Treats on the Internets

Update on the case of Baby – the elderly, injured, filthy Samoyed at NYC ACC earlier this year.  The ASPCA says there was no cruelty here and returned Baby to her owner.  Can you make sense of this?  (Thank you Clarice for the link.)

Manhattan Borough President is calling for reform to NYC’s shelter system.  Sign his petition.

Wake Co Animal Center in NC is looking for a no kill shelter director.

Memphis newspaper asks readers to e-mail answers to the question of whether MAS could be successfully run as a no kill shelter.

In 2009, Chicago police raided a home where no illegal activity was found.  While they were there, they shot the family dog to death.  This month, a jury determined the family is owed $330k in damages.  (Thanks Morgana for the link.)

NJ Gov. Chris Christie is considering signing a bill that would allow shelters to immediately kill impounded pets who lack tags and appear old, sick, injured or aggressive.

One woman in Corpus Christi, TX makes her voice heard.

Three years of no kill for Shelby County’s open admission shelter in KY.

3 thoughts on “Treats on the Internets

  1. Please, read the entire story of Baby – yes, I see sense there.
    Kudos both to the woman in Corpus Christi and Shelby County!
    I still do not understand why the police would not allow the boy to kennel his dog – perhaps they thought it a ruse to flee? Shooting a lab whose body language screamed “friendly” was inexcusable – they should be paying more but am glad they are at least being held accountable.
    thanks for the many updates.

  2. aspca legal counsel says baby is owned on record but not owned in fact? if the good samaritan signed an adoption contract when she ‘adopted’ the dog then she is the owner in fact and since she returned the dog to the streets shes guilty of neglect — simple straightforward case, what can the aspca counsel be thinking? i hope berk can sue the aspca for their ruling on baby and the owner for custody of baby – custody of pets has been based on the welfare of the pet rather than just ownership in recent divorce cases which might be used as precedent

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