Uh, I’d like to adopt a pet… Helloooooo?

The "Friends" of MAS table at the Dog Days of August event on Sunday. No dogs, no people - just pictures.

Maybe everybody did what the sign said and put them out of business?

From the event invitation:
The Memphis Botanic Garden has received several requests to open the Garden to dogs and their owners, and we’ve listened! We are happy to announce our first four-legged friendly event – The Dog Days of August!
Held on August 7 from 4:00-6:30pm, the Dog Days of August will be an opportunity for dogs and their faithful owners to come spend a few hours at the Garden. The event will feature dog contests with special guest judges, demonstrations, pet portraits and other fun activities. With so many dog lovers in one spot, this is the perfect opportunity for your organization to promote itself!
Orrrrrrrr – it’s at least a good place to set up pictures of The Chosen Ones on a table and then wander off.

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  1. It’s all about marketing…..so this really should surprise no one. Actions speak louder than words – and the only action from MAS is the major amount of dogs and cats being killed at that hellhole!!

      1. Amber- Trying? Give me a break. There should have been people there manning that table- greeting the public- attempting to get volunteers, attempting to get the dogs/cats adopted. I don’t care how hot it was or other excuses- THIS was the perfect opportunity to help the animals at MAS – once again, another F for FAILURE (and some other words)

  2. *sarcasm* They fired all their volunteers and so had no one to man the table? */sarcasm*

    This past weekend, not to far from me, a group held a Canine Carnival, there were demonstrations of working dogs of all sorts, and every shelter and rescue everyone could think of was invited to bring dogs to help find them new homes (there were even rescue horses and other such animals!). Its the 2nd year its been done, and it was PACKED. They’ll need to find a different venue next year I think, the current one could NOT handle the people who showed up in DROVES to see at the animals in need of forever homes. THATS how its supposed to be done Memphis!

    1. Friends of the Memphis Animal Services (the ones in charge of it) are propping up the current rudderless operation and ensuring that nothing-nothing-changes. The people in charge of FMAS keep the city abreast of anything that hints at positive changes. You can be assured that between the City of Memphis, majority of shelter staff, stacked advisory board & Friends of Memphis Animal Services…they are keeping the public away as much as possible, and from seeing what is really going on. Friends of the animals?—It is all an act, and many are still being duped. They are counting on the new shelter, omission of cameras and their “power” to make it (truth) all go away. They have circled not the wagons…but the KILL ROOM. And they are not moving one single solitary inch until forced to by truth and justice. Mayor Wharton is not astute enough to look at the facts, players and admit change is needed. All he is thinking about is re-election. There was great hope for this mayor. But he revealed himself. The MAS operation alone shows that he does not have what it takes to be a true leader. This is not rocket science. MAS is a problem that could be solved. You are only as good as the people whom you surround yourself with….and he has still not figured that out. The folks in his inner circle, who he has advising him on this tragic fiasco, keep asking for a bigger shovel. Mayor, wake up and face reality.

  3. This is not a joke, but it is not exactly honest, either. This photo was taken by the volunteer who went and worked there that day, from 4-6:30. She took the shot just after she set up the table. To imply that this is all there was that day is not accurate or fair. There were no dogs there because the shelter is CLOSED on Sunday (something the volunteers are trying to change, by the way) and it was over 100 degrees in Memphis. There was no shade there. There was no running water available, either. We do not have the ability to open the shelter, obtain a transport vehicle, and take dogs or cats out on a Sunday. Also, this was not a pet adoption event. It was a “bring your dog to the garden” event. People did not go there expecting to find pets to adopt.
    So the 2 volunteers set up a table there,, made lots of good connections, gave out both flyers about available dogs, and volunteer applications.

    I’m with you 100% when you advocate for the pets, but this post is unfounded. Please. Send emails to the Rotary Club, the city, whoever you want about the real problems at the shelter, about how mobile adoptions should be more frequent, about making it possible for the volunteers to show the pets-ALL the pets, but stay away from this kind of inaccurate reporting. It does you and your cause a disservice, IMHO.

