Treats on the Internets

heh, Gothamist:  Pack of Stray Dogs Apparently Adds To Mets’ Fans Sadness

Also in NYC, but not so ha:  Our friend John Sibley breaks down the broke down piece of legislation being pushed by the ASPCA.

Sheriff Sam Parker has been running the notorious pound in Chesterfield Co, SC but now he’s taking his ball and going home.

Regular readers will remember the pound in Lincoln Co, NC as the place where HSUS dropped off some of the Alabama 44 to be gassed to death.  A worker at the pound recently tied a couple of dogs to an outside fence where they died of heatstroke and asphyxiation.  The worker has been fired, no word on criminal charges.

KC Dog Blog shares some of the interesting data from a study on removing puppies from their litters too soon.

Goodbye, good blog:  Pet Connection is dust in the wind.  The writers there had a helluva run and you can keep up with them in future as they share their individual works on this page.

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    1. I was about to post that… finally, she’s been convicted. But it doesn’t really matter. Still don’t know where Kapone is :(

      1. I think she has only been charged, not convicted. At least they are holding her responsible . . .

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