Updated: I think we can do better

This was posted on Facebook by the “Friends” of MAS yesterday. If you read through the comments, you’ll see how this misinformation caused at least one Memphis pet owner to miss out on getting a spay-neuter voucher.

I thought this rather sucked.  Not only because Ms. McConnell spent her time and gas money driving to a non-existent event in an effort to get her pets neutered but because the group who posted the misinformation brushed it off with a “sorry” and a frowny face.  I think we can do better than this, don’t you?  As such, I contacted Ms. McConnell and asked about her pets and offered to try and get her some help.  She was very grateful and in fact, shared some photos with me (below).  You’ll notice she takes wonderful pictures.  As it turns out, she is a hobby photographer and offered to lend a hand in future should we have a need.  I’m sure we’ll be able to take her up on that kind offer at some point.

Here’s my idea:  Meows and BowWows has agreed to handle the funds in order to get Ms. McConnell a spay-neuter voucher at Mid-South Spay Neuter Services.  (Thank you!)  The fee for getting Ms. McConnell’s female dog spayed is $65 (possibly $75 if she weighs over 25 pounds).  The dog is her first priority but she has a couple of kittehs she was going to ask about getting additional vouchers for as well.  If anyone would like to toss a buck or two into the jar, you can use our existing ChipIn and simply make a note that it’s for the spay-neuter voucher.  I dropped a donation in there just now but please don’t feel you need to contribute any set amount.  The idea behind ChipIn is that every little bit adds up.  If we receive enough donations to get a voucher for the full cost of a dog spay, that’s great.  If not, we’ll just get a voucher for the amount collected.  If it goes the other way and we collect additional funds beyond the dog spay cost, we’ll get a voucher to help with one of the cats.  For those who prefer to snail mail a donation, here is the mailing address.  Please indicate your donation is for the spay-neuter voucher:

Meows & BowWows Animal Rescue
P.O. Box38141
Germantown, TN 38138

Spay me!

Update, 9-3-11:  HALT!  No more donations needed.  Meows and BowWows reports that last night, outside agitators had chipped in enough to buy vouchers for the goggie and both kittycats!  I just love you guys – you irresponsible public you.

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  1. Can’t send any right now, but would be happy to use what I’ve already sent to help with the s/n for these beautiful animals.

  2. This is another great option in the “area”. I notice that there are no vets on the application in Memphis, but someone could drive their kitty or doggy to Jackson. I also noticed that they program is temporaritly suspended due to lack of funds, but this has happened before and they have reopened it once they have had a successful fundraiser…etc. Just wanted to pass on this option.


  3. What a great woman – taking in a one eyed cat like that! So many special needs animals languish in shelters/rescues. I bet if that one went to Memphis it would be straight back to the kill room for it. How much for a kitty neuter?


      1. Okay so worst case she needs $165 to get all her animals neutered? That is less then it cost me to get one of my kittens neutered. I must live in an expensive area. And I will be chipping in a bit – those pictures just melt my heart.


      2. @Daniela
        Memphis is very inexpensive as far as vet services; but MSS&N is a non-profit low cost s/n clinic. They do vax but only at time of surgery. I believe they are also involved with free s/n days for ferals.

    1. Thanks. I know. I was originally just going to post the dog’s pic but then the gorgeous kitty on the tree was too wonderful not to share and then the little adventurous kitten…

  4. I chipped-in a little bit and will share to my facebook wall. Thanks for contacting her and letting her know there are people that care and that will come together when help is needed.

    1. TY Tammy. I fear as a society, we have lost something of our humanity – personal responsibility, ethics, empathy. I know it’s not possible for any one person to make everything in the world right but if we each help to make SOMETHING right, we’ll be making things better all the way around.

