You want to adopt a pet from MAS? Whatevs.

Pop quiz:

(No scrolling down in advance – that’s cheating.)

Your volunteer group helps out a high kill pound.  The pound has a very limited web presence and no social networking presence at all – but your group does.  The pound doesn’t post its pets online – but your group at least posts a fraction of them.  Because the pound has no significant online persona, many visitors mistakenly believe your group’s webpages are actually those of the pound.  People contact you regularly seeking assistance.

One such person writes you a letter indicating they’d like to adopt a specific pet they believe is at the pound.  The adopter explains they’ve called the pound several times already but no one knows exactly which dog it is they are wanting and so no one has helped them.  They have found your group’s pet listings but do not see the dog they want.  The adopter gives you a detailed description of the pet, including intake date, and believes your group is the pound.  They are asking for your assistance in adopting the dog.

You respond with your stock answer, which is…?

Thank you so much for writing and expressing an interest in adopting this dog.  Our group is a volunteer organization and not the pound itself but I’m happy to help because getting pets into homes is why we are here!  I’m taking the description you sent and going right now to look through the intakes for that day to see if I can find any possible matches.  I’ll get back to you ASAP with photos of any dog(s) I think might be the one you are wanting to adopt.  Be in touch soon!


What do I look like, your personal assistant?  You need to get off your fat ass and come down here to look for yourself.  If the dog ends up in the kill room before you get here, it’s going to be YOUR FAULT because you were too stupid to know that no one is going to help you save this dog.  Don’t bother me again.

OK now you can scroll down and see if you are a winner.  Or a weiner.

A facebook posting from August 16, 2011.

Can we at least pretend to get a little excited about getting a dog from the stray area out of MAS alive? I know he’s not one of The Chosen Ones but sheesh. I wish MAS would let in some of the people who have offered their volunteer services but been turned away. The city may not like “their kind” but dang, could they do any worse?

I’m also willing to bet MAS could attract additional, compassionate volunteers if the 3 page application form didn’t contain questions like this:

  • No I don’t understand.
  • No I don’t agree that MAS or any facility “has to” kill healthy/treatable pets.  Ever.
  • No I don’t think beating dogs with steel poles, tossing puppies into a trash can or hanging a cat by the neck on the way to the kill room qualifies as “humane euthanasia”.  Nor does forcing dogs and cats to watch each other die before it’s their turn for the needle.

I guess the partial line available for comments on that question is just not long enough for me.

Is there anyone in a leadership position in Memphis who is interested in plain old lifesaving as opposed to excuses, laziness, and blaming everybody else for the killing?  If not, can you be that person?

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  1. If they had photos of EVERY animal that came into the shelter, this would have been a whole different story. I understand that they are short-handed, they intake several dogs everyday…blah, blah, blah (insert lame excuse here) I wonder if anyone has ever volunteered just to take photos? And then to post them somewhere, anywhere.

  2. These dogs need more than ‘facebook’ friends. The exchange above makes that plain. And, while the internet attention through various blogs is very helpful, the dogs need more than that, too. Someone or a few someones on the ground in Memphis is what the dogs need most desperately.

    What would happen if a person were to walk into the MAS with a camera and knowledge of how to enter the information onto the Pet Harbor system and said ‘Let’s get going and list all your dogs and cats online.” Would MAS actually refuse the help?

    1. People have made these types of offers and have been refused. At the last meeting that was open to the public, a representative from the mayor’s office responded to volunteer offers by saying something along the lines of “We don’t want your kind of people down there volunteering”. I think it’s clear what kind of people MAS wants volunteering.

      1. That’s just unconscionable. What person or persons at MAS refused the offer? I can understand how sometimes volunteers can take up staff time, but that would be a rather thin reason for refusing help when it is so clearly needed. Especially, when the benefits for the city and the animals would be so huge.

        Also, I’ve been thinking more about the pit bulls that go missing or whatever that means. If the shelter is turning a blind eye and those pit bulls are winding up in a fighting ring, then federal authorities ought to be looking into this.

    2. I actually was volunteering there yesterday for the first time finally. Tracy only gave me the job of watch the desk and adoption area, answer questions. Bored, I started taking pictures of some puppies in the adoptable/cattery area. I had my camera phone out for maybe 20 seconds. Immediately Jeanne came into that area yelling at “NO ma’am, we do not take pictures of animals, we do not, I do not want to see any of the pictures online.” Just ranting!! I finally interrupted her and introduced myself and asked for her name, shook her hand and then I “thanked her being so pleasant”. Jeanne never talked to me once after that.

