everything seem like it is completely horrible there. How often do YOU visit or volunteer or wash one of these furbabies? What are you DOING to help besides pointing out every little 15 seconds that may appear to be bad?? I have to agree with one of my volunteer friends… Actions speak louder than words! While you (whoever, no one person specifically) are sitting at your computer watching videos all day and out protesting, the volunteers and most of the staff are working their butts off to make these animals as happy and comfortable as possible. Do something other than post negativity! Be positive!

    As Ghandi said: “Be the change you wish to see in the world.” Be the change you wish to see in the shelter!

      1. I also enlarged the photo and stopped on it to look at it very carefully. She is in the process of spraying the chemical straight into the puppy’s face and holding him by one leg. You can see her thumb very clearly between his head and leg. It looks to me like she blowing in his face to try to keep the spray out of his eyes. It DOES NOT look like she’s blowing kisses. I agree that this isn’t abuse, but it is in NO WAY proper handling of a dog, much less proper spray technique to ensure the chemical does not get in the dog’s eyes, mouth or nose.

      2. Maybe she was in the middle of readjusting the pup in her hand? Those little guys are quite wiggly at times.

        Do you see the spray actually coming out of the bottle?

        If it were a continuously streaming video, everyone could clearly tell what is really going on. With only a snap shot every 15 seconds things are clearly not shown and people can only ASSUME what happened in the missed seconds. (and we all know what they say about assuming… ass-u-me)

        I can’t condemn or defend anything in the video, because EVERYTHING that happens is not shown. I just chose not to instantly always assume the worse in every situation and in every person.

  7. while i don’t agree with the procedures, i don’t necessarily see anything inherently wrong with how the women are handling the puppies (the pic with the woman holding it by the leg- looks to me like she’s holding it around the chest).
    Sure- they’re not cuddly, but if the puppies are covered in fleas (or covered in a toxic liquid) i wouldn’t be either.
    Actually- for disease control reasons, many times shelter staff are discouraged from cuddling on an animal since you then have to go handle other animals throughout the day.
    obviously a compassionate manner should still be used if you’re not able to give full-on lovin to each animal
    Just my 2 cents

    1. When I enlarged the photo, it looked clearly to me like the hand was around the leg only. But I know each person will have their own interpretation. I think possibly we can all agree that there is no support of the pup from underneath, the way it says in the MAS manual.

      1. As I stated above, you can CLEARLY see her thumb between the dog’s head and leg, she is holding him by his leg only while she sprays directly into his face.

    2. Well it’s obviously not as CLEAR as you state it to be, because myself and one other commenter are not seeing it the way you are.
      Just seems to me that if you were holding a puppy just by the leg, then he’d be hanging/dangling more. he looks pretty sturdy
      but if the MAS manual says to support from below, then that’s not happening

  8. The interesting question is, why the bad behaviour and bad or non-existent management continue despite the cameras.
    Do the workers feel secure that they can behave as they wish because management is ineffectual and incompetent, unable or unwilling to discipline them?
    Or because they rely on their union to protect them?
    (I have no use for unions.)
    Has management ever been caught on camera in the shelter? Has management ever set foot in the shelter?
    Why does this continue?
    All the privatization talk, the secret advisory meetings, the silence from City Hall, other games afoot…
    Who stands to gain from this?
    Because it sure ain’t the animals.

  9. The sick thing is that they can just do that and not have anyone to answer to at all.

    Are the MAS actually trained? If they are trained, do they not have anyone to answer to?

    I am tired of this. I have e mailed and the like to the point of no return and am at a loss with this entire situation with the MAS.

    My goodness. Anyone who was in 4H was taught how to tend to an animal better than the two numbskulls in the video.

  10. My question is why they are using a flea spray when they could be administering capstar and advantage to puppies that are 8 weeks or age or older and/or 2lbs in weight or larger. Both products are extremely safe and much more effective.

