Scared to Death?

MAS webcam grab from July 27, 2011.

This afternoon, I capped the above shot via the MAS webcams.  I attached it to the below e-mail which I sent to director Matt Pepper, his boss Janet Hooks, and Mayor Wharton:

My understanding is that MAS ties dogs to the wall in the kill room and forces them to watch the dogs ahead of them being killed before it’s their turn.  I have previously conveyed to you how strongly I am opposed to this practice.  Just now, I saw on the webcam what appears to be a dog and a cat being taken together to the kill room.  I would like to get some clarification on this:

Does the attached shot depict a cat and a dog being brought to the kill room together?

I know you are aware of how terrifying the sight, sound and smell of killing is to any pet, let alone the sight, sound and smell of another species of animal being in close proximity while the killing is occurring.  I find it very troubling to think that MAS might allow this practice.

Please clarify this issue for me.

Thank you,
Shirley Thistlethwaite

If I receive a response, I will let you know.

I have raised this question in the past, as it seems that cats and dogs are sometimes brought the kill room one after the other, with too short a time span in between to have killed and disposed of the previous pet and cleaned up the room for the next killing.  But this is the first time I can recall seeing what appears to be a cat and a dog being taken together by one worker to the kill room.  Specifically, I see a cat in an open wire cage and a dog on a chokepole.  What does the MAS policy manual say about this?  Under the KILLING tab does it simply say “Whatevs”?

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  1. Why are they taking ANY animals to the kill room today when there are clearly empty kennels in every room on the webcams?

  2. OMG, this is terrible. VERY upsetting. And there’s a dog on that pole? Its feet aren’t even touching the ground – it’s just hanging there in mid-air?? SHAME on these people!! SHAME on them!! Where’s the compassion?? And YES, ONE animal at a time to that horrible room!! Ugh. I’m sick now. : (

  3. Last time the issue of dogs and cats being taken to the “kill room” together came up, a MAS vol posted here that a cat had been killed by dogs in the kill room–presumably while waiting to be killed by shelter workers. This is hearsay but if it actually happened why, oh why, would they still put dogs and cats in the kill area together? And even if it didn’t happen, WHY would they permit such a cruel practice?

    1. A cat in an open wire cage like that is going to feel vulnerable and unable to escape to safety. And don’t get me started about a little dog on a chokepole…

      1. Uh, I don’t think any of this matters to them. These lovely people are the same people who don’t have a problem starving dogs, kidnapping animals to use in dog fighting rings, or if they had to, put cats and dogs in gas chambers together. Heck, these are the same type of people as those in 1940 in that mass slaughter. They were told what to do and they did it with relish. There is evil all around and you are watching just one of them do their evil deed and act like everything is just fine.

  4. Jesus Christmas! What animals ARE running MAS. Apparently these”people” either hasn’t read the manual or some idiot left a very important issue out. It goes beyond cruel to force these poor souls to endure such a barbaric display of genocide. Their actions are classic psychopathic,as we all know they are.

    “All living things fear death. All living things love life.” ….Buddha

      1. Someone was just being interviewed on camera and then the camera man did some filming of the lobby in general and then his camera was pointed directly at the webcam. Hmmmmm.

  5. Please God please …deliver some mercy for the animals from this hell on Earth called MAS. And we know mercy is not in the kill room of MAS. Thank you Shirley for keeping this “operation” front and center. When/if changes come forth, you will be very much responsible for them with your website, articles and, consistent/detailed follow-through of Memphis’ propaganda.& spin.

  6. its that same guy, too, isnt it? Frank the boxer, who carries dogs by their skin? ugh I hate that guy. :(

    Why is that cute, small, very adoptable unless he has rabies type of dog being killed anyway???????

  7. Dear God, some of those people just don’t care. I wonder if they enjoy the killing. And they say THEY are ‘under attack’?

  8. Just putting it out there. I posted this under another article as well. Sorry.

    Here is the contact information for the Memphis Rotary Club.

    The Memphis Rotary Club will be performing as management study for the Memphis Animal Services shelter. This study will be free of charge and our recommendations will be posted here when complete. We are seeking input from all interested parties and those familiar with shelter operations. Please send any information to

  9. Don’t forget that the shelter was “cleaning” up today. We noticed on the webcams early this morning the empty kennels with clean newspapers. Thought then . . . something’s up! All day — moving this and that (including the poor animals to the kill room). Sure enough . . . Wharton and his entourage including some Rotarians held a press conference from the shelter at 4pm. We need to politely encourage the Rotarians to make unannounced visits (even under the disguise of looking for their lost dog so they can view the stray area) — so they can REALLY see what goes on in that place.

      1. I agree…someone needs to let the Rotarians know that their visit caused more animals than usual to die so the facility would look ‘clean’. They also need to note the empty cages on their next (hopefully unannounced) visit…

    1. I just sent a very polite message to the email address suggesting a few things. Maybe if they hear that from enough people, they will know that we, at least, are serious about this investigation (which, I suspect as far as the powers-that-be is nothing more than a token gesture and more political bs).
      I also sent a bcc to Shirley so she knows what we are saying.

  10. I have 30 critters. With the heat wave we are currently experiencing, I spend my day making sure all my babies are cool. It just makes me sick to see what’s going on at that shelter. There is no compassion, they don’t see or care that animals feel every emotion I/We feel. I wish I could twitch my nose and exchange places and put the animals in charge and the workers in the cells. Kind of like the “Planet of the Apes” movie. We need to work toward no more shelters.. only adoption centers. Keep up the good fight.

    1. I have visions of doing exactly that! Putting every employee in a cage, washing them down with a hose and cleaners, putting them on chokepoles as I slide their butts down the aisle to the kill room. Wonder if they would tinkle on the way there?

  11. Man…oh man. I dont even know what to say anymore. Sadly, nothing really surprises me from this place anymore. They just look at these poor animals as nuisances that they need to get rid of until they can go home, crack open a beer and go on with their lives. What a sad life.

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