      For 3 hours I poked around the shelter with no guidance, except what some of the shelter workers told me I could do. I was afraid to open cages. I wanted to ask for some toys for the kitties (there are 3 or 4 large boxes of toys behind a desk) but after the ass chewing I had got, I just kept to myself. I’ll bring my own next time.

      I’ll say this, there was a family looking for a dog and didn’t like any of the ones in the “lucky 30”. They were pretty persistent on checking the back stray area. A shelter worker did pull a rottweiler that was on the “due out” list for yesterday. She was super sweet and just what the family wanted. I was very impressed. Of course Jeanne took a picture of the family and the dog once they adopted her, I haven’t seen it posted on Facebook yet. I’m assuming bc it was a freak accident and she didn’t want to give the public the impression that strays can be adoptable and that they are wonderful dogs.

      I know this, I wanted to cry but I didn’t. I can only imagine if some poor soul comes in and Jeanne yells at them like what would happen? Would they leave? Just quit the volunteer job? I’m going back only because I want to be at the shelter helping the animals. If the “Friends” want to bully me into leaving well, they have met there match because I’m not.

      Chelton did come over and talk with me at one point and thanked me for helping out. I think he had heard what went on between Jeanne and I. It really meant a lot that he thanked me.

      1. “NO ma’am, we do not take pictures of animals, we do not, I do not want to see any of the pictures online.”

        Wow. How sad for the pets at MAS that this is how their supposed “Friends” act. Can you take pictures of them once they’ve hit the dumpster? Cos w/out photos being posted online, that’s where they’re going.

        Just tragic.

      2. Funny, she posted the picture just now of facebook. Hmmmm. I wonder who reads yesbiscuit?

      3. Thanks for volunteering. While Jeanne Chancellor was out of line, I guess they’ve been burned too many times.

        I’m not trying to offend you, but I have to ask: were those pictures for you or to share with friends? Could she have been afraid they might have shown up on YB instead?

        The little Rottie girl is on the Friends page. Maybe she read your mind. Or maybe Yesbiscuit is her secret vice!

      4. Quit it. I don’t have a stealth army of people out to get photos for me for chrissakes. MAS provides plenty of shots on their own webcams. And by my count, any pets who show up on this blog are doing pretty well at getting out of MAS alive. I mean, we haven’t killed 77% of them anyway.

      5. Why wouldn’t they want to see the pictures online? If a volunteer sees a cute, adoptable cat that she wants to put up on her facebook page or whatever to help move that cat into a home, what’s the harm?

        I don’t understand.

      6. I was just taking some pictures of the puppies in the cat area. The only place the picture would’ve ended up would be on my facebook page, with the caption of “look at me, I’m adorable adopt me!” But of course that didn’t happen. The thing is I snapped 1 and it was blurry, so by the time I tried to snap another one she was yelling at me. I closed the cage door and apologized and walked out of the area where she followed me and continued to yell.
        If she has been burned she is very bitter about it and harboring some unhealthy feeling. She is VERY rude and not at all there to help the animals, she just has some bone to pick with volunteers. I honestly don’t know what she has going for her because the facebook page is a joke and she is a bully.I know she blocked me from the friends Facebook page bc I called out her “dog and pony show” with the mysterious deleting comments and post. Yesbiscuit probably is her vice.
        Maybe she has money and people feel like they have to like her. I don’t know. Money can buy you a lot of things, but it can’t buy you class.

      7. They don’t have to bully you out,. I believe you have just terminated yourself. Since I know there will be an outraged post here, I’ll just say this. If IBM hired you, found out you’d called them a “dog and pony show” online and were posting on an I hate IBM site that they obviously monitor, would you really expect them to love and trust you?

        When you’re an employee, they usually have to give you a reason. With a volunteer, they can just say bye-bye. I do believe that you just wanted to work there to help the animals, But what goes online doesn’t stay online.

        I hope you can stay. The animals need all the friends (not just Friends friends) they can get.

      8. Well, I apologize for having an opinion and that I don’t take crap from people. I encourage other volunteers not take abuse from the “friends” or shelter workers (even though the shelter workers are were great yesterday) We will see what happens if they don’t let me back in, It will just prove how broken the the system is. If they do then maybe there is hope that they want to change.

      9. Patience: With all due respect, I am running out patience with you. WTF? WHO is paying YOU for these outlandish remarks and apologia’s? Christ on a bicycle, if you cannot be constructive, please STFU. Respectfully yours, of course.

