Blog Housekeeping

Couldn’t I come up with a more boring title?  No, I could not.


I really appreciate everyone who sends in tips and information.  I sincerely wish I could post them all.  If I don’t post on something you’ve sent in, it’s not because I deemed it unworthy but more likely to do with time constraints.  Please feel welcome to share these links, stories, etc in the open threads I post regularly.  Sometimes I put time into investigating a story and it doesn’t pan out, for whatever reasons.  Again, I’m not blowing you off, just trying to maintain my Slightly Above/Below Mediocrity standard.

I am more than a blogger – I am an actual human bean.

As such, I have other interests and am involved with other activities beyond this blog.  My website is called YesBiscuit!, as is this blog, as is my Twitter account, etc.  I’m sorry if this confuses anyone.  If you only want to be involved with the YesBiscuit! blog, then please feel welcome to do that.  If you choose to venture into the beyond-world, you might come across things you don’t like.  Just like real life.  And I so don’t play with people giving me shit because they are shocked and horrified and generally aghast to learn there is more to me than this blog.  Do it, don’t do it, whatever.  Figure it out.

Lastly, there is a feed for the blog, for those who want it:

4 thoughts on “Blog Housekeeping

  1. I bet you get flooded with tips, photos and all kinds of emotions… Personally… I’m glad. Means what you do is working. Please don’t stop! We need you.

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