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  1. I think the next billboard needs to be a close up shot of sad, scared eyes (or a pile of bodies) and the words “Memphis- Please stop the killing” and then a link to the blog or a website that explains what that means

  2. Lisa, AMEN!

    I watched the feeds on Friday for about an hour. I saw around ten dogs removed from their cells. I saw ONE being put into the adoption area. The rest just “disappeared”….

  3. The first dog in the video…I’ve been watching that dog and the white dog next to him. Omg..I can’t believe they killed him. His face was so beautiful… I took soo many snap shots of him/her. I emailed the e-mail address at the side of the webcam page asking about this dog.. I never got a reply. And now he is dead.. I am so upset.

      1. I’m in NC and I’m at my limit for fosters. I’m not a rescue, don’t have kennels or money. I can only foster one dog at a time. I have 3 death row dogs of my own, all pitt pitt/mix. If I could get my latest rescue adopted out.. I could take one in. It just makes me sick how the dogs are treated.

  4. I just went back to the web cam.. it appears that the 2 dogs I’ve been watching are both still there. But I see there are 4 tiny dogs in the cat area., 3 have yellow tags on the cages. What does that mean?

  5. Lisa Marie, I think that’s an excellent idea! SOMETHING has got to bring the city’s attention to this place! It’s nothing but a huge death chamber. I shudder to think what they will do to the animals in the new and improved death chamber when the cameras are no longer in place. There IS no compassion, there is NO humaneness or tenderness in how these workers treat the animals, and there is nobody there who seemingly cares. Thank goodness the volunteers do everything they can to get the animals adopted, but nobody will or can stop the killing…yet, anyway. It is just so infuriatingly sad.

    1. There is one woman, I’d say maybe in her late 50’s or early 60’s???? (hard to tell) that seems to be caring. I think she must be a volunteer tho because I don’t see her in what the workers wear. I’ve watched her pet some of the animals and when she was getting one out of a cell, she sat and gave it some love for a bit. She is THE only person I’ve seen give an animal any sign that she acknowledges they are there. It is disgusting the way the others have no compassion.

      1. Unfortunately, much of the time “they” know where the webcams are and will stand in front of them, to make sure you see them “acting with compassion.” I am always so glad to see any animal at MAS to get a pet or a hug or some cuddletime, don’t get me wrong.. However, how many other dogs and cats are getting attention from them? How many of the dogs are getting walked? This (these) volunteer(s) you see should be walking the dogs, socializing the cats/dogs – maybe spending less time doing the PAID EMPLOYEES jobs and giving each and every one of those animals some love….

  6. Believe what you see, believe what you hear from animal advocates…MAS is a KILLING MACHINE. Just a little over a year ago I went to adopt Lil Bit…had called everyday and made sure the hold was on. Tuesday through Friday I called. I went to get her on Saturday a.m. Upon arrival I was told she was sick and had to be PTS. I begged, pleaded, cried, stomped, promised I would take her straight to my vet. I asked them to call my vet and get my record or I would take them to any vet they wanted me to. All to no avail. The did let me see her, walk her in the front, and pet her. Then they told me it was time for her to die. I begged again as I could not see anything wrong with her except for a light cough when she pulled on the leash. She was a tiny little girl and was dead within 5 minutes of them pulling her out of my arms. That is MAS. That is our compassionate, caring shelter. Dr. Rebecca Coleman made the final decision and I still do not see what harm could have come from me taking her to the doctor and if she was sick, my vet would have treated her and she could have had a wonderful life. But NO…IT WAS BETTER FOR HER TO DIE AS SOMEONE WAS BEGGING TO ADOPT HER!

    1. That is absolutely horrific. The dog most likely had kennel cough which is easily treatable. If they’d vaccinate each animal that comes in, their animals wouldn’t get sick. But them again, they wouldn’t have a good excuse to kill so many of them either. Did you write to Matt Pepper or anyone else about this?

    2. Matt Pepper clearly stated at an Advisory Board meeting that the Acting Kennel Manager signed Lil Bit off to be killed. We pulled the records, Coleman said he was sick. The kennel manager sent Lil Bit to his death.
      I say, place blame where blame is due.
      This time it was the kennel manager.

    3. Good Lord. That is so sad. If you were willing to sign paperwork to adopt her and were willing to get her to the vet, I would imagine that its off of their hands now, so what difference would it make to them?? Sounds like they just want control as far as Im concerned. Well, at least she had some one-on-one time with a compassionate human being, rather than a monster, for her final minutes.

      As for this video, I couldnt watch it because I already knew what it was about being even clicking on it, because MAS is so horrible.

  7. This place is just killing me and I live in Florida. The people of Memphis should be ashamed that they allow their tax dollars to be spent like this.

  8. Shelby County has succeeded. Why can’t Memphis?

    “Years ago, I wish I knew all of the people that work so hard, from the kennel attendant to the transport coordinators, the vets, the volunteers, the advocacy groups and rescuers, and all the rest. I wish I had known them and knew their abilities years ago because this would have become a No Kill county much earlier than it did. The advice I would give officials in other communities is to start looking for those people out there who can help. Embrace your community. And don’t be afraid to ask for help. Without help, it can’t happen.” Shelby County Deputy Judge-Executive Rusty Newton

    He’s a busy man who wears many hats. He is the Deputy Judge-Executive. He sits on Shelby County’s Fiscal Court. And he runs the “pound” as director of Shelby County Animal Control. http://www.nathanwinograd.com/?p=6492

    1. In case anyone is confused…this is about Shelby County, Kentucky…not Tennessee.

      Shelby County, TN has no shelter. They contract with MAS to house their animals.

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