  11. Lindsay – or Revolution. I’ve never heard of the spray people are mentioning, but spraying an animal with chemicals is a bad idea. No control of the amount nor of exactly where it lands.

    AnimalLoverToo – MAS has a 77% kill rate, has lost over 100 (some say almost 200) animals in a year, has a vet that kills for a treatable ailment (mange), prevents the majority of its animals from being seen by the public for adoption, has a worker who is so uncontrolled that, leaving aside the missing Kapone and the dead Max, thought nothing of using a City vehicle for personal business, went home for several hours during the working day and then went AWOL when told that the police were there to speak with her, which discourages and “fires” volunteers…this is better to you???
    The only way this shelter will improve is through political will, and that takes constant long-term pressure from the media and taxpayers.
    Is anyone asking the Memphis mayoral candidates for their plans for the shelter?

    1. Yeah revolution or honestly any VETERINARIAN APPROVED product, I’m pretty sure adams flea spray isn’t safe for young animals. Adams flea spray is a very old product, it works ok, but it smells foul, can burn, and is “old technology”.

      How the heck does a shelter lose an animal? Does it run out the front door or something? I’m just asking please don’t attack me.

      1. that can happen. or animals are stolen. Those are the two most common scenarios.
        But to put it in perspective, my organization takes in 30,000+ animals a year and we MAYBE lose 2/month. And we typically know where they went (ie: theft)

  12. These puppies came into the shelter covered in fleas and ticks. The people you see in these pictures are not paid employees but are volunteers. They only have what is donated to work with and the Adams is all they had. They were not doused in a bucket as you all seem to think but the bucket was there to catch the fleas and ticks as they dropped off of the puppies. They were in no way mistreated or mishandled as some of you want to percieve from looking at a few webshots. This shelter has no groom room and the only place they have to even try and bath or do any bathing of any type is in the cat room which is where these pictures were taken. There are no open food or water bins and the puppies were never sprayed in the face. I know this because I was there when this was being done. My suggestion to any of you here in the Memphis area that are posting don’t like the way things are being done at the shelter why don’t you get off from behind a computer screen and come down to the shelter and help the animals there. There are rocking chairs there for you to cuddle and rock them, they can always use help with walking the dogs or helping people that come in find the perfect pet. Actions always speak louder than words.

    1. Maybe if ALL of the volunteers were treated with respect instead of having your “core 4 cult” you would get a lot more people coming in to sign up to be a volunteer…..So, Linda, have you made the suggestion to have some capstar, revolution, etc be on hand so the next time pups come in with fleas, the situation is handled correctly….or, as most of the volunteers, just keep doing what you are doing- keep witnessing all of the wrongs, and don’t speak up. Because, we know- that is the norm…..

    2. Linda,
      Yes, they used what they had available. Unfortunately what they had available is NOT approved to be used on puppies under 12 weeks old.
      I might not be an expert…but those puppies don’t looked over 3 months old to me. Please correct me if I am wrong.

      Warnings for Adam’s Flea and Tick Mist

      Read Entire Label Before Each Use. Use Only On Dogs, Puppies, Cats & Kittens. Hazards to Humans & Domestic Animals: Humans: Harmful If Swallowed. Avoid Contact W/Eyes. In Case of Contact, Flush W/Water. Avoid Contact W/Food & Food Serving Areas. Wash Thoroughly After Using W/Soap & Warm Water.
      Animals: Do Not Use On Animals Under 12 Weeks of Age. Consult A Veterinarian Before Using This Product On Debilitated, Aged, Medicated, Pregnant Or Nursing Animals. Sensitivities May Occur After Using Any Pesticide Product For Pets. If Signs of Sensitivity Occur, Bathe Your Pet W/Mild Soap & Rinse W/Large Amounts of Water. If Signs Continue, Consult A Veterinarian Immediately.