    1. I agree. I think when you have postings like this, it calls into question credibility of the blog. I think it’s great that issues have been brought to the forefront of MAS. But this does nothing.

      1. I posted it because I got sent the photo in an e-mail from a trusted source. It speaks for itself. As does MAS’ firing of Jody Fisher. As does a 77% kill rate.

    2. So make it an “adopt a dog” event. You have a gathering of dog lovers and you think you can’t adopt out one or more dogs to them? A couple volunteers could have easily managed 2 to 4 dogs, add little signs to their collars saying “I’m availible for adoption.”

      The heat and lack of water and shade can all be managed assuming some prior planning, and minimal cost, cheap patio umbrellas and coolers are easy, and they could even be gotten from donars if that prior planning is done right.

      The shelter not being open is an extremly lame excuse, the folks with the keys can’t take an hour out of their weekend to swing by and lock/unlock when needed if thats what it takes to get at least a few more dogs out into public view? For that matter are you saying theres no one at the shelter at all on Sundays? No one feeding the animals or otherwise checking on them? If there is why couldn’t the pickup/drop off of dogs for this event be timed for when someones there? If there isn’t…..why not??

  4. I really don’t get this post. At least someone was doing something. I read the link to the event and saw nothing about dog adoptions. It sounded more like a bring your dog to the garden type thing. The entrance fees were pretty steep for most events I see around, but guess that has nothing to do with much.

    There is no doubt the Memphis Shelter needs a lot of work, but attacking somebody trying to get the faces out there of the animals in the shelter I don’t get.

    I agree with a previous poster to go after what they need to change, but going after someone trying to get the dogs out of there seems extreme to me. At least someone was trying.

  5. I’m pausing the killing apologists’ whining for a little rant. Call it executive privilege, call it whatever. But stop reading now if you don’t want to hear my two cents, complete with offensive language.

    Claire – this is not “inaccurate reporting”. This is a visual representation of a moment in time that I used to illustrate some of the larger problems going on at MAS – the firing of a good volunteer when they say they need more vols, the failure of the pound to market their pets, etc. You can think of it as artistic license if you like but it’s not inaccurate. There is, metaphorically, no one manning the table when it comes to saving the vast majority of pets at MAS.

    Let me be plain. IMO, the “Friends” are nothing more than killing apologists who support the status quo of abuse and killing at MAS. They are control freaks who couldn’t wait to get on the advisory board and illegally shut the public out of MAS meetings. They enable the abuse and killings at MAS by focusing on the small picture (save a few, kill the rest) while wagging their fingers at the “irresponsible public” – the very people who will HELP Memphis transform to a no kill community. They mock the concept of a no kill Memphis. They are fucking stooges for the people in power because they get tossed crumbs every now and then that make them feel special. Their words and actions (along with their inactions) are indefensible. I will continue to point this out, in every way possible, every chance I get, because it’s wrong and disgusting and because I care about what’s happening to the homeless pets in Memphis. Anyone who doesn’t like it – there’s the door.

    1. Nice rant! FMAS, congrats on doing SOMETHING!!! Volunteer that set up the booth and took the photo, good job! Perhaps you could find a second volunteer to take YOUR picture sitting at the table? Or, better yet, record the act of a member of the public browsing your pages of available animals?
      When I volunteered to *teach kids* at the Sled Dog Symposium, the photo of my basset hound belly-up appeared in the paper with a bunch of kids sitting around here taking turns trimming her toenails. Mushers were jealous because it was me and my dog that made the paper and she isn’t a husky. Boo hoo. Get over it already!

  6. The city of Memphis has several jobs posted in Animal Services….
    Do you know any good people that can apply or is the job posting just a big lie to pretend like they are trying to change? I hope this link works.


