Snapshots from MAS

A trusting face watches as all the dogs are taken from this cage to the kill room.
"The last to go will see the first three go before her."
Yellow retriever type dog comes in the front door...
...goes directly to the kill room.
Why did MAS kill this dog?
Or this one?

Dragged away on a chokepole.

No life for you little ones.

Or you either.

I'm sorry.

Come into the black hole.

Little pancake doesn't want to die.

Goodbye little pancake.

Wholesale puppy killing.

Mama dog, pups in box, surrendered to MAS.

Mama dog taken to die. I don't know what happened to the pups.

This place makes me sick.

37 thoughts on “Snapshots from MAS

  1. I like to consider myself to be an intelligent woman. I just don’t understand how the people of Memphis allows this to happen day after day. Is there nowhere else that people can take their pet if they can’t afford it/don’t want it anymore? Do they know that when they turn in an animal to MAS, that before they are out of the parking lot, their animal is on its way to die?

    1. they kill EVERYDAY, ALL DAY. I’ve watched it. they have no set time for Euthanasia. This is a ”killing” shelter. I am beyond heart broken.

  2. A leaderless, headless automaton, killing in robotic fashion, despite successful programs being used in other cities. There are no ethiclal businesses, organizations, or corporations. Only people can be ethical and make their workplace reflect their values (

    Both Memphis and MAS lack moral and ethical leadership. A badge of office does not make someone a great leader any more than sitting in church makes someone a Christian. Why do the leaders of Memphis disregard help from those who are qualified to give it, unless there is some other motive? This lack of good leadership is an embarrassment to the residents of Memphis; they deserve better, and I hope they demand better soon.

  3. “Ethics, as in, doing the right thing for the community even though it might not benefit you or your company financially. Pointing to the numbers (or to the boss) is an easy refuge for someone who would like to duck the issue, but the fork in the road is really clear. You either do work you are proud of, or you work to make the maximum amount of money. (It would be nice if those overlapped every time, but they rarely do).

    “I just work here” is the worst sort of ethical excuse. I’d rather work with a company filled with ethical people than try to find a company that’s ethical. In fact, companies we think of as ethical got that way because ethical people made it so.

    I worry that we absolve ourselves of responsibility when we talk about business ethics and corporate social responsibility. Corporations are collections of people, and we ought to insist that those people (that would be us) do the right thing. Business is too powerful for us to leave our humanity at the door of the office. It’s not business, it’s personal.” ~ Seth Godin

  4. As I sit her looking at all those soon-to-be-dead animals with tears running down my cheeks, I wonder why we can’t make this stop. I wish that we had the identities of the “owners” of those animals and could make them face what they are doing to them. I know, some of them wouldn’t care, but some might.

    It’s a killing factory, pure and simple!

    1. Chasing down previous *owners* is NOT the solution! Harboring and SHELTERING the relinquished animals is what MAS is supposed to be doing!!! Let’s place the blame where it belongs…it is the *shelter* that kills. The owner brought in a life animal. Whose fault is it that these animals (nearly 8 out of every 10) leave in a garbage bag?!
      Okay, it could be OUR fault because we don’t sit outside the door at MAS and offer to take the animals before they go inside the building. But, um, I’ve done that locally and I just don’t have room to take them all. Also, some of the lurkers outside our Animal Control don’t bother to spay or neuter the free animals they get by waiting outside the building. And that isn’t helping to fix the problem either.

      1. I agree that it’s not the solution, but I do wonder if many (some?) of these folks knew what would happen if they might have another thought about leaving them there. I am the first one to hold MAS responsible for what they are and are not doing, and I surely don’t accept the blame for the killing they do on a daily basis.
        But . . . these precious animals are dying every day while we rant and rave and wring our hands. Maybe, just maybe, if a few of the owners knew it might help.
        Please – I’m on your side, the side of the animals.

      2. Where else would they leave them? I contacted every no-kill shelter I could find online within a 200km radius. Only two got back to me and they were full.

        There are two types of people. The ones who care, who can’t keep there pet and have done everything reasonable to find them an alternative. Sadly there isn’t always an alternative. These people know what will happen but have to hope for the best to sleep at night. Then there are the people who don’t give an f%^*. They will shrug off any attempt to talk them out of being irresponsible. Sure there is the odd person who doesn’t know what happens at shelters but I think most don’t care.

      3. I wish I had answers –

        I know that our local humane society tries very hard to provide whatever support is needed in order for people to keep their pets. Those who end up surrendering their animals to the hs here are told, right up front, whether their pet will likely be pts or not. Sometimes the owners will take them home and 1) try to fix the reason for surrendering them 2) try to find them a home or 3) keep them until there is more room at the hs (ie not a good time to surrender a cat or kitten in the middle of kitten season). I do understand that sometimes a “shelter” is the last option. I’m certainly not criticizing any of you who have had to leave a pet at a shelter for whatever reason.

        It just pains my heart to see these precious animals marched/dragged/pulled to the kill room – so very many of them, every day.

      4. Just pissed at the process of dealing with rescues. I expect shelters to be what they are, rescues claim to be better. Yet they don’t respond to adoption requests or requests for help. Frustrating.

