Will the Stray Area at MAS Be Re-Opened?

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This dog was out loose at Memphis Animal Services the other night (perhaps scrounging for food?) and appears to have come from the cage with the open door.  This is the stray area at MAS where adopters haven’t been allowed since Matt Pepper instituted that policy in 2010.  I hope now that Mr. Pepper has resigned, MAS will re-open the stray area to adopters so that people can see and touch dogs like this one.  If caring members of the public can not see and touch her, how will they fall in love and resolve to help her?

9 thoughts on “Will the Stray Area at MAS Be Re-Opened?

  1. What is stopping Memphis residents from coming in RIGHT NOW and doing what needs to be done to get this shelter in order?!? Obviously, no one is running the place and you know everyone else views this as a chance to slough off…

    1. A starving dog wandering around…awful…too bad he couldn’t just walk out the door to find help somewhere else…

  2. The stray area should never have been closed to the public…before Matt Pepper’s ruling, I adopted a feral 7 month old BLACK pit mix whose feral mother I had been feeding…so I knew when this dog disappeared, to call MAS. Bullet is a great big baby and has made a great pet and serves as a great “warning” dog. I always know when someone is at the door! There are always a lot of adoptable dogs that no one ever gets to see…it’s not always beauty (and that is in the eye of the beholder) but some kind of magic that makes us pick a certain animal!

    1. Sometimes. I have seen many owner surrenders put into the stray area (including the trash can family) and many others taken straight to the kill room.

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