    1. when you click on the link. Type in “animal” in the keywords box and the jobs will come up.

      1. I saw listings for TWO vets and an administrator! No tenders, ACO’s or secretarial staff. The administrator needed ten years experience! (Which means they want an apologist as most of the no kill thinking has grown in the past ten years.)

  7. Here is what was posted under the picture. I went and looked it up:

    Yesterday afternoon we set up at the Botanical Garden at Dogs Days of August. It was a “tad hot” to say the least, but we met lots of nice people and their doggies! Several people said they would be in this week after looking at the pictures of dogs and cats that are available for adoption that we took with us so it was well worth our time. We gave out some volunteer applications too which was wonderful. Hopefully some of the sweet pets at the shelter will be adopted as a result of our being there!


    Are these people lying? If so someone needs to do something about it! If they just set up a table and left someone needs to report it.

  8. I have never defended MAS…..it is a disgraceful place. However, in this case, I’m just glad there was some, if small, representation. Believe it or not, this is an IMPROVEMENT! Isn’t it sad that this tiny effort is something to be grateful for. Until the management, employees are changed & until the Mphs. politicians care that MAS is a blight on the entire population of their city, & truly a KILLING FIELD nothing of substance will ever change. Please, general population, stand up for how your tax dollars are spent…Save the animals, don’t continue to allow such atrocities…the cruelty, neglect, & 77% KILLING rate is TOTALLY UNACCEPTABLE!

    1. This is how kill shelters keep taxpayers at bay – by doing a tiny, no-results “improvement” every now and then while continuing to needlessly kill. They know most people are so desperate for reform, they will gladly eat up the slightest bit of meaningless “improvement”. They know many activists are afraid to speak out for being labeled as Negative Nancys and being banned from the shelter entirely. And they believe that in the long run, pet advocates are likely to burn out and fade away. So long as they toss out a few crumbs in the short term, they think, their long term plan of NO CHANGE will remain safe.

      Meaningful change is effected by those who can see past these diversionary tactics and keep the long term goal in focus: an end to the needless killing of shelter pets in their community.

  9. The picture is symbolic of FMAS and Memphis Animal Services relationship. That’s all. FMAS is not Memphis Animal Services and Memphis Animal Services is not in attendance at all.

    1. Symbolism? Artistic license? Visual representation of a moment in time? What next-Photoshop?

      I’m out the door. I know there are many things/people that need to be changed at MAS), but I’m beginning to see too much vilification of people here that you don’t even know. “Evil”. “genocide”, “likes to kill” – I’ve seen those words all thrown around here like so much used toilet paper.

      And now all the volunteers at MAS are killing apologists or worse. I guess you have to be sanctified by Yesbiscuit to be able to work there and be considered a human being.

      FYI, I do know someone who works for MAS. A human being, a good human being. If this person is an evil killing apologist, I will feel honored if you consider me one too.

      I wish you all a good.day and life.

      1. As if anyone would need Photoshop to show MAS in a bad light. Reality works just fine doing that, actually.

  10. As Claire stated above, FMAS was in attendance at the event. There were two people there representing FMAS and they snapped the picture so the picture could be taken for the FB page. They were there to make connections with the public, promote spay/neuter, hand out volunteer applications, and promote adoptions. As Claire stated the shelter is closed on Sunday and it was impossible to bring animals out to the event. Even if the shelter had been opened we never would have brought animals out due to the heat. That would have been irresponsible. I would appreciate it if you would get your facts straight before posting blatant lies.

    1. There are no lies here. Just an empty table and a landfill full of friendly pets killed by MAS. You see how those 2 things go together? FMAS used the photo to spin things its way. I chose to make a different association with it – the fact that there is no one advocating for the right of MAS’ pets to live and that the public is repeatedly blamed for the killing.