      10. Bless you Kim, keep on with your help & service. We will thank you plenty for the help at MAS if they do or not. They need you more than they will ever know.

  3. How hard is it to tell this person to go look at the intake on 8-11-11 on Pet Harbor? It could be this dog:
    This DOG – ID#A230768

    I am a female, tricolor Australian Shepherd.

    The shelter staff think I am about 2 years old.

    I have been at the shelter since Aug 11, 2011.

    This information is less than 1 hour old.

  4. with “friends” like that…who needs enemies? Since they are “FOMAS” I think they should stay friends. at the old building. away from civilization and all THOSE people that want to help. hey, there is plenty of empty cages, a metal building out back & a pasture….they can have it all to themselves like they want.

  5. Off topic: I know I don’t agree with you guys on a lot of things, but I do know how much you care about the animals.

    Could somebody check this out and if it’s legit, please spread the word that they seem to need some help ASAP? Thank you. I’ll send what I can. There’s nothing on their web page, but maybe things are a little hectic there right now.

      1. Thanks. I don’t believe in No-Kill, but my principles go by the wayside when I read something like this.

      2. Patience, did you just say you’re in favor of killing healthy, adoptable animals, and opposed to people who won’t do that? Really?

        No wonder you think there would be something nefarious about Kim taking pictures of adoptable animals and posting them online!

      3. I can’t speak for Patience, but I feel that if the choice were only euthanize the animal vs. leave it to suffer in a horrible situation, I would rather see it euthanized. Of course, in a perfect world, there would be no crappy choices, just blissful ones! Obviously, I would rather see all animals in loving, caring, healthy situations. I am an animal lover and care deeply about all of them, but like I said, there are some things worse than death.

      4. Nice attempt at palming the card, Nicci, but I said healthy, adoptable animals–not suffering, sick or injured animals, or animals with behavior problems too severe to ever be safe with people.

        No Kill is not about never euthanising animals; it’s about never killing healthy, adoptable animals for convenience, i.e., “for space” or because they’ve had all the time you’re prepared to give them to find new homes.

      5. I get very uncomfortable at the “things worse than death” phrase. While it’s true, I can imagine things worse than death, they are mostly from really bad horror films (and not bad in a good way). Just in case I am a pet in my next life, I would like to go on record while i have opposable thumbs that I DO NOT WANT TO BE KILLED UNLESS I AM IN ONE OF THOSE REALLY BAD HORROR FILMS 24/7 AND HAVE NO HOPE OF EVER GETTING OUT.

  6. I’ve never heard back about the emaciated pup being pulled to . . . ? . . . He has/had people willing to help him. Much easier to just haul them to the kill room.
    Bottom line is they simply

  7. Kim, please try telling the truth. I was at the shelter yesterday and Jeanne did not “yell” at you! She simply told you that you are not allowed to take pictures.

    1. Oh you were there??? Where? Were you the other volunteer that never introduced themselves to me? Because that was yelling. You could call it ass chewing too.

      1. No I am not a volunteer nor do I work there. I do rescue and that was not yelling. I do know though that you are told in volunteer orientation that you are not allowed to take pictures of the strays. She did tell you that they were strays that you were taking pictures of but there was no yelling.

      2. Strays not in the stray area, weird. Guess the got the room names mixed up.

        I consider yelling to be any form of conversation that oozes attitude and is harsher than said persons normal speech. Some people can’t hear and normally talk loudly that’s not really being yelled at persay. Some people get really quiet when they rip you a new one, I still for ease of explaining i call that being yelled at. It’s really dependent on the person and how it makes you feel in my opinion. That’s how I read her comment, I didn’t really expect the women stood there yelling as loud as she possibly could. That’s just rediculous.

  8. I have met and talked to several MAS volunteers, one of whom is a close personal friend of mine, who were strongly discouraged and treated very rudely by the so-called “Friends of Memphis Animal Shelter” who apparently believe they have complete and total monopoly on who takes pictures, what pictures get posted, what comments get made and in general what animals “deserve” to live and be adopted and what animals apparently do not.

    In addition, many people who work with rescue groups and actually rescue animals from the Memphis Shelter, including animals who are in the stray areas, are treated with complete and total dismissal by “Friends”. So I’m still trying to figure out: whose “Friends” are they anyway?

