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Memphis Animal Services – Readers have made several offers to help the pets at MAS and I am highlighting them in this post so that they don’t get missed.  Please tell us whether you’d like to accept any of these offers and who to contact.

scarlett Says:

I will offer to build a comprehensive website for MAS that educates/informs the public, presents ALL of the animals available for adoption, presents ALL of the strays, provides a secure area for volunteers to communicate. I’ll work with a volunteer that can keep the site up-to-date from wherever they are. Whatever they need. It’s what I do for a living…and it is something they really need!


mikken Says:

I’ve noticed that some of the Kuranda beds could use new covers – I’ll gladly donate 5 of those.


Vania Maldonado (@savetheferals) Says:

I can write articles about your No Kill movement in Memphis. I’m very glad to hear there are so many people there that want to go No Kill. I wish you all the best of luck, contact me via email when you’d like me to write an article.


A reader who wishes to remain anonymous on the blog contacted me privately with an offer to teach the ACOs how to photograph pets in the field or upon intake so the info can be uploaded to PetHarbor right away.

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  1. I will see Mayor Wharton this weekend and will specifically ask him about MAS and his plans for the future. I hope and pray he rethinks the cameras as transparency is of the utmost importance now. There are so many of us who are willing to assist with a No-Kill facility; I will assure him of this.

    1. His thinking on the “dogfight” photo being a prime example for killing the cams is so backward. The video footage revealed incompetence and cruelty on the part of his trained professional animal handlers. We would never have seen this video were it not for the uproar caused by the webcam shot. Can they release the video which goes with more shots – like the puppies in the garbage can being wheeled to the kill room or the cat being hanged by the neck in tongs or ANYTHING? I would be extremely interested to see what those pieces of video reveal.

    1. The software MAS has (Chameleon) directly uploads to PetHarbor so there is no additional time or effort required. If one or more volunteers would be willing to also post on Petfinder, I think that would be super.

  2. For those who advocate for keeping the shelter publicly owned & controlled, there are free webinars on the Calgary funding model this week!

    (Portland Oregon is one city looking to become no kill. This is a link to their info on the Calgary funding model, Their website is

    Those interested can sign up to learn more about the Calgary self-funded model online. It will be like a seminar. I believe there will be a part at the end where people can ask questions.

    Info was posted on Facebook on the MEOW Foundation’s page. (They do TNR of feral cats in the City of Calgary): “We are happy to announce all new exciting webinars! To view the dates, times and register for this sessions please visit https://petsmartcharities.​ .”

    “The Calgary Model for Success
    Bill Bruce, Director of Animal and Bylaw Services for the City of Calgary

    The animal control bylaw in Calgary, Alberta, Canada has been hailed by many as a HUGE success. While other cities and provinces in Canada are banning breeds, Calgary is choosing education program and stronger enforcement. Pet owners in Calgary have a support system that addresses their needs before they become a problem. They have a mandatory licensing program for both cats and dogs which has provided the funds to help even more animals. The program has also lowered the number of impounded animals, increased owner return rates, lowered the euthanasia rates and lowered the number of fines for bylaw infractions! In this webinar, Bill Bruce of The City of Calgary Animal Services will share with you the steps he and his organization took to bring his community such a successful program, and the impact it had on animals’ lives in that community.”

    Another article: “New ideas in animal services from Calgary”,
    “How’s this for a cool idea – an animal services department that actually provides services for your animals! What a radical notion.”

  3. The shelter went on a Killing spree today. I saw the white hair lady walking the isles and putting tags on a lot on kennels, Now the kennel dogs are open and the dogs are gone.. R.I.P. babies

  4. There was two guys.. (Pepper maybe shopping again) next thing .. all the lights are out, then dogs are being moved around. Just doesn’t look right.

    1. I noticed that they’re turning lights out a lot now, too. It really looks like they’re trying to hide what they’re doing from the cameras.

      Those rooms never used to be so dark before…

      If I were an incoming shelter director, the first thing I’d do is review the security footage for the last month or two. I’d want to know who is selling dogs out the back door.

      1. And the next thing I’d do is put web cams in the new shelter. The more eyes on my operation, the more people will see both the animals and the humane practices I’ve enforced with the staff.

      2. I want to know how all the dead dogs get out of the building. The kill room is so small and I’ve seen the door open… do they have a shute out a window that leads to a dumpster? Is this one more shelter that provides bodies for dog food?

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