        Every pet in a shelter is a pet there wasn’t room for in a rescue.

  5. This is maddening. And there is nothing on the faces of those workers that says they hate their job or despise what they ‘have’ to do. It takes a cold person, void of love and compassion and the basics of value for life to do that. That probably makes a lot of people who will read this mad and they will try to place blame on the owners who didn’t spay and neuter, who weren’t responsible pet owners, who [fill in the blank]. Two wrongs have never made a right…ever. And in this case, it is criminal.

    I hope the Tennessee AG will step in QUICKLY. This has to stop! Has their been any word on that?

    1. I know so many cold people, can’t put the name for them I would like to use on line,who get an animal and within months are getting rid of them for some stupid reason, usually because they get pregnant, only to go out and get another and get rid of that one or drop it off somewhere. And they call them selves “ANIMAL LOVERS”. ” I can’t afford to get it spayed, or I can’t train it”. These people make me sick. And the people who work there, well I hate to think what they could do to a human being.

  6. I’ve done this long enough to know this happens many places across our country on a daily basis. It’s sickening!! I realize everyone needs a job but for the life of me I couldn’t do this and don’t understand those who can? I would eat dirt before I could or would do this!! It’s just not in me. I realize I live in a corrupt & depraved world but I consider this just plain murder. And my second thought is for those who do this is how can they go home at night and sleep?

  7. HAsn’t ONE Memphian stepped up to start ACTION yet???? If not, we have no right to cry. If Memphians think this is going to end by sobbing in their milk here on YB, they are dead wrong. No offense intended, but it is LONG PAST TIME for ACTION.

  8. I follow you daily Shirley and I applaud oyu. But I do think this is the most disheartening post I have seen yet. Physically nauseating. While I am working on bringing no kill to San Diego I want to do something for Memphis, but I do NOT live there. Is there any way the people of Memphis can get together, raise funds to get Nathan and Shirley down there to host a one day seminar and physically SHOW Memphians what to do. It’s one thing to read redemption and it’s another to get the step by step instructions of what to do In person, with handouts. Then that core group of people could move forward maybe? Just a thought because this is killing me. I have wrote to Mayor Wharton. I have sent a letter with Shirley/Nathans letter to the AG as well. Can we from afar help in any other way?

  9. the powers that be in memphis don’t seem interested in our help – either local or long distance

    waiting for those local to tell us how we can help from afar

  10. Did you see the post on FMAS’s FB page about “sunshine”? The dog in the picture from the other day! I wonder… had you not posted about her, would they have saved her? Ironic.

  11. I cry over this place every single day. Why is it that what Vick did was wrong but this is considered a “job”. It just never ends. I’d like to bust in there, steal the animals and light a match. Love that the mayor, police, etc., let this go on. Way to be a leader and role models….ya’ll should be really proud of yourselves. Hope that future generations grow up to be just as humane and morally right as you are. Worthless bastards.

    1. Perhaps someone from the Shelter should contact M. Vick and ask if he would be interested in donating some funds to fix MAS.

  12. Seems like some are getting tired of the mess @ MAS….me too! But I am not quitting….I would love for any help to come to Memphis, especially Shirley and Nathan…If they will come I am sure the money could be raised for the seminar and their trip…we need a step by step way! When we have our group meetings we are preaching to the choir…when we go to advisory board meetings we are not allowed in, when we go to city council meetings we learn that some of the coucil members to NOT know what spay/neuter mean. If they are that ignorant they don’t know what euthanize means…I suggest the word “KILL” should be used on the surrender form when people are surrendering their animal. I also think it should be read aloud to EVERYONE! Someone spoke of the “full” rescues.” It is true! I know many of the rescues and when there is an inch of space available…the ones I know NEVER turn an animal away! I am not a rescue, however have rescued many…some I found homes for some I still have…There is simply no more room at the and around Memphis, rescues fill up really fast, turn animals as fast as they can but there are always more coming in than going out!

  13. We have a solution..
    Please… If you are serious and mean for this crap to stop
    Leave your contact info (it is secure and safe) and you will be set
    on a special “No Kill Coalition Mission”
    #OpHD can begin if you decide to join the force.

    To end the killing…

  14. I saw those people dragging and carrying those poor animals to their deaths as if they didn’t even NOTICE those animals were literally begging for their lives! They were scared to death. They’re intelligent beings, they knew what was going on! If I can see that in pictures, how can those people not know?! HEARTLESS!

  15. every dog that was surrendered today went directly to the kill room. There was dogs of all sizes. There was one that looked like a beautiful Great Dane. All the dogs were so well behaved while waiting for Paper Work to be done.. all the dogs walked nicely to there deaths… This is so wrong! I am just sick over all the murdering of these sweet animals.

  16. I was honestly appalled by these pictures and I thank you for posting them for the world to see. I shared your post with News Channel 5, 13 and 24. Not only did I email it to them, but I took the liberty of posting it on their FB pages. I wanted to make sure that they knew people had seen it, so they would feel compelled to report on what the hell goes on in there.

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