  9. I now know exactly who you are. Thank you for making that clear,
    But no, I was told that a volunteer got fired for taking pictures of court case dogs. Court case dogs are off limits with cameras. Other volunteers takes pictures all of the times of dogs, post them on their pages, email them send them out etc etc. That puppy was actually an owner surrender and I watched 1 kid take a picture of him last night and didn’t get yelled. So why did I??

    it just goes to show you what type of person you are that you are defending Jeanne actions towards a volunteer. If I can’t take ANY pictures then tell me, she was just waiting for her moment to pounce all over me, this isn’t the only scenario harassment. There are constantly people talking about how big of a bully she is or the “friends” are. I was there for only 5 minutes when this happened. Seriously??? If this is the way they want to run the show, then fine I will deal with it bc I am there for 1 reason, for the animals. That volunteer program is broken, we need to fix it.

    1. GO KIM! Without your & other’s help to make things right, things may not ever get better. Some one in the picture is just the “turd in the punch bowl”.

    2. Kim, Thank you for sharing with us your experience, while volunteering yesterday. I am sorry that you had to endure the wrath or scowl of Jeanne. I hope you will continue to go there and help the animals as best you can. For the record, I didn’t get “fired” for taking a picture of a court case dog. When Tracy called me in to his office to tell me he heard that I had posted a picture of this dog (now known as Stanley)- he told me why I shouldn’t do that- I apologized and promised it would not happen again. The reason I got “fired” was because I sent an e-mail to Pepper questioning the killing of a golden retriever – Pepper said I wasn’t on the same page as him. I also was accused of soliciting information to a person whose dog had been at MAS for quite some time…unfortunately the “tattle-tale” only heard part of the conversation and jumped to conclusions. I only heard about this AFTER I was told to take a leave….Kim, be strong and we all thank you for trying to help the fur babies at MAS – I know you truly care!

  10. Please bear with me for a moment –

    I have been following the MAS story VERY closely. I am currently trying to get my stuff together so I can go back to school and finish my degree with the hope of running an animal shelter. Which would be a change from my home based business that I have run for the past 10 years, but I also do animal rescue on my own & have a few dogs and cats in my house as ‘pets’ – so I DO know something about animals.

    Given that Matthew Pepper resigned – I know they have ‘named’ an interim director (Chelton Beamon) while they figure things out…does anyone know anything about him? Also I am assuming while waiting for the Rotary Club to do their evaluation of the shelter that Mayor Wharton is not going to be looking for a replacement – does anyone have any knowledge of that for sure? Or does everyone think the interim director will eventually take over?

    Does anyone know anything about the job description for the MAS shelter director? I have looked online to find something and have found NOTHING. Does anyone know if they might be willing to hire someone without a degree that has a lot of energy and love of animals to the point of wanting to sweep in and clean up that shelter? I admit to not know much about how a shelter runs…but I really don’t think it would be that hard to learn! I figure that with a 77% +/- they could take a chance on me…what’s the worse that could happen? Maybe I could actually change things for the employees, volunteer, and most importantly – the ANIMALS!!!

    Any help would be appreciated….I am a few states away from Tennessee and would be moving my entire family with me – so I REALLY need to figure this out so that I can at least send my job proposal to the Mayor and see what happens.


    1. This sounds like an awesome idea to me. I would suggest contacting the mayor’s office and requesting a job description. Even if the position isn’t posted at this time, they should still be able to send you the info.

    2. The job description used to hire Matthew Pepper is here:

      It is a vague, one-page document containing no lifesaving performance metrics. From the signature, it was likely written by Eric Sabatini, Memphis’s Manager of Compensation/Records Administration. Janet Hooks signed off on it.

      While apparently not requiring care for animals, they do want a bachelor’s degree. Although it’s worth noting that Louisville, Kentucky just hired a 26-year-old without a bachelor’s degree, reportedly changing the job description midway through the hiring process to accommodate his lack of that very credential. His qualifications? He worked for the Humane Society of the United States, which as we all know is dedicated to ending shelter killing (well, okay, maybe they’re not), and he served as the director of . . . wait for it . . . a high-kill shelter.

      So, there you go.

      1. If that’s all the qualification needed to run a shelter, sign me up! I’ll do it AND follow the no kill equasion/philosophy.

      2. I just wonder – IF I submitted a proposal for the job….AND that proposal contained a reduction in the salary – which would be saving the city of Memphis some $$$ – do you think it would increase my chances of them “possibly” hiring me with no experience (and right now no degree)???

      3. Concerned – I can’t say what the city of Memphis would do because mercifully, I don’t think like them. But if *I* was hiring for the position, I’d be open to looking at all comers, especially anyone who might save us some money on salary. Go for it! Nothing to lose, everything to gain.