      As to bringing shelter pets to a public dog event – hells yeah. The owners who brought their dogs to this event weren’t being irresponsible, were they? They prolly brought water for them and took reasonable steps to safeguard them from the heat. Let the MAS dogs out of their cages for chrissakes! Let the public touch them. Most of them are headed to the dumpster anyway – who cares if it’s a hot day outside?

  11. If the main concern of FMAS were the animals, then they would be called Friends of the Animals at the Memphis Animal Shelter. They are in bed with the management running the shelter, and they support the employees whether they do their job or not.

  12. Since a hot day in Memphis in the summer is undoubtedly a given and a lack of shade could’ve been predicted, why not bring along a patio umbrella? I see pretty decent used ones come up on Craigslist all the time. Admittedly I’m nowhere near – I’m in northern California – but I find it difficult to believe no-one sells used patio furniture in Memphis. Then too, perhaps a volunteer who happens to own one could lend it for an event?

    I agree with Shirley too – hot days don’t preclude bringing available pets along to an event. I’ve been to adoption events here when the temps were high, and folks representing the various shelters and orgs just set up umbrellas and awnings – those cheap ones for keeping cars in driveways in the shade – had coolers filled with ice and cooling clothing for dogs, and kept the dogs in the shade when they weren’t being walked around. I’ve even seen little portable generators set up to run fans a couple of times, or where dogs were taken to an air-conditioned van to cool off. So, it’s clearly not impossible with some forethought and planning.

    This is another problem with lowered expectations – learned helplessness. Things aren’t done because people have been conditioned to think they’re not possible, or too difficult, or too expensive, or perhaps worst of all, not worth doing. And once that happens, creative insight into possible solutions shuts down.

    1. “This is another problem with lowered expectations – learned helplessness. Things aren’t done because people have been conditioned to think they’re not possible, or too difficult, or too expensive, or perhaps worst of all, not worth doing. And once that happens, creative insight into possible solutions shuts down.”

      And I think Eucritta has hit on the heart of the matter, here.

      FMAS could be a powerful force for change at the shelter. I’ve read the descriptions of the dogs and cats on Petfinder (and now they have some – well done to the volunteers who did that!). Clearly, some of the folks there really care and and are trying their level best to do what they can for the animals.

      But the leadership of FMAS is either weak or corrupt. If the animals were indeed their top priority, they would organize the group and march down there en masse and tell Mr. Pepper to his face that what’s going on at MAS is NOT GOOD ENOUGH and change needs to happen. Then give him a list of what needs to change (every animal photographed on intake and put up on the web, enforcement of humane handling procedures and proper cleaning procedures, public permitted in stray area and all of those animals considered for potential adoption too, increased attempts to get dogs to local/nonlocal rescue groups, TNR programs for feral cats, etc., etc.) and how they can help him make changes.

      The leadership of FMAS is willing to let things continue as they are, for some reason convinced that Mr. Pepper is “doing good work”. How they can think this when highly adoptable animals go straight to kill every hour of the day, I do not know, but they do. Perhaps it is learned helplessness. Or a power trip. Or…something.

      But to advocate for 10% of the animal population at MAS while turning a blind eye to the other 90% is unconscionable.

  13. Please note, this photo is just a *moment* captured on film. Like all those webcam snapshots we see all the time. We’ve no way of knowing if a human ever showed up! Although, I must point out that the table is set up in the shade, which tells me that dogs could very easily hang out around the table. (Which is good because people were INVITED to bring their dogs to the garden and we wouldn’t want them to avoid this table, would we?)

  14. I live in Memphis and it was HOT and miserable on Sunday. A heat index of close to 115, we did the responsible thing and left our dogs at home. We did go, however and stopped by by this table, it was staffed and the volunteer was really nice and helpful.

    I don’t agree with MAS’s polices, treatment of the animals and kill rate. What I take away from this picture is they are trying to get the word about spay and neuter out ( you would be surprised how many don’t know about the low cost programs) and the animals adopted.

    Shirley, I agree with some of your posts and can apperciate what you are trying to do, but I don’t agree with your comments here.

