PetHarbor Listings for MAS

Two weeks ago, I posted about what appeared to be an encouraging effort by MAS to get its pets listed online.  So I wanted to check back in to see how things have progressed.

  • Still only 1 adoptable dog listed (from June) and zero adoptable cats.  No photos.
  • 280 stray dogs with the first page and a half being clearly outdated listings from 2009 and 2010.  Once you hit the 2011 listings, you won’t find any photos.  The most recent dogs added are listed as 8-4-2011.  Since MAS follows a 3 day hold protocol, it’s unclear to me if any of these 280 dogs are still alive.
  • 28 stray cats listed – the first few are from 2010, none have photos.

Does anyone know if any of the dogs listed on PetHarbor are alive?

10 thoughts on “PetHarbor Listings for MAS

  1. If they get mad at YOU for listing dogs they’ve killed when the majority of the animals they bother to list are most likely dead…well. Hello Pot, you’re a titch charred…
    Or would that be out of the frying pan and into the fire?

  2. Now this is something that MAS should definitely be criticized about. Internet is the #1 way to network dogs, which makes it even worse when it’s not updated.

    1. We’ve been making this point in our letter writing campaign for many months now. They have made progress in that time – from listing almost none to listing many. But they’ve not reached the point where it could be a useful lifesaving tool and I don’t understand why.

      1. Well it does take time to do it right, and if you’re going to kill most of the dogs anyway, why put in a bunch of time updating the website?

        But anything is better than nothing. Even if you don’t give each dog a name, write a cute bio, or list their ages, weights, etc., the dogs need to be out there. Nobody can help dogs if they don’t know they exist.

      2. It should be a part of the process when animals enter the shelter. It takes only a second to take and upload a photo. Think that’s to big of a hassle? Then you haven’t been on any online networking sites were people post random photos all day long. Heck give me two seconds I’ll take a pic of my coffee cup and email it to Facebook to add to my wall. Darn how easy was that. I take photos of revisions at work and email them to the engineer asking for clarification. Faster than tracking them down for an answer. The workers at MAS can do the same. It aint rocket science. Take the photo and email it to their Facebook page, it can be done in seconds. Once they master that skill the sky is the limits.

  3. Pfft. You know none of those 280 dogs made it out alive. Which makes me sad. I dont understand how hard it is to upload/update the website as each dog comes in? I think its more laziness/the “they are going to get killed anyway” mentality than it is anything else.

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