      1. Shirley, you hit that one on the head. The chipin is at welcomehomesanctuaryinc.weebly.com. I think it may have expired, had trouble with that website, but am going in tomorrow to re-work it, so hang on to your hats as a Luddite tried to manipulate the internet….in other word HELP!! hahaha

  5. can’t you use the funds in the current account already? or do you feel that people didn’t donate for that purpose? Personally, I have no problem with using those funds to help this woman

    1. I don’t think it’s right to ask people to donate for a stated purpose (to help w/expenses for pets rescued from MAS) and then use some of the money for a different purpose (towards a spay-neuter voucher for someone who got the shaft from the “Friends”). I appreciate that some people may feel like you and db but I don’t know that for a fact and the only fair way to my mind is to let people send in new donations, if they choose, and designate them for this specific purpose.

  6. Shirley, don’t post this if you want, but please let db know that dog from the other day is on Friends’ page and is up for adoption-Sunshine

  7. Using one source for information is not always the best course of action. I try to verify that information using Google to find either a legitimate news source or the events actual website. In this case,
    or even call the place the event is happening to verify time and location.

    But I understand, I do the same thing when I see my local animal welfare organization not being respondent to a member of the community. I give them an alternate course to follow to get the help they need.

    I guess what I am saying is that this doesn’t only just happen with FMAS. And I think in this particular instance, a little verification could have saved some time, no matter what party that did it.

    1. While this is true … the sensible thing would’ve been for the *Friends* to link to this information. That way, even if they were misunderstood, the information would be readily available to double-check.

  8. That’s a terrific point about this “client” for low cost spay/neuter services ALSO being a terrific potential “provider” for pet photography work! We have seen that up here in Maryland too. The pound (and, I’m sorry to say, way too many rescues) insist on perfection for adopters or volunteers, and they aren’t thinking about how UNfriendly, UNcaring and UNappealing that makes their own organization look to most in the community. It’s a sort of vicious cycle I think: regard others as despicable and then when they turn away from you, rail at ’em because they’re bad people! Shouldn’t pounds be our models for how we treat one another and how we treat animals? They sure are NOT though. This one woman has probably done more for animals than MAS, and once again, those with the least amount of resources best the one with the budget and staff and facility. I’m proud of the No Kill Movement for waking us all up that this happens across the US and is not limited to “the South” or “our town” or any individual place. Fight the Power!

  9. Speaking as a rescue/sanctuary here: I NEVER fail to respond to even the most idiotic calls that we get. NEVER. And if we can’t help, I always give the person options, the first being go to the local pound and look around. I just wanted to chime in on behalf of rescues. Yes, alot don’t respond, but that is because in all likelihood, they are one or two person operations that hold down fulltime jobs to support their rescue work, and things do fall through the cracks. As for being to difficult to adopt from: when you pull an animal out of hell, you want the best for them in the future. I am tough on my adoption app, but in 11+ years in rescue, I have had only two returns. Nuff said.

  10. Geez, the irresponsible public strikes again what with all their compassion and kindness and all that creepy stuff!

  11. This lady takes great pet photos and the local animal shelters and rescues should be begging people like her to help out with their special skills.

    Many people that don’t have their pets fixed don’t know where to find help when they can not afford the regular vet costs. So many less puppies and kittens would end up in the shelters if these people could find the help they need when they need it.

    Thank everyone that donated and helped!

  12. Just a short update and thank you to everyone who helped. Cali, the dog has been spayed and is doing great. She was a drop off at a cabin we have……although I have 3 other dogs and really couldn’t afford or even have room for another, she has become my shadow……and so devoted and smart already…..I am in love.

    Moses, the male gray and white cat was thrown out of a window of a moving car back last Thanksgiving as a kitten. My son was driving behind that car and stopped to pick him up. He lived in an apartment and couldn’t take care of the kitten so he brought him to me, knowing what a sucker I am. He is a very loving boy and will be so much better off after this Wednesday, which is when he is scheduled to be neutered.

    Thank you all for loving animals……..I can promise you that I will pay your kindness forward. I will update after I get Moses home next week.

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