    1. I agree with you Laura. There are a ton of things to criticize MAS about. And there is certainly a lot to criticize FMAS about as well. But this post is off the mark.

    2. Laura, Did you kill your dogs after you got home? Because that’s what’s happening to most of the dogs at MAS. They are being killed, without the public ever getting the chance to put their hands on them. So comparing what you consider “responsible” for your dogs is not relevant to the dumpster destined dogs at MAS.

      I can guarantee you any dog at MAS would vote YES if asked if they’d like to meet some potential adopters at a public dog event even though it’s brutally hot outside. Take reasonable and sensible steps to keep them as cool as possible and let them out of their cages!

      1. That’s not true at all Shirley, and I’m not sure how easy it is for you to search through my posts to see that. I did get in a huff on the “We hate this” post last week, because although it got a lot of reaction I thought the post was pretty pointless. And as for this one…I attended a similar event with some volunteers from my shelter two weeks ago, and could easily have snapped the exact same type of picture (despite the fact that we had seven volunteers and six dogs at the event). It may be symbolic to you, but it doesn’t say anything about what FMAS did or didn’t do at this event.

        I am totally supportive of the efforts to reform MAS. It’s a shitty place and deserves the criticism it gets. But I put in a lot of time in person at my own shelter, and also help out with the Facebook/blog/Petfinder etc. stuff as well. That probably doesn’t make me any different than a lot of your commenters. But it does make me sensitive to the assumptions that people who have never been to my shelter can leap to based on one picture or comment.

        You going to be out west anytime soon? Would love to have you be my guest for a day at the shelter.

        PS Is there a limit to how many levels down we can “reply”? I can’t seem to be able to reply to your comment to me…

      2. Joel,

        I have established sufficient context here by blogging about MAS for many months. Most readers are aware they kill 77% of their pets, prevent the public from seeing most of the dogs, etc. I wouldn’t post a photo of your group’s table b/c I have no idea who your group is. IDK if you save all your savable pets, most of them, hardly any or what. I haven’t set up sufficient background on your group so that I could simply post a picture of a table and have it speak for itself to readers. It would make no sense.

        If I get a chance to travel west at some point, I would love to take you up on your offer.

        I limit the replies to 3 levels b/c after that, it starts to get ridiculously skinny and is a pain for people to read. You can always hit REPLY to the previous comment above the one you want to reply to – if that makes sense.

      3. I realize this is your blog and you can blast whoever you want but ouch, that’s a bit personal, Shirley. You don’t know me, and since you never asked, I have rescues, I volunteer, I foster and I donate to mutiple groups, including MAS. I support spay and neuter and against BSL. I try to do as much as my time and money will allow. The botanic garden wasn’t an adoption event, in the way of having adoptable dogs there. I am sorry to say that I am also ” out the door” and taking my local support with me. I wish you the best with your blog.

      4. It wasn’t intended to be personal – it was intended to draw a stark contrast between owned pets and MAS pets. Obviously neither I nor anyone reading this believes you killed your dogs. I fail to understand how you could say this was “personal”. But yes, if you have local support who only read the blogs you tell them to, by all means, good luck to you.

      5. From reading the comments I never assumed that you Laura killed your dogs and it wouldn’t matter if you have fosters ect. You left them at home because that was the best place for them. I am glad you thought about their well being but the best place for the dogs at MAS is NOT being left at the shelter. They need to be seen even if it’s hot outside. They could of rotated dogs. Brought out a few for an hour or so then brought out a few more. There is ways to work with the heat. As for the shelter being closed, get keys.

        I think some people are missing the context. These are not family pets, they are not safe in a rescue, every missed or half assed chance at getting adopted may be their last. Each dog at MAS has a short window of time to get saved. How many dogs were killed Monday? Would they have been adopted if they had gone on Sunday? We will never know, but it would of been worth a shot at least. You’ll miss every shot you never take.

