Straight to the Kill Room

Did any of these dogs receive a veterinary consultation prior to being killed?  Were they all medically hopeless and suffering?

Rottweiler type dog appears to be an owner surrender at MAS.
Rottweiler type dog being taken by a worker at MAS.
Goodbye pet.


Little black lab appears to be an owner surrender.
In the left corner of the shot, a worker is seen taking the little black lab away.
Goodbye pet.


11:47 am - a little dog appears to be surrendered by owner.
11:49 am - The little dog appears to be looking up at the surrendering party from the cage.
11:55 am - little dog in cage is all alone, workers visible behind desk.
12:10 pm - dog still waiting, workers visible nearby.
12:14 pm
12:17 pm - A worker carries the dog in the cage away from the lobby...
...straight to the kill room. Goodbye pet.

Although we don’t see any evidence of a veterinary consultation via the webcams, that doesn’t mean it didn’t happen. I’m sure the mayor will release security camera footage to the media with a full press release if he feels these shots are giving the wrong impression to the public. Maybe we’ll get to see these dogs beaten with steel poles too.

If that little dog in the last series of shots was medically hopeless and suffering, why was he left to sit for so long unattended in a situation where any dog would be terribly frightened? And if he wasn’t medically hopeless and suffering, why was he killed without being given at least a chance for adoption? I mean, could they have offered him for adoption for like, two hours even – just in case somebody happened to come in and want to take him home? Is two hours too much to ask?  Finally, how much longer did he sit in the cage after he was left in the kill room? Did he have to watch other cats and dogs die while he waited for his turn to be killed?

Memphis, please – stop the killing.

26 thoughts on “Straight to the Kill Room

  1. How do these people watch & partake in the murder of innocent beings, one after another, day after day after day, month after month, year in, year out. Even one day of seeing the terrified eyes, shaking with fear in the cages, cage after cage of pleading eyes. Knowing each one is asking in their heart, “What have I done SO wrong?”

    I have difficulty even thinking of them like this. What kind of psycopathic individual does this without wanting & working toward a true no kill, compassionate shelter? These people are missing something in their heart & head to continue as MAS does.

    I pity them for what they lack in character & soul.

  2. Couldn’t agree with you more, “ezbuddy.” It’s truly sickening. I wish somehow that these dogs would be paraded by the mayor’s office so he could actually see what is being done. Gee though — he may still not believe it.

  3. IMHO, this is what helps your cause.(The shot at the Mayor is a little low, but he’s a politician and he can take it.) No sarcasm, no ridicule, no calling names The cruelty shots we need to see, but they sometimes push people away. This is where you excel as a voice for the animals. This is where they get to speak.

    OMG. I need to stop before you corrupt me. Have to go anyway. Panera will kick me off soon and I havent even checked my email.

  4. These are infuriating! The little dog in the cage was never even touched by a MAS worker until he was killed…maybe not even then, if they stuck him through the cage. This is so wrong.

    Memphis needs to get their act together NOW. The mayors “reasons” with no apparent change are nothing but “excuses”. There’s a HUGE difference between the two. “Reasons”, if they are legitimate, are acceptable. “Excuses” are not because they are generally putting the blame somewhere other than where it belongs. Memphis is good at that!

  5. I am so sick about this.. The rottie walked in there on his own. so that dog was not injured, or on deaths door, on a leash, so not a threat to anyone. This is just not right. Have these photos been sent to the Mayor?

    1. Please feel welcome to send to the mayor Dot. Mayor Wharton has been quoted numerous times blaming the public for the killing at MAS. I expect that would be his reaction to these shots too. While we don’t know whether the people who surrendered these pets were loving owners unable to care for the pets any longer or good Samaritans who found them as strays or horrible awful people who don’t give a damn what happens to the pet after they drop him off, we do know this: Once the pet is in the custody of MAS, only MAS is responsible for what happens to the pet.

  6. Someone just posted on the “Friends” FB page the other day, asking if MAS had any Rotties. The answer: No but they come in all the time so there will probably be one soon.

    Yeah, if you can catch them before they get the needle in, you’ll be in luck.

    1. I saw that same post on FMAS Facebook page asking if they had any rottties and thought the exact same thing when I saw this picture…beyond heartbreaking!! Was that a volunteer in the red shirt watching the little dog in the cage being taken to the kill room? Sickening!!


  8. Whaaa….maybe I’m glad they don’t have webcams at our local Animal Control. If it’s this horrid I don’t think I want to know. They used to let volunteers make notes about the animals in the big book at the front counter here…one volunteer would note: nice dog, I don’t have room, but if you’re going to kill him, call me, I’ll hold him as he goes. They waited a REALLY long time before that animal made the list…I’m sure she saved several!
    They eventually stopped letting anybody comment. Although one volunteer has started her own website where she posts shelter dogs. She ran out of room too. Maybe I should work harder to promote my foster dogs, maybe I could make room for another?
    ps. thank you, in a sort of twisted way, for sharing.

