Pleading for Leadership in Memphis

At a meeting of the Memphis City Council today, members pleaded with Matt Pepper to remain as director of MAS.  He declined.

Meanwhile, back at the pound, it was another day of business as usual.

Did anyone plead for you to stay, dear heart? You are loved. You are not forgotten.

Memphis, please – stop the killing.

10 thoughts on “Pleading for Leadership in Memphis

  1. I wish Peppers gang went with him!! including the Mayor.

    Then maybe animals at MAS might have a chance.

  2. This is the problem. They think he did a good job. They think that a 75% kill rate is a huge improvement.

    The bar is set so damn low in Memphis, it’s a wonder anything gets out of there alive.

  3. The city obviously isn’t looking for improvement, only that someone, anyone, is sitting (and I do mean sitting) in that position so they can say, “Oh what a good job he’s doing and we are doing so good killing only 77%”.

    His record is unacceptable. Why do they think it’s so good? Do they not read any of the letters written or any of these blogs?

  4. you know things are bad when Janis the pole dancing council member begs you to stay..
    Hey Pepper.. don’t let the door ( to the kill room) hit you on the way out.. good riddance

  5. Have you read about this transport program?

    Would the MAS ever participate and support something like this? Think of all the fatal-plus they’d save. And, all the dogs who would be alive and happy and loved away from Memphis. Anyway, it’s just a thought. One that would require people who live in Memphis to organize, but monetary donations to make it happen could come from all over.

    Reading your blog, it strikes me that the powers that be in Memphis are more determined than ever to continue on their failed path. You’d think that all the publicity – this blog, a billboard, media – would have the citizenry up in arms by now over the horrific treatment that animals receive at the hands of the MAS. But, if they are asking Mr. Pepper to stay, it tells me otherwise.

  6. Pepper won’t stay because he already has a job lined up in a shelter in New Mexico and will be starting before the end of the month.

  7. This tells me, one more time, the majority of citizens of Memphis & Shelby County do not CARE! The atrocities at MAS have gone on for years…..they are still going on…and there is no answer to WHAT IS IT GOING TO TAKE? Matt Pepper may have done a better job, I say MAY HAVE, if he did not have Janet Hooks and Mayor Wharton & union employees that NOBODY can terminate! I am certainly not defending Matt Pepper. In my opinion he was a “wimp” and a “yes” man! I believe until Janet Hooks & Wharton quit running the show…MAS will remain a “killing field” and a place of horrors!

    1. I agree. Those two haven’t changed a thing. I have my doubts if they will ever change anything, even if requested by Rotary Club. Of course I have my doubts about Rotary Club too.

      I can only hope for the best

  8. I shared this in the hope that this goes international, people need to know what kind of facilities you have there in Memphis and the type of people you have living there that don’t give a damn about your animals. I know animal lovers certainly don’t want to move to a community that shows no humanity for their pets. You need to wake up and discontinue this kind of behavior and get to the “No Kill” status. Get educated in the adoption, spay and neuter programs for animals so their lives can be saved and utitlized to loving families. These critters have a purpose, and certainly not one you provide.

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