  15. Although I am sure that the volunteers who set up the table and all did so with a good heart, I stand by Shirley’s assesment. The dogs could have had a day of socializing outside of their crappy cages and kennels, proper precautions about the heat could have been arranged, and so forth. What kind of flyers were handed out? Did they mention the kill rate, and the fact that there are many more animals who never see the light of day again, who will spend their eternity staring at the stars from under the landfill dirt? OR did they just tell people to spay and neuter? Did they ask for volunteer foster homes? DId they encourage people to TNR? Eucritta hit it RIGHT on the head about “lowered expectations” and THAT goes all the way to the Mayor’s office, who seems to expect his constituency to be a bunch of irresponsible gangbangers and dirty kitteh lovers. Nuff said.

  16. This picture is very representative of Friends of Memphis Animal Shelter = nice idea but poor/misguided execution. Every time I post on their FB page asking how many animals are currently at the shelter and how many of them will be offered to the public for adoption, my posts get deleted. In fact, my posts get deleted generally, regardless if I just say “hello”, just because I rescue from MAS and know what goes on there, and God forbid I should say something to tarnish Their Image.

    Since the picture from the Botanic Garden was posted on the FOMAS FB page there have been almost no animals posted there. I think it’s great to try and promote the MAS animals at off-site event, but again, as with a lot of FOMAS initiatives, the execution is misguided.

  17. this is an excerpt from rescue-five-ohs publication about the futility of collaboration: “Austin’s success was not the result of “community collaboration,” as others have suggested. It was the result of a fight. A fight against the powers-that-be. A fight against indecency and uncaring that took place every time an animal was injected with poison from a bottle marked “Fatal-plus.” It was also a fight over community values and priorities, and it was a fight for access to the animals that the shelter wrongly deemed “unadoptable” and “unwanted.” — friends of mas are so careful not to do or say anything negative about mas and it makes them so much less effective than they could be, it was ‘impossible’ to take dogs out because mas is closed on sunday? they should have insisted mas be open that sunday at least long enuf to check out some dogs for the event; and it wasnt an adoption event? fomas should have insisted that it become an adoption event and used and continue to use their influence to demand that common sense effective policies be put in place

    1. Maybe FoMAS don’t have much choice in the matter? I know volunteers who maintain the Facebook page of a “No Kill” shelter, and they aren’t allowed to post anything negative or even to say when animals are on the “e-list” (the kill list). I’m sure that you’ll say these volunteers are aiding and abetting the killing by not making a stand, but the shelter is in the position of power here. Instead of having a big confrontation with the shelter, which would undoubtedly lead to negative repercussions for the poor animals in the shelter, the volunteers put the word out through other channels, and many of the e-list animals do get saved as a result. If it weren’t for close cooperation between rescue groups and shelter volunteers, the shelter would only be saving 30-40% of the animals.

      And by the way, having read an email from the shelter director, condemning a cat to the needle, I believe the “compassionate shelter director” included in the “No Kill Equation” is entirely unnecessary.

  18. Participation in this event was by invitation, and organizations who were invited to participate were allowed to bring 2 volunteers per group without paying the admission fee. There had to be a volunteer present for each dog the group brought. So… even if MAS was open on a Sunday so that the dogs could go to the event, and even if there hadn’t been an extreme heat advisory yesterday, some of these groups don’t have the spare cash to pay for additional volunteers to attend the event. We are struggling to get vet bills paid as it is.

    1. So two dogs could have been brought for free?

      Again, I’m hearing how it was impossible, how you had to choose between bringing dogs to the event and paying vet bills. What would be impressive is to hear how you brought 2 dogs for free – even if you didn’t get them adopted, but just enriched their lives and increased their chances for adoption. Or that you posted on FB (or wherever) to ask for donations to pay whatever the fee was to cover X number of add’l vols to handle add’l dogs. Or JUST ABOUT ANYTHING that doesn’t sound like “We’re trying to save a few and kill the rest so quit yelling at us”. Sometimes people yelling at you is a good thing. Like when you are busy defending the color of your drapes while your house is burning down around you.