      1. Oh, and you can see MY foster dogs on…
        search for the zip code 99716 and/or Daisy Acres Critter Services. Hmmm. Best go out and take a few more photos and update the listings!
        I also noticed that Carol’s website is very outdated. You can search for dogs at FNSB Animal Control via PetFinder or PetHarbor. Zip is 99701. She had a really rough winter…lost SEVEN of her old dogs in just three months. I lost five, but that was in nine months. Plus two more since then…loving old dogs is hell.

    1. I also have done my best to help my local shelter, just for them to tell me I couldn’t take photos of certain dogs, just the ones they wanted to get out… then they made it so I couldn’t take photos at all… said it made to much work for them answering the phone calls. I too foster older dogs.. I have one right now, not one bit of interest in her. :(

      1. Interest in older dogs is sometimes a scary thing. (If they want the dog for the wrong reason…) To really take care of older dogs can often require a HUGE investment, expect vet bills! It also takes a special heart to love a *new* old dog. Those that can, usually do—oftentimes more than the people who loved the dog when it was young. I’ve adopted out some older dogs. Most of them were pretty much problem-free at the time of the adoption. Some were not, and were transferred into almost what I consider to be hospice care. Several of my older dogs would easily be considered unadoptable by Animal Control. I just don’t think that should cost them their life! So they live here with me. I’d be THRILLED to let some of them go…but I won’t be holding my breath.

  9. knowing bureaucrats the way i do im sure the mas administration is thinking: (employee time to document surrenders and care for them) + (we have too many strays that we are required by law to hold, document, care for) = (the cost effective solution is to take surrenders directly to the kill room which is the irresponsible publics fault) — this actually makes sense to them and shelters them from a sense of guilt

  10. Please put a chip in your dog or his/her phone number on their collar. My shepherd mix dog has been missing for 3 weeks now. I have been to the shelter three times. Every time they only showed me the dogs that came in that day. There are over 400 dogs there with 4 in a cage. Volunteers will not go and look for my dog nor will the workers go out of their way to give me any information. There is no organization of all the dogs in the book at the front. There is no one posting them on a website to be shared with the Humane Society, or Facebook. If you can volunteer and help these people please do. It is sad so many animals have to die. I have written to our mayor but have gotten no response. Maybe courts could assign people community service to work at this place. Maybe if they could lower the $80 to get your dog back more people would try and get their pets back. If you must get rid of your pet, please do not surrender it to this place of death, put an ad in the paper or stand in front of a store and say free to good home. We all have to do our part to save our pets. If you can donate food or old blankets or anything, time, please do. Every pet deserves a loving family and every family really needs a loving pet. They will love and protect you unconditionally! Please adopt a pet today and give it a chance for life.We need to pull together and help these animals, we cannot keep complaining about the system and do nothing to help. This makes us just as guilty as the people that work there that put these dogs/cats to death. PLEASE DO WHAT YOU CAN DO! Thanks in advance and God Bless you all.

    1. Cheryl – I’m sorry you lost your dog and I hope you two are reunited soon. MANY of us have offered to help the pets at MAS in various ways – over and over – but the city does not want help except from a few handpicked individuals who are willing to tow the line and publicly endorse the “Our shit smells like roses” mantra. It’s such a mess from the top on down, and I am so sorry for the pets doomed to suffer and die there. Memphis needs a leader to step up and wage a political campaign for reform at MAS.

  11. I run a large scale no kill rescue. I have tried to work with this place and was told I could come in and pull them but they wouldn’t hold any nor could they give me any info over the phone prior to our 6 hours drive there. They couldn’t even tell us what they had the night before! Every other place is happy to help us as best as they can. I was disgusted that they didn’t even seem to care when a wonderful rescue with vets on staff offered their help.

    1. Concerned, all I can say is wow! Would you consider contacting one of our local news stations so we can hear what excuse the mayor will give for the shelter not accepting help? I would love to hear it!!

  12. I’ve said it before . . .

    @patience – I have seen much more of this attitude than any other, so someone prove me wrong!

    Someone local needs to step up to the task of rallying those supposed animal lovers in the Memphis area to take back the MAS (heck, even the whole city if you’re feeling powerful). It will not be done without the people of Memphis taking action.

    It might start with a viable candidate to run against Mr Mayor!

    1. I will try db.

      As for the Mayor – Mr.Mayor, this would be an excellent opportunity for you to step up and do something proactive for your city and for MAS. Can you step up and make sure those 3 dogs from the cruelty case get a chance at a real life? I’ll be glad to pay as much as I can for any medical/adoption/ rescue expenses, but I want to be anonymous – forever. I’m sure you have one of your minions reading this blog, so could you lend a little help please? I need all I can get.

  13. I’ll help. All I need to know is where to start. email me, and I’ll get together with whoever would like to and try and get through to somebody….. And maybe I’ll run for office… lol

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