      Warnings for Adam’s Water Based Flea and Tick Mist

      Do not use on animals under 12 weeks of age. Consult a veterinarian before using this product on debilitated, aged, pregnant or nursing animals, or animals on medication. Sensitivities may occur after using ANY pesticide product for pets. If signs of sensitivity occur bathe your pet with mild soap and rinse with large amounts of water. If signs continue, consult a veterinarian immediately.

    3. This debate can be stopped.
      This flea and tick spray is NOT FOR USE ON PUPPIES UNDER 12 WEEKS OLD.

      So no matter the excuses presented by the workers/volunteers….this is NOT APPROVED FOR USE ON PUPPIES UNDER 12 WEEKS.

      Warnings for Adam’s Flea and Tick Mist

      Read Entire Label Before Each Use. Use Only On Dogs, Puppies, Cats & Kittens. Hazards to Humans & Domestic Animals: Humans: Harmful If Swallowed. Avoid Contact W/Eyes. In Case of Contact, Flush W/Water. Avoid Contact W/Food & Food Serving Areas. Wash Thoroughly After Using W/Soap & Warm Water. Animals: Do Not Use On Animals Under 12 Weeks of Age. Consult A Veterinarian Before Using This Product On Debilitated, Aged, Medicated, Pregnant Or Nursing Animals. Sensitivities May Occur After Using Any Pesticide Product For Pets. If Signs of Sensitivity Occur, Bathe Your Pet W/Mild Soap & Rinse W/Large Amounts of Water. If Signs Continue, Consult A Veterinarian Immediately.

      Warnings for Adam’s Water Based Flea and Tick Mist

      Do not use on animals under 12 weeks of age. Consult a veterinarian before using this product on debilitated, aged, pregnant or nursing animals, or animals on medication. Sensitivities may occur after using ANY pesticide product for pets. If signs of sensitivity occur bathe your pet with mild soap and rinse with large amounts of water. If signs continue, consult a veterinarian immediately.

      How about instead of just using what is available, especially when it is an agent NOT approved to be used on puppies this young. It is the responsibility of MAS to provide products that are approved for the animals age.

  13. Yes, 77% kill rate is horrible! Yes, losing ANY animal is horrible! Yes, the trash that took Kapone and killed Max needs to be dealt with and a lot more severely than this city will do! No, treatable animals shouldn’t be killed! Yes, more animals need to be seen in the adoption area! I never disagreed with any of that, quite the opposite! I have been all over Kapone’s page and on the news pages completely pissed about the very same things! BUT… what does THAT have to do with the above video of the puppy bath??

    My point was… from the STILL CLIPS you can NOT see the whole story and even from the stills, I don’t see anything horrific and evil!

    Nothing is 100% completely bad and evil! Just as nothing is 100% completely perfect and happy! Why don’t you make videos of the adoptions that happen there? Or of the happy families reunited with their lost pets? If it were so completely unbearable and wretched there people would NEVER walk thru the doors.

    Try to find something POSITIVE while fighting against the negative!

    Go volunteer! Adopt! Foster! Do something other than sit back and constantly make MAS out to be a living Hell on Earth!

    I am done with this conversation, because I already know the responses I will get.

    But, think about this… How many people do you think you have caused to NOT go to the shelter and adopt because they have seen all the negativity “you” put out there??

    1. Animal Lover,
      I am making this one point.
      Commonsense should tell you that when the general public sees negative stories about MAS their initial kneejerk reaction is to go and get the animals out and away from that place.
      Commonsense should also tell you that if someone is looking to adopt and they hear about the inhumane treatment of animals at a shelter, they don’t say…let’s leave the animals there to be treated badly. They say, let’s go and adopt one from there and save his life.

      You think Memphians are staying away from MAS because they don’t want to save the animals from the brutish staff…come on…

      1. Exactly. And if life in Memphis (outside of the shelter) is as bad as Pepper makes it to be with “thugs and irresponsible people” then I doubt going into a shelter to adopt a pet is really going to scare anyone in Memphis away from getting an animal.