      1. Come to think of it, there’s another thing I notice about that table: no donation jar.

        Why not?

      2. We did take two dogs (after our president finally found a volunteer available and willing to attend the event) and a donation jar. Our dogs and volunteers were hot, and the donation jar still empty at the end of the day.

        Thankfully though a percentage of the ticket sales for the event go to the groups who participated, so by being there with or without dogs and/or donation jar, the participating groups were raising funds.

        So groups got to promote themselves to the public and raised much-needed funds, but all you can do is criticize them for not doing it the way you think it should be done.

    2. Sorry – not buying it! VET BILLS? For who? For what? You have a “vet” on staff yet it appears that many of those in need of vet care never get it anyway. Maybe it’s just those chosen few who are seen.
      Price increase in the blue stuff most of them are “treated” to?

  19. FMAS attended an event, set up a table, put out photos of the dogs available for adoption so they would not get overheated and perhaps die of heatstroke.

    It is too bad that MAS and FMAS do not care that while they try to spare SIXTEEN from potential heatstroke…

    TWO HUNDRED more will die at the end of a needle.

    1. Yea, that and all of a sudden, they brought two dogs with them, after reading all the shiite raised here????? I no buy BS.

  20. “The lady doth protest too much” is the phrase that keeps rattling in my head. Excuses and hurt feelings. Get over yourselves and be honest. If you have to defend it, it’s faulty. Stop defending and making excuses, they are the reason people continue on doing what has always been done and nothing changes. Take criticism and use it to do better, be better. You are splitting hairs when the truth is IT IS NOT WORKING!!! Let your ego have the day off and accept that if what has been done worked we wouldn’t be having this conversation. All these dead animals/missing animals etc. would be alive and well and you would be happily working at a shelter that was a pleasant loving place.A real “Shelter” instead of putting frosting on shit to make it smell better.We can all do better, accept that and open your minds to the fact that we can change our present system. Stop pointing fingers and passing the buck. Every animal that dies is all our faults. Be the change you want to see in the world and stop settling for half measures.

  21. I am not part of FoMAS. I am part of a different organization who participated in this event. We don’t have a facility or a vet on staff, but we do have lots of vet bills for the dogs and cats we rescue. Many of those dogs even come from MAS, although I’m sure most people on this forum wouldn’t believe that since posters seem to believe that local rescuers aren’t already pulling whatever dogs they can.

    1. Stephanie,

      We know that local rescuers pull pets from MAS and we are grateful. I think there was a misunderstanding because it seemed as if you were part of the “Friends” group. I’m glad your group attended the event and brought dogs.

      1. Yes, sorry Stephanie, your initial two postings were totally unclear as to WHO you were with. Good for you.

  22. love that folks comment in general but the comment by Concerned Citizen in Memphis and the above “little rant” by Shirley (and the one after by Shirley) – well, I’ll come back to those comments as reminders of what goes on not just in Memphis.

    just have to say …a mighty big thank you for telling the truth.

  23. People do adopt-a-thons outside all of the time, so saying “well it was outside” doesnt really mean anything to me. Bring water and some shade and youll be good. Itll be good to let the dogs have some free/fun time too. Also, I AM glad that they are at least doing something, but it seems kind of weird to me to be like “Hey heres a picture of Fido, do you think you would want him? If you do, come down to our shelter. Oh wait, I should mention, we are closed today”. Shouldnt they have allowed one exception (actually they should have it open on Sundays anyway since people will be off work and it would be a good time to go down and get a new pet) so that people dont go somewhere else (like say a pet store in the mall or the roadside or ANYWHERE else?) or do this on a Saturday or something? Again, Im glad that they have at least done this much, but it seems like throwing us a bone and expecting us to feel like we just ate prime rib or something.

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