    3. If you had the position, do you understand the complete no kill ideals & could you follow them?

      1. I have read BOTH “Redemption” and “Irreconcilable Differences” by Nathan Winograd. I follow Nathan Winograd’s blog – as well as this one. I believe I have a basic understanding of how No Kill works. Now I know that I will have to do a LOT of things, but I believe the first step is getting the job – then going in there and just saying – that’s it no more killing UNLESS the animal is suffering. If I say that we will no longer kill the animals and then begin to work on developing relationships with rescues – and fosters, in addition to volunteers – that it will be the first of many steps to turn things around at this shelter.

        I am the kind of person that fights for those that have no voice – animals, children, the elderly. I believe that animals (especially in a shelter) deserve the right to be loved and that each animal be given a chance at life. I do not pretend to be something that I’m not. I know that initially I will have to rely on the assistance of LOTS of people to get things running smoothly (and in the right direction). But I also believe that enough people have been made aware of MAS and what is going on that I will have plenty of help.

        I have lots of experience in marketing and in management. I think that combined with my love of animals (and the support of people everywhere -not just in Memphis) that it will be enough to get things off the ground. But I also know that IF I got the position I will be planning on attending the next No Kill conference – even IF I have to take a vacation and pay for it myself! I would also plan on asking Mr. Winograd to come to the shelter and help me understand what I need to do to get things started….if he would be willing to help that is!

      2. Concerned,

        Glad to hear that you have marketing and management skills – those are VITAL!

        And no, you probably would not be able to go no-kill immediately, but just teaching/enforcing humane handling would be a big step at MAS. I’m sure rescue groups will be very willing to work with you and with improved networking of animals (PetHarbor, Petfinder, etc.), you’ll be able to get more animals adopted very quickly. Don’t forget “senior specials” and “Black Pearl” sales and all of those wonderful ways to get animals placed who might otherwise be overlooked.

        Oh, now I’m rambling. It would just be so wonderful to have someone in charge at MAS who considers animal welfare a priority!

    4. Dear Concerned, Please also familiarize yourself with the other successful no kill model listed on the Gimme Shelter Portland site, If the shelter had it’s own source of funding, excellent leadership AND the community ended up with fewer dog bite & feral cat complaints, why WOULDN’T the city embrace it?

      Their campaign overview:

      “Gimme Shelter Portland is a non-profit organization dedicated to replacing Multnomah County Animal Services (MCAS), the only taxpayer funded animal services agency in Multnomah County, also known as animal control or “the pound,” with a modern, vibrant animal services agency which:

      + develops and maintains a stable, sustainable source of funding.

      + implements a comprehensive strategy of lifesaving programs and services proven to end the killing of lost and homeless dogs and cats.”

      Portland [and other cities] want to blend the no kill model you’re familiar with to the one developed by Calgary. Calgary does all the steps of the no kill equation, including TNR & free s/n services, does not have BSL, MSN or pet limit laws. (See

      I had a chance to participate in a free webinar from the director of animal services, Bill Bruce, tonight. He travells all over North America to places he’s invited to go to give his presentation or as a consultant to reform animal care & control. I think he would agree that you need to keep MAS city-owned

      I asked him about my city’s situation, pound employees not keeping the place clean or behaving out of control, & he said it’s a leadership problem and we’d have to talk to more city councillors.

      [Bruce doesn’t call Calgary’s model no kill because the few animals that are too sick or too aggressive to be re-homed or TNR’d are killed. I had been wondering about their criteria, but he said the feral cats put down were actually attacking people & pets. Calgary has a population around 1,900,000. He says a city’s license fees need to be set based on local data, like average income & adjusted for inflation. He’s all about transparency, mediating conflict, working with other groups, educating the public on the options & asking the community what they want to do.]

      1. Thank you Cee. I’ve only just started reading it, but I’m already impressed by the their emphasis on setting up stable and sustainable funding and gaining the trust and respect of the community. Bill Bruce also sounds like someone I wish Memphis could talk to.He seems very reality-based.

      2. Please, if anyone has any clout with the mayor, let him know there are options other than HSUS. I just sent him a very respectful email suggesting he start with the local humane society and then look for national consultants, if necessary. I’m hoping that if the mayor knows there are options he will be willing to use them.
        Please, let’s help the mayor get some good advice!