        In response to the video: Good Lord. We really need to get those poor babies out of there! I wish I could, but I dont live in TN.

  14. I guess Animal Lover too has not heard of the chipin fund.. nor the dogs rescued by this group.. I would hope that people RUN to the shleter to get a pet.. who wants them going through this,crap

  15. If those 2 people are volunteers, then I think your criticism is misplaced. They are not in employee uniforms, so I think they are volunteers. It is unfair to pick on volunteers – they could be new or they may have been incorrectly ‘trained’ by employees.

    If you start criticizing volunteers, your credibility regarding valid abuses by employees will be affected.

    1. I understand that the volunteers, if that’s who they are, are there because they care about the animals, not the paychecks. However, it is the RESPONSIBILITY OF THE SHELTER ADMINISTRATION to train those volunteers in the proper care of animals and to supervise them while they are there. Please don’t tell me that they have too much to do.

      In my local hs, there are monthly volunteer orientations and the volunteers are supervised/mentored until they get the hang of things. And everyone who works there feels safe in “helping” those volunteers learn how to do things the right way.

    2. I am positive that the puppies did not care whether they were volunteers or staff. To the puppies it was the same result; the use of a toxic agent not for use on puppies that young.

  16. What is wrong with you people?…….God will not ask your account on this matter…..he will make you accountable…..your explanation won’t change what he will hold you responsible for. You can’t treat these domestic animals that we have made dependent on human care, like they are nothing and feel less pain than what you would…..Have you lost your mind?
    God please help these poor helpless creatures that you have created and make these idiot demonic humans wake up and realize they will burn in hell for this. In Jesus name I pray, Amen

  17. Hi Linda,
    Here are my thoughts on this. There may not be any sinks for the dogs to go under, I dont know, (though I find that hard to believe, where does the water in their cage come from?) but they couldve take one of those plyer-looking things to take the ticks off the dogs and for fleas, they couldve whiped them away with a towel or something like that if they had no way of having water to wash them off with (which again, I find hard to believe). They had to have some other sort of option besides just putting them in a bucket. I understand that they are volunteers but this is nothing new as it has been documented that workers have put puppies in trashcans to be hauled away. As far as their food and water goes, in the first few seconds, you can clearly see a food and water bowl next to the puppies where they are standing and a bunch of water/food bowls next to them on the left. As far as the puppys getting sprayed in the face goes, I dont know it was too hard to tell so Ill just leave that one up to everyone else. To top it all off, most of us dont live in Memphis and its not exactly economically feasible to go to Memphis every time theres a problem, otherwise we would be living there, because it happens so often. And the people who have lived there and tried to make changes have been either told to leave permanetly or just ignored. So how is anything going to get better? Thats just my .02.

  18. I generally like to make the initial post one which leaves things open for interpretation. I like to ask questions. But now that so many have commented, I’m going to toss my hat in the ring as well.

    The video does not allege abuse. The images show a number of things which, while they don’t rise to the level of abuse, concern me.

    1. Adams Flea Spray is some toxic, foul smelling crap. I don’t like to see it used on baby puppies.

    2. I don’t think it’s good to leave a pound puppy in a stainless steel bucket. This is not a puppy in a loving home environment being handled by a breeder or rescuer who has helped raise him and who provides him with a sense of security. This is a puppy in a killing facility. What might be appropriate for a non-stressed pup in a home environment is not necessarily a good idea for a pup in a high stress environment, being handled by strangers. Stress IMO is a huge factor in resistance to disease, a problem which MAS says it faces constantly and “treats” by killing.

    3. A puppy is clearly visible with no hands on him in one of the grabs. He could fall or jump off the table. Maybe this is the only second no one had hands on him, maybe it’s not, I don’t know. Either way, it’s improper handling.

    4. I see a puppy being held by one arm. This is unacceptable to me whether it occurred for only one second or for longer. This is something we’ve seen in other webcam screengrabs as well. They may all have occurred for only one second or perhaps for longer, I don’t know. But it’s never ok.

