MAS – July 27, 2011

Sharing some more of the webcam images from yesterday.  None of these made the local news.

Dog on a chokepole on the way to the kill room.
and another...
and another...
Sweet pup to go.
Beautiful brown dog is next.

Not a nice way to hold these 2 pups.
30 seconds later - still not a nice way to hold these two.
Another 30 seconds goes by, two dogs still dangling.
Dog with pretty markings at front of shot.
These two dogs were cage mates.
Presser begins and a worker takes a cart out the front door.
The cart is left here while the presser is taking place. What is on top of the cart?

36 thoughts on “MAS – July 27, 2011

  1. That poor white dog Drag,Drag,Drag. What an IDIOT.
    Going to kill him anyway, why can’t they be just
    a little bit nice….

  2. I just don’t get it- there were empty kennels so why did they have to kill these dogs? The last time Pepper was questioned about a golden retriever that headed to kill room, he said it’s because it had killed another dog….I guess Pepper would say that all of these dogs were vicious and killed other dogs, too – that’s why they had to die…..and of course we believe him?! NOT!!@@@ Don’t you love how the employees spent the day cleaning house, in many ways, so the facility looked squeaky clean – all of us watching the webcams picked up on this immediately- DUH….something was up…sho nuf – press conference…what a joke. Pepper really does think we are idiots…..sure hoping Rotary Club doesn’t wear the same blinders as Wharton and Pepper-lovers ….

    1. Mayor’s big announcement: Rotary is going to review process at the kennel. But not the clinical part. I guess that means the staff will continue their bad treatment of animals as usual.

    2. The Rotary Club?! Since when does the Rotary Club have any expertise on animal welfare?

      … I’ve been wracking my brains, and I can’t remember one time that any of the local Rotary Clubs in my neck of the woods have even so much as mentioned animal welfare in any context.

  3. Is the fact that Rotary is going to review “process” at the kennel the only news from the press conference? What other BS did they spout?

    1. A question from audience had mayor replying that adoptions were up 25%. Wow! I wonder where he got his figures from?

      1. “up 25%” when and as compared to what? Without context, we don’t know if he means 25% more pets have been adopted this week compared to last week or this month compared to January 1974 or what.

      2. Hope somebody does a fact-check. Not a secret that numbers can be made to prove what you want them to prove. 25%????

  4. I’ve been watching Main Area.. Canine 2 a guy was washing down the run area.. is he soaking down the white and brown dog in the first kennel? And how do I post the photos I have saved?

    1. I was looking at Canine Area 3 last night and there is a nice looking white dog in the first cage to the left. Anyone know anything about him/her?

      1. I know only that he has been there some time and him/her time may be running out very soon. I’ve been admiring him/her too.

      2. Yeah… I saw the white dog also and there’s another white dog in the kennel next to him/her. Why are these dogs nopr photographed and posted?

    1. Are you kidding me, LA? Haven’t you read about Henry here –

      How many animals have we asked about and been told that we need the ID number, that they simply cannot identify an animal from a photograph?

      If I were running MAS and someone emailed me a photo of a dog they’re interested in, I’d print it out and immediately walk the aisles, looking for said dog. Then I’d get all the dog’s info and send it back to the emailer, knowing that time was of the essence. But hey, that’s me…

      1. How about this:
        You are interested in adopting a pet you saw on the webcam? Super! Come on down and meet them all and see if the one you saw on the webcam seems like a good match or if you meet another one you like better. Bring a friend!

      2. I am the one who got Henry! And it started with a webcam photo. You have to try everything possible. If they come back saying they cannot identify the dog, go to MAS with the picture and say you lost your dog — then you could search the stray area.

        If you have interest in a dog, don’t just stop at “no.”

      3. LA – agreed, don’t just stop at “no”, but why oh why do they say “no” at all? Shouldn’t they be saying, “Let me help you.” instead?

        Huge Kudos to you for getting Henry out (sorry I didn’t recognize your screen name)! But you should have had to jump through hoops to rescue a dog. No one should.

  5. I agree with the staff. Get rid off them cameras!!!! Some people have to much time on their hands!!!

    1. Idlewild Blue… Apparantley you have just as much time as the ones watching “them cameras” since you have time to read the comments and leave a reply to something you obviously care nothing about! If this is how someone wants to spend their time, it shouldn’t matter to you and is really none of your business! Go find something positive to do with your time that you like, and stop worrying about what other people do with their time.

    2. Idlewild Blue, is that your real name or an alias? Its none of your business what we do with our time. Do you work there or are you just another narcissist.

      1. yep i work there and I love animals and i’m not a question…

      2. @Idlewild Blue – since you love animals and work there, I’d be interested to know what you are doing to stop the abuse and neglect and unnecessary killing of those animals you love.

      3. Idlewild Blue you didnt answer all the questions, is that your real name or alias, you say you love the animals, is that dead??

        If you loved the animals then you would stand for transperancy and you DONT, so how does it work for you.

  6. So sad.

    I dont know about you, but if I were going in to check up on any sort of company/workplace and there was NOTHING going on (like there are no dogs here because they “cleaned house”) I would actually think its a bad thing, not a good thing. If they go in and theres not a single dog in the kennel area wouldnt they think that SOMETHINGS up??

    And 25%?! Wow and WE have no perception of reality?? Really??

  7. I’m sure there will be press on hand with cameras rolling when the first shipment (truck Load) of poor dear dogs and cats pulls up the the dump now that the incinerator is down.

    I pitty the poor child sitting in front of their TV watching the news, when they see their pet that Mommy took to the Shelter to be adopted laying in a pile of rubbish.

    MAS you are a sick place.

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