      3. Cee – Thank you for posting that additional information. Honestly if you hadn’t sent it I probably would’ve never seen it. I read the entire thing…I’m impressed. I love the attitude shift in blame the public to getting them on their side! Plus the revenue generated helps the shelter take care of the animals AND provides more income for education, low-cost/free spay & neuter…..I like this. Maybe a nice mix of this with the No Kill equation will work wonders at ANY shelter.

  11. I’m cutting off the discussion about Kim’s volunteer experience. She told us what happened, those who felt obligated to come on with phony names and accusations of “nuh-uh” have had their chance. Let’s move on.

    1. I am not sending this with any expectation of it being posted. I note I’m being moderated now. But you know I hate to leave even rhetorical questions unanswered.

      Please let Ms Morgana know that not only does no one pay me for my outlandish remarks and apologias (NICE to see that word used correctly), I’ve never told anyone I post on YB. They’re all mine and only mine.

      As for my phony names, I’ve used a variation of “Patience” or more often, “graycat” since I ‘ve been online. They’re in honor (and now memory) of a cat. Yep, they’re phony. But I most definitely am not.


      1. We don’t know your name – only that it isn’t Patience or graycat. We don’t know if you are Mayor Wharton or Matt Pepper or Michele Bachmann or Charlie Sheen or who you are. And nobody likes engaging with someone who could be anyone but refuses to come out from behind the curtain. You’ve been given extreme latitude here and yes, now you are being moderated.

      2. You want to know who I am? I’m not trusting enough to give out my name, but if you want a clue this is a diary I wrote on DailyKos. I think it will at least prove I’m just a plain old citizen of Memphis.

        P.s It is an April Fool’s story and if you look at the last comment, it does appear to be a little prescient. Of course, you can always read my diaries no one read or my 2000 comments.

      3. In this case I am running to tell the folks at dkos right now that they have Michele Bachmann posting diaries on their site!

  12. Aww man, really? I’m still fired up. Especially now that I know I probably can’t come back and people defend her yelling at me.
    I want to know who else has had run ins with “the friends” via Facebook or face to face.

    1. Kim, the shelter will have live feed of the encounter on their internal cameras. Why don’t you ask for that? Should be interesting.

  13. Concerned, you have my vote! If there was anything I personally do to throw the job your way, I would surely do it.

    Please, write Mayor Wharton for the job. He needs you. The ‘fur babies’ need you.

  14. The overall ‘thing’ with the Friends of the MAS is that they are more of a non profit boutique which is run out of the MAS. They also try to project a certain type of image through their Facebook page which appeals to the status quo of the MAS.
    If the Friends of the MAS stopped with their sorority type of mentality and tried to work toward a common and tolerant good, then they could be a true force to be reckoned with. Remember, true and positive change comes from within and the Friends of the MAS has a greater and deeper link toward the inner workings of the MAS which few folks (outside of the employees) actually have.
    They have a way to go with things and only time will tell if they one day stand up strong and do the right thing or not. I for one, hope they get on the ball soon.

  15. does anyone know if there’s a way to contact someone at the shelter after hours. There seems to be a dog stuck in the place were the bowl is supposed to be locked in place. Main area.. first kennel to the left of the kill room.

    1. Dot, I can’t tell if he’s stuck, or just resting his head there.

      But there are two loose puppies tonight in Canine 1…

    1. Claire,

      Can you ask them to check on the maybe-stuck dog as well? The puppies don’t worry me as much as a stuck dog does.

      Thank you for contacting them!

  16. The loose puppies are cute lil buggers, aren’t they? Anyone know if they have been lucky enough to be selected for the adoption hallway or if not, what day they will be killed?

    I’m worried about the b & w dog.

      1. Not stuck, but where’s their water bowl? There’s two dogs in that cage and they seem to have no water.

  17. to concerned— im sorry to be negative but i doubt that anyone who has posted on this page and also has been warmly received here has a chance at being hired at mas… also please note that in order to be hired you would be required to sign the statement agreeing that pets must be killed for space…

    to patience— ive always used my full name on my posts and never had any problems because of it, what problems are you anticipating?

    1. I’m not anticipating any. But I’ve always used patience and graycat just as many on here use their own monikers instead of their real world names. It’s a habit now.

      But why am I not trusting? It’s not because of anyone here; but this is not a local newspaper and I’m not commenting on garbage pickup. Anyone with Internet access can look here and figure out what city I live in.And lot’s of local people look here. I don’t give my full name here for the same reason I never gave it when it was listed in the phone book. I don’t use it on return addresses on envelopes. I’m female and I’ve learned to be cautious the hard way.

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