    5. No one wants to discourage volunteers or adopters from visiting MAS. Personally, I’d like to see volunteers provided with appropriate training and supervision and adopters allowed to see every pet in the place. I think this would help save pets. Instead, we see different people coming in and out of the scene but no one seeming to provide the needed instruction and supervision to correct the situation.

    Lastly, please spare us your “Why don’t you go down and wash some puppies instead of typing?” comments. Each of us helps homeless pets in our own ways and because your killing facility in Memphis sucks so hard, many of us have gone way out of our way to help homeless pets there too.

  19. Ok so this is a job that needs doing .. thank god there are volunteers to do it, Ok so maybe they are inexperienced & yes puppies wriggle! I imagine spray is used because it is cheapest option, yes in ideal world there are better ways than covering a pup with chemicals but this is far from an ideal world!
    Its not great to hold a pup as she was but have you tried holding a wet wriggly puppy!!?
    Who would like to know why she blew in puppies face??? To make it shut its eyes is why so she could do the face area … not cruel at all when you know the reason huh!!
    This shelter has a whole load of bad things going on … this video is not showing one of them!

    1. Again, cruelty is not alleged. The issues here are concerns – many of them. But to answer your question, yes, I’ve held many wiggly, wet puppies. But never by the arm.

      You are welcome to your opinion that this video is not showing anything “bad” going on at MAS. I have been trying to share different types of grabs lately because it was burning me out to continually post scared dogs being taken to the kill room. I have lots of those and there is probably less dispute over whether needless killing qualifies as a “bad” thing. But there indeed are other concerns at MAS besides the killing. There appears to be a lack of training and supervision necessary to safely care for pets there. IMO these webcam shots illustrate that. If you prefer to focus on other aspects of “bad” things at MAS, pick your poison.

  20. Hello, YB! I see you have two beagles pictured on the right-hand side of your blog. We are kindred spirits! I am momtothreebeagles. Well, I had five at one time. Down to two at the moment. The merry little hounds are my heart, as I’m sure they are yours as well.

    I am having trouble getting the video to load. I’ve never heard of Adam’s. I use Revolution on my babies. MAS is a rough neighborhood, but as far as I understand, things are getting better there. City council is even thinking about privatizing the entire enterprise, which as a conservative I applaud. Gubment never does anything right! But I digress. So I am thinking, as much as I appreciate what you and your supporters have posted here, is there not a better way to have the concerns voiced? I don’t think going in there, guns-ablazing, is the way to do it. Nor are negative posts on a blog, after all, these are visible to the public. These are volunteers. Perhaps they havn’t been shown the ropes. Perhaps they were told “wash the puppers with this” and they were nervous and didn’t know much better. I am a seasoned beagle owner/rescuer and know nothing about Adam’s. I have personally handled one puppy in my entire life (my first beagle, Brooks, from what I later found out was a very prolific puppy mill, I was CLUELESS!!). NOW, I have experience, I now know what to do. Seven years ago? Color me just as inept as those portrayed in the video above (which I cannot see, but have been told about). But my heart was in the right place. I imagine the hearts of the volunteers are just as pure. Otherwise, why would they be there?

    I am thinking perhaps some gentle nudges, possibly a letter/e-mail or two to Matthew Pepper getting the point across in a civil manner would do the trick, what do you think? A half-day seminar for volunteers to learn to properly handle animals? I am so pleased that MAS has made great strides after the starving scandal & suchlike. I am practically giddy that the community is stepping up and volunteering. Lord knows the South is a difficult place to be a homeless dog. When you know better, you do better. I think there’s likely a better way to get this point across to MAS staff and volunteers. I wonder also, if folks in the area who are concerned, can become volunteers, give the shelter the benefit of their experience, and improve conditions? Just a thought.

    Well, just my three cents (because of inflation, LOL.) May God bless you for your concern for the precious babies at MAS. I’ll bookmark this blog for further reading. Thanks for permitting me to express my views!

    1. Matthew Pepper gets e-mails and letters on a daily basis (gently nudges)…..He deletes most without reading and then rarely replies to those he does…..

  21. The two volunteers in cranberry t-shirts who are shown in this picture have been at the MAS for quite some time, and should know how to handle puppies in a more humane manner. This is not “one frozen image that has been captured in time and we don’t know what happened before or after the image was captured”. These are a series of images which documents incorrect handling of stressed out pound puppies. YesBiscuit continues to show the incorrect and inhumane treatment of animals at Memphis Animal Services, usually by the employees, and now by some of the volunteers, who really should know better. The team of MAS volunteers who are angry that the two older volunteers were caught mishandling these puppies should learn from their mistakes. The camera never lies and if nothing else, we should all learn from these mistakes.

  22. So either training or accountability are lacking . . .

    Is there anyway we can find out what’s happened to these puppies?

  23. WELL, I finally got the video to load. I am going to be marginally less conciliatory in my response this time. Now what is the cardinal sin that is being committed against the pups?? Spray near the food? Dogs eat poop, the most vile and contaminated substance known to man, full of e.Coli and suchlike, and survive. Let’s move on, shall we? Pups being held by the leg while being blow-dried? Come on now, that’s abuse? I’ve seen paid groomers behave worse. Whatever else you folks are bitching about, seriously, is this life and death for the puppers? I think not.

    The dogs could be dead. They could be lying by the side of the road, HBC, ready to be picked up by the Sanitation crew. They could be HW+ due to neglect. They could have their throats slit by some moron that doesn’t respect life. They could have been used as bait dogs in a fight. They could have been starved and tossed down a garbage chute a la Patrick in New Jersey. YES, you know what I’m talking about. YET, they ended up at MAS. Oh, WOE IS THEM!! A fate worse than death!! NOT.

    These are minor irritants. So the care is not 100% perfect. So what? It could be a hell of a lot worse!! Pick the hill you want to die on. This is not one of them, trust me. Matthew Pepper may or may not respond to e-mails, depending on the spirit of the message. You speak respectfully, write in complete sentences, offer alternatives that are not costly to the already overburdened city budget, and you will find that you will be heard. Pay attention to city budgets!! We are looking at 80% of annual city budgets being paid out to retired city workers. Look it up!! There is not a whole left for the animals or anything else. The community needs to ban together and decide what’s important. Memphis has become a great dog town. Now let’s support them, instead of undermining them!! For the sake of the pups that end up at MAS and require care and work to get them adopted out.

    I regret that you have created a tempest in a teapot. I am grieved that this blog has been passed along and has contaminated opinions. If you care one whit about the dogs, cease and desist, try to mitigate the damage done here, write to Matthew Pepper (in the manner advised above), get in there, do your bit, and pray to God Almighty to do the rest. After all, His eye is on the sparrow. You think He can’t take care of the babies at MAS? He can, if you ask.

    Blessings and prayers from Philadelphia,

    Mia, Bailey & Lucy (deaf) the beagles.

    1. Mia,

      You apparently have viewed the wrong video. The one on this blog states nothing about abuse. I commented previously voicing concerns I had over the images in the video. Concerns, not allegations of abuse. But yeah, the pups could have been hacked to bits by an axe murderer so let’s not voice any concerns over an environment in a public facility which appears to exhibit a lack of training and supervision. Because the axe murderer thing is scary worse.

    2. Sorry, ma’am, but I have tried writing to Mr Pepper and Mr Wharton, respectfully and with suggestions. They do not respond.

      It’s not all that difficult to train volunteers to handle animals properly. Of course, there are worse things, but does that make it okay to not do things the right way?

      And, as far as your Biblical reference, I agree that He can take care of His creation – and perhaps that’s the job He’s given to us (and if so, we’ve not done such a good job).

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